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Ananta: The Love Affair of Everybody is Myself

This interview with Ananta was done by Reinhold in August 2013 via internet. Ananta's events in Germany: Open Meetings am 29. und 31. August und ein Intensive Weekend 6.-8. September 2013, everthing in Berlin. More information: anantaberlin (at)


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Starting with a laugh; seeing the joke all the time; Ananta’s name, given by Osho, the revolution of the eternal; the endless joke; constant amusement; holding the space for doing self inquiring – without knowing how to do this; Ananta’s ability to ask the right question to bring people at the point of seeing; the wide open space of not knowing; recognition in the stopping; the answer in the true meeting; to start where the people are; spiritual experiences; when in the recognition all the unconscious is rising; invitation for whatever is coming up to investigate it in the direct meeting; stopping the story and coming back to the body; clearly seeing and meeting the fear; the lost children – the feelings – are coming home; the collective change that makes it easier for everybody to wake up; on the highest level: there is nobody who has a choice; making a choice when we are experiencing to have a choice; who cares about the choices?; in a let go of life happening; Ananta living in Thailand being shocked by arriving in England by seeing the people who are acting as everything would matter; conformation for the people for that what they might have sensed; a early knowing that life can be lived free; Reinhold’s early question, what is truth? – and his story to come to a clear seeing; clarification after the experience; the movement to god take over – and the divine is everywhere; the nature of the mind to judge all the time – don’t take it as reality; the good starting point to be confused; the different expressions pointing all to the same; it – it is knowing itself, a love affair with itself; everything is free to be here; a cleaning up, happening by itself; radical honesty; the love affair of everybody is myself; to give every being the freedom to walk their way; first taking care of oneself; giving oneself the space just to be – in that clear seeing happens by itself; the no yes meditation; the simplicity of just this; Ananta’s clarification in a workshop with Dolano in Poona; Ananta’s love affair to help people to get the realization together with the still upcoming dramas in daily life; it is always still the beginning; living life fully that it can never be more like this – you can be richer than that?; being free to be one’s own authority; Ananta in Berlin in August and September 2013; so many people ready to shift in a moment.   


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Pure Presence with Ananta

Ananta had an awakening that opening her up to the true nature of who we really are: Beings of pure presence. In this video she works with Alan Steinfeld to give him a glimpse of that reality.



Ananta grew up in London and left England aged 19, with the desire to live as a free being. This first expressed itself through travel and lead her to Asia in 1989 where she has lived ever since.


Searching to find the Truth of herself she found her way to the Osho commune in Pune, India where she explored meditation and Self awareness groups for more than 10 years, also working with people for several years in the healing fields.



In 1994 she entered a two and half year period of silence in a Zen style retreat in Japan. It was during this retreat where True Freedom was realized.

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