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Gabriele Rudolph: Me-ing is No Problem. It is the beloved in disguise.

A recorded live stream from Gabriele Rudolph from May 10th, 2011.

Gabriele Rudolph

Gabriele has searched for love and freedom in a lot of fields: the anonymous self-help groups, the church, in Plum Village (a buddhist monastery in the South of France) with Thich Nhat Hanh, in diverse modern therapies, but only when she met Vanessa, who offers Satsang nearby Stuttgart/Germany, she began to feel more at home.

2005 she suddenly realized that there is never more or less than unconditional love and that Gabriele does not exist. Since then she offers very direct and clear "Talks about Nonduality and Love" in German and English wherever she is invited to do so.

She emphasizes the fact, that you are not able to do, attain, lose or get anything because you as a separate person do not exist. She also points tirelessly to the fact that everything you are looking for is already:
"Awakening means to give up all concepts for This, as it shows itself just now while seemingly you are reading these lines. Nothing rests besides the naked beloved, This as it is - without story, without cover. But please do not misunderstand: The story is also the beloved - in disguise - waiting for you to stop searching for him".

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