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Mahadevi: Living from one’s Heart

This meeting with Mahadevi was filmed in November 2010 in Berlin / Germany. 


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Hara-meditation; jokes.


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About appreciation and admiration; admiration is an expression of love; admiration is pure without expectations; appreciation can come from mind and thinks in terms of value; to distinguish between the both is a matter of sensitivity; appreciation has become a tool; when you admire you see beauty even in things which are not correct; what is appealing to your heart as right – take it as right and what is appealing to your heart as wrong – take it as wrong; your self is out-worldly; nobody can value himself; for your own self you are always supreme and thus you love yourself; everything else in the world becomes secondary.


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About struggle for enlightenment; to become a lover and a seeker of the unknown self; to bring love into daily life; if you respect yourself what others consider of you is irrelevant; there is no measure to evaluate oneself; to accept the fact of the unknown;  the understanding mind is the companion of your soul; self-study – witnessing the self; watch it, realize it, drop it, move ahead; whatever you are today – you have chosen it for yourself; love yourself absolutely; you come first; the more you love yourself the more your surroundings will be touched by this love; at your center you remain always unaffected; the rest will unfold.


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Every individual walks his way to his enlightenment; there is only one enlightenment; the experience of enlightened beings in itself is exactly the same; method is only a tool; about the importance of a master; when you reach the heart chakra everything in your life is full of love; to move further you need an enlightened being; to teach and connect you have to have a certain ambition; heart has no logic; scientific minds go along with too soft hearts; Mahadevi found German people closer to the heart than other countries.


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The first law of spirituality is surrenderence; from head to heart is difficult but not impossible; knowledge is power; when a German comes to his heart the life is rose garden; about a disappointed artist; about abuse in the childhood and ways to release the energy that has been kept in those memories; transcendence is needed; disappointment comes from ambition; try to go beyond it; create art just for that moment to celebrate yourself; the higher the goal you will set the more difficult your life will become; let your work speak for itself; art is a hobby like spirituality; about business-attitude; if you do your creations selflessly you may become a known artist – but don't run after it, let it come to you.


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Mahadevi: Celebrate the Moment

This meeting with Mahadevi was filmed in June 2010 in Berlin / Germany. 


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Celebrate the moment the way it is; meditation is a method to sharpen awareness and  develop consciousness; about a father not having the right to see his child; it is not good to try to snatch the child away from its „commune“; if you wish for it there is a way; love is something to give; if you wish to have the love of the child you will also have to respect the mother; everyone thinks about you from his position, and this has nothing to do with you; we have to provide an atmosphere for our children in which their consciousness is developed; if you throw a stone in the dirt you are going to get the dirt on you; the meaning of taking care of oneself; about meditation and changes in life; a reason for not coming into deep meditation might be that one’s mind has become stronger; exhaust your body to calm your mind; music is the best meditation.


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About panic attacks, changes in life and typical thoughts; mind tries to avoid the actual topic; seeing sickness every day made fears go into the deeper layers of the mind; suggestion to do a special meditation described in Mahadevi’s book; prepare yourself – a self help therapy; as much awareness as possible; train the therapist within you; end the fear of death; don’t go into analysis; about the development of a lover addicted to alcohol; about a new beginning in work. 


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No need for Mahadevi to create a new community of Sannyasins – but those who need it should get together; a Sannyasin should live a balanced life; to bring meditation to his life – that’s what is a Sannyasin; outer richness is important to gain inner richness; about older and younger generations of Sannyasins; do not make spirituality a pure business; meditation is for joy; about narrow-minded Sannyasins; to overcome selfishness; the attitude is important; about the benefits of a commune.    Watch the video via YouTube


Mahadevi: Surrendering to the Magnificence of Existence

This meeting with Mahadevi was filmed in June 2010 in Berlin / Germany. 


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Hara as the centre of the body; sensitivity of the third eye; connection between the chakras; activation of dormant energy; energy sensing during meditation; be witness and do not get affected by anything; fear of being rejected; the person that is a nobody cannot be rejected; only those will reject you who have a fear of rejection; you already have been accepted at the right place; curiosity to see Osho; outward things cannot change us, the change has to happen within us; you cannot be close to something that is within you; Osho is nourishing us through his energy; try to go beyond the form of your physical body as long as you are in the body; trust fully.


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Can anything be known? Is there the unknown? The whole existence has originated from the unknown (Brahma); the invisible beyond the point of visibility; sublime eye can penetrate beyond the obvious to that which is the source of all life, that is you; make yourself available to become able to see it; Mahadevi can only be a help to encourage people to experience the unknowable; everybody has to do it himself; you have to die your own death; Mahadevi can give reasons to trust in it, but cannot show it to anybody; people who saw it help people who are suffering; their compassion was tremendous and they talked and talked; the danger is that people become more interested in the words and the main intention has become secondary; the words became more important than the ultimate truth itself; surrendering to the magnificence of existence; something happening in us keeps us to restless for meditation; meditating in a group creates a pool of energy that helps all and lifts everybody’s energies.



Mahadevi was born in Bombay on December 20,1977.

At the age of nine she discovered Osho in a newspaper article about him. She was attracted to him, especially to his eyes, and wished to know more about him.


Rather then calling it falling in love she started rising in love with him and she calls it a love affair with her master.

She was too young to go alone to see Osho in the Poona ashram and when she was studying in ninth grade, she heard that he had left his body.


After she had finished her studies, she still wanted to experience the place where he had lived, the Osho meditation resort in Poona, and she moved to Poona to continue meditating in his energy field.


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