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Sarla: The Way of Love is Liberation of Suffering

This interview with Sarla was produced in May 2011.


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Meeting in joy without the story, completely free; a different view on everything; just as it was when I was a baby; to experience and rediscover the innocence of childhood; no logical resonance, a deep resonance; in being engaged we forget our nature, our child-like playing; the ease of life; to see through innocent eyes the beauty of the world; joy of life spreads out like the flavour of a flower; no need to engage into getting somewhere; the power in the seed and growing; every relaxation pulls into depth; all were busy with the surface; solely life, love, and the universe were busy with depth; all power comes from inside; unfolding of beauty;



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Separation exists only in our thoughts; the idea on the surface, in depth it is freedom; phases of the relationship with the master; the belt of love provided support; orientation and the catalyser; love supported the breaking of limitations; phases of searching the “I” and only answers in duality; in the depth the desire for truth and no clue where it is to be found; each being is supported by life to find the answer; to find a formless master in the form, is grace; we have to be ready for it; the true master is in everything; to resonate with the true master, no logical choice; playing with life is included; to be in the world; to go to the master, he brings clarity, he brings light into the dark when we do not know how to proceed; transformation can happen;


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Transformation – darkness transformed into light; then there is love; an understanding without understanding; totally invisible planted within us, some time it arises in us; clarity with our own experiencing; wisdom; the natural desire to have the fire fuelled; the master is ready to nurture the one who searches for the truth with this fire; surrender; the formless master who can take everything; the disciple’s readiness for truth; no matter what it means; deep resonance; a master in a living body; different cultures and to follow inner wisdom


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What is healing? When we are whole; no more separation between life and the body; what we want to have and what we do not want to have; division leads to suffering; ideas and imaginations separate us from love; to begin to love ourselves as we are and to become healed – to be whole; this kind of healing does not mean that the body cannot get sick; master and disease; prepared to accept everything in love; the possibility of liberation from suffering; freedom from suffering is the way of love.


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Since Sarla Klee was born into this world she was in search for something which she could rely upon, for something that would not change. There often had been moments in her life which were full of inner clearness, but in the world as people lived it there was no stability; there were again and again changes, pains and suffering. As a 12 year old girl she made a near death experience. Some years later she looked for happiness in her vocation, in marriage and children, tried to live a life as others lived it. But the idea of a “happy life“ did not fulfil. When the children were three and six years old everything broke up and a search began quite on her own…

…a search leading to what would remain and would be fulfilling. In Samarpan she found someone who spoke her language of the heart. The story of a person who had a story came to an end and became something which always is and never changes. Sarla fell out of the narrowness of the personal into the vastness of the impersonal which she calls “unconditioned love”. She retrieves her today's experience in the message of Jesus: “I am in this world but not from this world.” Sarla’s Satsangs are borne by joy of life and a deep stillness.

She emphasizes the fact, that you are not able to do, attain, lose or get anything because you as a separate person do not exist. She also points tirelessly to the fact that everything you are looking for is already:
"Awakening means to give up all concepts for This, as it shows itself just now while seemingly you are reading these lines. Nothing rests besides the naked beloved, This as it is - without story, without cover. But please do not misunderstand: The story is also the beloved - in disguise - waiting for you to stop searching for him".

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