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Gaia: Everything Just Happens – No Doer

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Gaia’s offer: a pointing towards awareness itself; an invitation to bring the awareness to the absolute, to peace and silence; everything happens here and now; about the knowing of existence and the investigation of who is aware; „I am consciousness“; about Gaia’s role in his meetings; no doer; about the live Satsangs on the Internet; Gaia’s form as a reminder; about Gaia’s contact with people and how he connects with them; Gaia and his Guru Isaac Shapiro; “How can one find enlightenment if one does not know what it is?”; the longing for peace and the realization that it is already here; the right time to find or be found by a Guru; the grace that supports what wants to be seen; how different society patterns support awakening; “Cats are good Gurus”; about the understanding of freedom in the USA; the only thing that is really free is awareness.


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How to deal with people who pretend they love us: no choice, only moving patterns; to stop personal needs by awakening into That who we really are; about the great possibility to doubt and question a master and his teachings; no enlightened person, only enlightenment; how to plant peace: to begin with yourself; the essence of any religion is love; everything just happens – no doer; about the inner process of meeting painful patterns, seeing them and not stepping into them anymore; about old traditions and ignorance: to meet our own ignorance in others; to realize that there is no doer who is ignorant and be aware of the luck that you already woke up; pointing to the truth in a peaceful and harmonious way; why there is no need to fear the year 2012; the meaning of life: making experiences and waking up to know who we really are.




Since 1995 Gaia is invited to many countries by people who's interest is healing, liberation and spiritual awakening. Sensitively, humorously, easy and clear he opens up the presence, the truth, the preciousness of this direct moment. He invites to look behind our common habits and thereby to directly experience healing. The visitors of his meetings particularly appreciate his affectionate clarity and simplicity, free of any "master or guru - disguise or play-acting". You can speak to Gaia completely eased out your most personal subjects.

Meetings with Gaia - the essence:

Essence is the constant present, healing presence of your self - free of fear, fault and illness. Essence is the unconditional love for everything that appears. Essence is the energy that reaches everything, its source is never empty. Essence is always absolutely quiet and even in deepest peace full of lively energy - to every time at any place.

Gaia inspires you in dialogues or quiet meetings to recognize who you really are and to see through your limited ideas of "I". The ideas vanish and you can directly experience the freedom and peace of beingness - a dive into timeless wisdom.

Essencial healing

This healing method that has been developed by Gaia, leads to a special deep relaxation, its effect is a healing reorganisation of the nervous system and the subconsciousness. Unconscious patterns that may have stopped you to be physically or mentally healthy, can be recognized effortlessly and disappear.


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Last Updated: January, 14th 2013