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Werner Ablass: Before and after Enlightenment

2nd part of the Intensive-Talk with Werner Ablass in Brackenheim-Germany on the topic "Awakening and Tranformation" at the 28th of Apr. 2012.


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Before enlightenment: carrying water and cutting wood, after enlightenment carrying water and cutting wood – human life does not change; awareness, in which all arises; being and not the person; being god in being a flower, in everything; brilliance which can be perceived because there is also dust; without opposites and contrasts no life; when it does not matter if there is brilliance or dust; awareness which has nothing to do with bliss, but in which all appears, but there is not anybody anymore to which it relates;


Accepting or not accepting – it cannot be done; nobody who accepts or does not accept; recognizing during failure that there is nobody who could fail or not fail, who could be dependent or not dependent on anything; loving all, because there is nobody who is doing it; understanding within a split second but it may take time until it arrives in all cells of the body.


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Werner Ablass: Being Instead of Searching

Recorded Intensive-Talk with the author and coach Werner Ablass in Brackenheim-Germany on the topic "Awakening and Tranformation" at the 28th of Apr. 2012.


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Awakening and transformation happened already; formless intelligence everywhere; expression of immense multitude; miracles everywhere; spiritual searcher: „This can definitely not be all“; god has become human, this is transformation; without manifestation of god there is nothing; god cannot be found personally; no chance to meet with the own essence.


Holy scriptures try to explain; even the pope does not know what he is doing; you can grasp into emptiness only; when you stop searching you return to fullness; being instead of searching; we are god in the shape of humans; not being aware of our divine nature; living in the search for god who we are already.


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Werner Ablass:

Werner Ablass was manager in a well known branded company for years, before he started as a successful self-employed  management trainer and NLP-Master in 1994. Early in his life he was interested in philosophies of success and wisdom teachings. The book „The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment“ by Thaddaeus Golas and, more importantly, the meetings with the Advaita-Master Ramesh Balsekar in Bombay brought Werner’s spiritual search after more than 40 years to its end. Since then the focus of his work is on helping interested human beings assisting in realizing their true nature.
Werner is specific about not being bound to any spiritual tradition. In the spiritual market place he is often challenged because he refuses concepts  of awakening and enlightenment totally. With reference to the sages of all ages and the results of the German brain researchers Gerhard Roth and Wolf Singer he claims that destiny of each human being is determined in all details and that such a thing as free will is based on a subjective impression, however, it is virtual but definitely not reality.
Werner has published five books in Omega-Verlag. The titel of his lates book is „Abschied vom Ich“.
Werner offers „talks“ where he answers questions as well as one-to-one talks as coachings and company consultancy.


Werner Ablass loves to respond to e-mails with personal questions. His e-mail address is info (at)


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