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Ranjit Maharaj: You are that Power

Ranjit Maharaj Bombay Brittany, 1996 / 1997, with English subtitles. Thanks to Ronny for the publication of these videos.

Ranjit Maharaj: Go to the Root - YOU ARE HE

With English subtitles. Thanks to Ronny for the publication of these videos.

Ranjit Maharaj: The Shortest Way to Enlightenment

This video consits from a cut from the DVD: "Das Verlangen nach Freiheit" with Eli and Gangaji and from the DVD: "Beyond Knowing - Part 1" von Ranjit Maharaj. Thanks to Blissvideo Production for the permission to publishing.


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To understand who am I; to know thyself is the shortest way to god; the name cannot be you; you are not the body; reality was forgotten and ignorance came; knowledge can be forgotten; mind is not yourself; mind is the storage of all the things; knowledge and ignorance are not true; you cannot find yourself; you do not exist; only names were given; the name dies and the form dies; you do not exist; god – dog the wrong god wants always something; you are god; if mind accepts that you are god it disappears; thoughtless reality and stateless reality; where you are you are he; everything in the world is words; if there are no words: where is the world? when you are awake words come; where the words and space end is my place; all are one; nothing there except him; he is in everything; why should we need to know him? you cannot show yourself; need to understand that we are god; you are where the world and words end;


Ranjit Maharaj

Sri Ranjit Maharaj was born on the 6th of January, 1913, in Bombay, India. In his early childhood he was a fervent devotee of Krishna, but by age 12 he had met Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj, who became his Master. Later on Shri Siddharameshwar also became the Master of the venerated Indian sage, Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Siddharameshwar Maharaj realized the Self through meditation, a long and difficult way. According to His own words, it is called Pipilika Marg in Indian philosophy. This means the "way of the ant." Siddharameshwar taught "the bird's way," Vihangam Marg. This is the way of Understanding, the direct way of Self-Realization. The Birds Way is also the teaching of Sri Ranjit Maharaj. Interestingly enough, just about the sametime the young Ranjit was meeting his Master for the first time, a nearly disguised young American traveller on a spiritual quest toward Enlightenment, that gained fame anonymously some years later in a novel by the famous British playwright and author W. Somerset Maugham titled The Razor's Edge, visited Siddharemeshwar, one of the first Americans to do so. It has been written that from his stay in India he gained peace of mind.

The young American, called Larry Darrell by Maugham in the novel, traveled to Bijapur to meet with Siddharameshwar Maharaj and learned of Vihangam Marg, the bird's way. The holy man related to Darrell what Ranjit Maharaj was to eventually learn as well: "that only by hearing and practising from the teachings of the Master and thinking over it, just like the bird flies from one tree to another, can one attain Awakening very fast." Although "the bird's way" is not incorporated into the novel leading to Darrell's Awakening, it does play an interesting role later on as his life unfolds post-novel, and the interaction that occurs in the Awakening experience of another.