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Karl Renz: Is There Any Hope in Depression?

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When you are depressed deep rest, then you are where you belong; there is no one who can talk anymore; there is no one left who needs hope; for a person it is not good but what you do not care anyway; ninety per cent of the people who come to my events do not want to come and the ten per cent who want to come stay at home; experiencing the body is a dis-ease; enlightenment as the absolute absence of anyone who is or is not enlightened; the hope that one can get enlightened is hell; there was never anyone who was not enlightened; no idea about a knower; others tell me what ideas I have; no one has any idea, everything is stolen; and there is no questioner; seriously happy with having no ideas


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You fool yourself taking yourself as an image; by longing for being what you are you confirms this image; trying to get enlightened is trying the impossible; by trying to become what you are, you are already away from yourself; enlightenment is just to be what you cannot not be; by effort temporary happiness can be reached only; any experience is too late for enlightenment already; do I have to know why I don’t agree? I am free to be silly; Mr. Bush and the pope: “Dear Dalai Lama”; you don’t have to be anything to be what you are; maybe I take you more than serious, by laughing about you imaginary ideas, about what you have to be or not to be is to be what you are


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What you look for in this body is comfort but the Self doesn’t care about comfort; the energy of this carelessness may not be so comfortable for the body; this is a fire which burns of anything you can imagine; you cannot avoid it nor push it; the one who sees there is no one is the devil; there is never any ease in the phantom; but you are the ease; and trying to be at ease is dis-ease; what you are is never in any discomfort; discomfort is the separation state of hell and comfort is the heaven state of oneness; I am happy that I cannot see it – whatever you are seeing; whatever can be seen is futile; what you are will never be known, not even by yourself; when you long for what you are you are in hell; always in the selling and buying business; confusion about the seven Avatar states; jokes about Costa Rica


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Do you know how to meditate? You are walking on thin ice, you may have a breakthrough; Moscow subway must be enlightenment; you better don’t read my book – too late; God in self pity; no drinking helps, no meditation helps; meditation makes it worse; you cannot reach what you are looking for by meditation; meditation is the absence of any intention and any action; if there is an intention of getting calm that is not mediation; depression feels more real than being happy; what I can – Vat–i-kan; joke about trinity’s relaxing; the colour of awareness; your realization will never start and never end so better be it; I don’t even want to be one with me


Karl Renz

Karl Renz was born 1953 in Weserbergland, Germany. He lived, after first worked as a farmer, as a musician and painter in Berlin and the Canaries. Path-breaking for him was a near death experience in the end of the ´70s, Carlos Castaneda‘s practice of aware dreaming and dolorous body reactions like migraine until his awakening to a calm and happy consciousness.

Today people visiting Karl Renz to share his unconventional and happy talks with many jokes and puns. Without following a specific tradition, his talks are spontaneous with contradictions and interjections. And instead of giving therapeutic recommendations, he likes the fast talk from one tag to another until the mind relaxed, because he couldn‘t follow any more.

Most books from Karl Renz are in German but you can find on the right column and following the links below talks in English, too.

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Last Updated: April 11, 2013


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