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Ganga Mira: Whatever You Can Describe is Surely Not IT

This interview with Ganga Mira by Andreas Hegewald aka Andy took place in July 2016.


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The true nature of things; the background which allows the appearances; the seeker story of Ganga; the decision to find a living Socrates; sitting everyday at five at the bank of the river Ganga; whatever activity Ganga and Papaji had, it was like Satsang; not landing anywhere; the disappearing of the I; if you are a seeker, the first confusion is to believe that you are a seeker; whatever you can describe is surely not it; one trouble with meditation is, there is a meditator; a solid background of clarity; personal love; naturally loving each other; not selling one´s soul for this love; what is, always there, reviels itself; grasping the mind, the concepts, it looks like veiling it and that´s why there is a search; you can not impose that, it comes to you, you don´t know how, once it´s there, you can not suppress it also; devotion to the master; it is the pointing out which is the master; the illusion to think that we are born; what is, is not even unborn; a wonderful interview for both, ANdy and Ganga.


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Ganga Mira: Keeping Quiet – Where We Always Have Been

This interview with Ganga Mira took palce in October 2015 via Internet, questions from Devasetu. Ganga will giving Satsang in Munich from 21th - 25th of Oct. 2016 and in Amerdam from 28th - 30th Oct 2016 and in Paris 18th - 20th of Nov. 2016.


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About the name „Ganga“; the joy to speak about what cannot be spoken of; the I as a concept of body mind; the question from where the I comes; first to see what is the mind; the identification with the rising I; in Satsang to question the basing concept of the I; keeping quiet; not to grasp whatever the mind tells; about the desire to be free; being aware to be not the body mind; the fire to be free; to drop the believe to be right now not one self; the joy of seeing somebody freeing himself; the gratefulness of Ganga to her master Papaji; about invitations to Ganga to come to give Satsang; about the “free” will or “free” choice; the advise to “never trust the mind” before enlightenment; being vigilant; whatever arises is untrue by nature; important is to be oneself; keeping quiet, where we always have been; not catching the thoughts; no seeking for bliss; the wish, that everybody who comes to Satsang release that they are already themselves; about peace and war as part of duality; Ganga’s first meeting of Papaji in 1968; nothing than Satsang alive; surrendering to a master or to life, about the differences; “guru-hopping”; to follow the indications of the master; Ganga’s being a friend to the people who are coming to her; hard on illusory believes.

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Ganga Mira

Ganga Mira found her master Shree H.W.L. Poonjaji – called Papaji by his disciples – in 1968 at the bank of the Ganga. Aged 20 she lived the succeeding years with him in India. Papaji was a disciple of Shree Ramana Maharshi, who established self inquiry with the question "Who am I?".

Since 1998 Ganga Mira gives Satsang. About her work she says: "Who you really are, you are it right now, so it can never be described, known, felt, or experienced by the mind. This is realized in a second." 

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