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Live-Satsang with Soham

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Soham: The Light of Liberation from the Himalayas

Interview with Soham. questions: Yvonne, Devasetu, Isabella, Radha and Narges (v.l.n.r.), March 2022. (Jetzt-TV, Soham Interview18).

From the content of the video: How was Anushthan for Soham? And about the now found meditation place of Samarpan meditation in Germany and Sohams insist on it; and about Osho's first wake-up call and Soham's life mission and about the naming by Shree Shivkrupanand Swami and how the Samarpan meditation can help us to open up to our liberation..., and many more questions and answers in the video, thank you very much.


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Soham: Life – the Impersonal Game of Waving

Satsang with Soham from an Online-Retreat, winter 2019 / 2020.

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Soham: Disappearing in Oneness

This interview with Soham is from Nov. 2019. Questions from Devasetu.

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The Gospel of Thomas

Soham about this book to Kundan, the author:


Beloved Kundan,


I just got home from Corfu last night. Before sleeping, I glanced at it briefly and liked what I saw.

This morning I again picked up your book and read some pages at random.

All I can say is…Wonderful!


A beautiful work…one that I would recommend to anyone to read.


In love,

Soham.    Link to the book

Soham: Use the Power to Be Free

Thanks to all participants who have agreed to the publishing of their sharings during the Retreats with Soham in summer of 2018.

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Soham (Samarpan): The Gift to Be Here

This interview with Soham (Samarpan) is from November 2016. The questions are from Lina Ivonne Dosse. 


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How can we distinguish the true nature from the conditioning? Not at all, it does not matter. An impulse comes to do something, and it is done, so it is quite clear. Every performance is worthless. For example, does have the helping in preparing the practical things for Satsang  an impact on the spiritual path of person? What do I earn by so-called good work? Nothing at all. It does not matter to anyone, it just happens. Sitting here is a gift for me. Awakening is wonderful for all humanity. We think we have to do let go. This is difficult. It can happen. I have to share the inner silence. Women go into competition with men, but that is not the power of the woman. The power of woman is the passive, the surrender. Not to be a slave, but to recognizing the masculine as well as feminine in me and giving him space. Is there a danger of war with Russia? I dont know. Whatever happens is okay, just as it happens. Then it's supposed to be like that. We should awaken. That‘s all. If you are in contact with the Divine, you can not be fooled.

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Samarpan: The Simplest Simplicity

Thanks to all participants who have agreed to the publishing of their sharings during the Retreats with Samarpan in autumn of 2016.


(We had to shorten the video because of the demand of a participant, which was not seen in the picture.)  Watch the ideo via YouTube    


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When all life breaks apart; the simplest simplicity; steps into independence; feeling like chicks here; when Samarpan’s mother tried everything to get him in contact with other children; how can you take care of yourself – giving you the space – and giving your child the attention it desires; children in Satsang – resonance to other adults; the more agile a commune is, the more it is maintained; patience must begin with yourself – really nourishing yourself; the desire to meet Samarpan; to allow the uncertainty while being blessed by Samarpan; when you are at peace, the same situation feels completely different; immediately coming to this willingness to feel that one hundred percent, not like a victim, but really in my full force; the crazy demands from the outside: you are two meters tall – why are not you normal; when you treat yourself like a queen; such a high sensitivity, that is royal; allow the wall; we build walls for protection, and as long as we need them, they are there for us; be where you are.

Samarpan: Let Go All Concepts – Love Is Our Essence

Thanks to all participants who have agreed to the publishing of their sharings during the Retreats with Samarpan in autumn of 2016.


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Introductory words on the Retreat; the mind still has objections that it is so beautiful; problems to feel like a woman; being touched and gratitude due to the Osho-Talks; becoming conscious of the unconscious; going deeply into the feeling of avarice; to perceive the hiding; When before being loved hiding is happening; if anyone is really in love, then there is none; we are bathing in love; love is my being; we must throw away all our concepts; our very basis – when we stand here, we know that nothing can happen; letting go of seriousness, all the rules, the goals, the ideas, for all this will stand in your way; vacation from the mind; one of the most important things in meditation is relaxation; simply perceiving how it is at this moment.


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Samarpan: In a Love Relationship with Every Single One

This interview with Samarpan is from August 2016. Thanks to Mira for leading this interview.


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The journey from head to heart; a time to remember and we are at home; Satsang as a reminder for Samarpan; talking about the truth; the dream; all the external circumstances of our lives are dreams; really let go and stop the dream and to be here; be here is being aware of; we miss the life, because we are busy with the thoughts; when a thought triggers all alarms; feelings that are coming up for Samarpan, sometimes sadness, sometimes anger, sometimes rage, like a great fast passing storm; about the fear to make mistakes and to fail; doing things accidentally right is not the same as to learn from mistakes; again and again start over new; no distance between the beginning and end; the arrogance to think to have arrived somewhere; the Master as a student; Samarpan's proximity to the term master; in a love relationship with every single one; alternative translation of the Bible quotation: It is your faith that has saved you: it is your willingness, your openness; the image of the inner child; being born into a very violent world; the experience of Satsang children; caring lovingly and gently for the inner child; the fear to show weakness; direct communication with another being; openness in the job; staying aware behind the mask; the inward flowering, which is seen in the outside; single-being on the spiritual path; walk the narrow path; at the end of the path is so narrow that it is not even space for one; being one with all that is; Samarpan's great joy about this conversation.


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Samarpan: Change Happens from the Inside through Awareness

Thanks to all participants who have agreed to the publishing of their sharings during the Retreats with Samarpan in summer of 2015.


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Touching impersonal silence; about the origin of programming; when the ego structure begins to dissolve; about aging and dying; inner tension, practice to relax and think of nothing; enjoying the internal energy while ignoring the thoughts; letting the house of cards collapsing, accept yourself as you are; lend reviews no importance, they are not important; being without knowing touches; about killing animals and eating meat; coming to peace with oneself and find out what is best for your own body; discover how we can be with the universe in harmony; in the outer world we cannot change anything, change can only come from our inner being; what is here now, that’s all; thoughts and ideas have no reality; what is here is alive and that we cannot understand; being touches happens, none is touched; do not meet the claims of others; being here with what is here now, without concepts and ideas; every moment to die by letting be what is here, without trying to changing it; find your own way with your own body to dance, discover the own uniqueness; find out how you can support your body as much as possible; awareness only happens without judging; doing nothing, changing nothing, than changes are happening; letting go needs all of our awareness.


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Samarpan: Being Here as Best You Can

Thanks to all participants who have agreed to the publishing of their sharings during the Retreats with Samarpan in spring of 2015.


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It is always the mind that stands in the way; release the past, all the memories are just in the way; about changes in the Online-Retreat; about dancing, the dance of osteopaths; about the unpleasant smell of DMSO; the trip to India, stones of Arunachala; when the silence is louder than the noise; about the end of the trip at the Osho Meditation Resort; site description of the resort; about Osho quote: "Forget myself and forgive myself"; about the temple in India; about the idea that enlightenment may be associated only with poverty ; if you are not clinging to anything, you can be  the richest king of the world and still enlightened; if you are willing to let go of everything, you can have it all; "Blessed are the poor in spirit" (Jesus); not hanging on no to any thought or experience is pure bliss; being not able to do  anything, being readily available; over decisions; about the movie, "The choice of Sophie"; letting things happen, we have to decide anything; be here, as best you can.



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Samarpan: Saying Yes to What Is and then the Mind Loses its Power

Thanks to all participants who have agreed to the publishing of their sharings during the Retreats with Samarpan in spring of 2015.


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About another varieties of sexuality; about dispassionate sex; leave everything be as it is and enjoy it; life does not support our wishes, but what is needed at the moment; if we want something that is not here, it means pain and is a waste of this precious moment; any place where we are at, is always here, which is the gift; the more we do not think about what is not just here, but appreciate what is here, the more life tends to give us more; the vision of the king and the view of the beggar; when taking care of somebody is part of the programming and one is realizing that it is part of the programming, then that is okay; sometimes it feels good, to take care of someone and sometimes it feels bad – perceive it and dance it; never something is wrong, is crucial, how much awareness we can bring to our actions; without our judging we can easily observe and be aware of; not thinking about anybody else; be as you are, give your best, that is enough; if you are able to bring awareness here, that is enough; about physical contact, the desire to be hold and to hold another person; allow yourself to fall in your own center, then an inner being touched is happening; the willingness to know nothing; once you say yes to what just is, the mind is losing its power; the failed attempt to flee from solitude; turning lovingly to the body sensations; experiences are constantly changing, feelings are coming and going; not turn to the story makes everything much easier; the mind has no power if you give him no power; the mind wants to be the master; make your mind to your servant; you are the source, not the mind.


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Samarpan: In Falling into Self-Acceptance Becoming More Silent

Thanks to all participants who have agreed to the publishing of their sharings during the Retreats with Samarpan in winter 2014 and in spring of 2015.


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Gratitude towards Samarpan; our excellent brain which gives us the possibility to distinguish what is good for us and what is not; mind as the conditioning, which do not let us judge freely, therefore generates evaluation; do not fight against the mind, but only ignore his lies; not to apply to the disturbing thoughts; to treat the mind as a servant; to go into the experience of the emotions; when the feelings and thoughts becoming a self-nourishing circle; feelings physically experienced without naming them; be at peace, even with a thought like “I’m stupid” is taking the power away from the thoughts; if the suffering in the world can be felt as a part of oneself; about the nature of suffering; with any situation in the world being at peace; learning from each person in any situation; about self-love and Samarpan’s love for everybody; no need to feel the love for everybody and to feel being loved; the problem of looking for love; drawing the attention to be with yourself in harmony; the self-love being totally with the truth; the highest priority: the truth – and not the relationship; to be open to feel every pain; the possibility of nature to get rid of the human beings with a “shrug”; not taking seriously the idea to be a woman; the fiction that a “ego” exists; Samarpan’s support for the people to be as they are; the challenge being sensitive to hear frequencies that are inaudible to most; the actual irritation: not to want what is; to accept oneself without judging, how oneself is at that moment; in falling into self-acceptance coming in peace, coming in the moment and being quiet; making friends with the fighter in us, then he no longer brings us so in trouble; stopping to give any importance to what we want to; turn to what wants nothing and is always quiet and happy; discovering the silence inside which is not dependent on the outside; be in constant release; clinging is suffering; from the thoughts to the bodily sensations; no thinking about the story; here nothing is missing and here it is quiet; in letting go being open to receive what is here; it is absurd to think of being able to control life.


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Samarpan: The Willingness to Know Nothing

Thanks to all participants who have agreed to the publishing of their sharings during the Retreats with Samarpan in winter 2014 / 2015 and the spring of 2015.


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The late fulfilled desire for a child; about dealing with children and the related efforts; at first take care of yourself, take time for yourself; on conditioning; dropping the past, coming out from the thought again and again; strength by the falling away of the idea of God; the connection with God; we must release reviews over and over again and we must be willing to know nothing; when you think you know how quietness should be, you have a problem; we have to let go of the past repeatedly; about humor, humor as a gift; the feeling of being trapped; about the feeling to be in hell; if we are willing to be forever in hell, then hell has already ended; on the outside we cannot change anything, we can only be with us; no one can prevent  you to be at peace; to be slowly brings more awareness; about the blessing and suspending of the mind – the mind cannot understand it; about dealing with physical ailments; we have all been brought up in such a way that we believe in the doctors and that we do not question anything of what doctors are saying; this belief many be now transferred to medical practitioner for a lot of people, but we have to take the responsibility for our own body again; we are our own doctors; when we stop to give attention to the mind, then we relax and healing takes place; about food intolerances; when attentiveness is there, the mind gets into the background.


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Samarpan: Carried by the Water of Life

Thanks to all participants for their approvals to publish their sharings during the retreats with Samarpan in winter 2014/2015.


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On dealing with unpleasant feelings; self-assessment and self-control; there is no time, that cannot be understood by the mind; take confidence, that is in the end of the fight; when pressure, anxiety and panic simply falling away; we do not have to learn to swim, but only how we can be carried by the water; the identification with the mind and its fear programs; the willingness to die; the pain is caused by adherence; the secret is to be unreasonable; no matter what individual you encounter deeply, you will find God in it; the morning after getting out of sleep, first come in peace with yourself and maintain this peace during the day; about triggers of fear and insecurity; going inside with the fear and uncertainty and developing compassion for oneself; about anxiety and uncertainty; closeness and distance; to be able to love oneself with all the imperfections and embarrassments; the ability to forgive – forgiveness is always there; to forgive oneself; great being touched and palpitations; the prison of the inner frames and the oppressive pressure on the chest; be as awake as you can and do not condemn you; observe yourself in the way as scientist does who just takes a phenomenon in inspection; when the programming loses its force, then it is no longer a problem.


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Samarpan: Really Everything is Grace

Samarpan was interviewed by Nabala in June 2015.


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About the first meeting between Nabala and Samarpan on La Gomera; when every moment Satsang is; the recognition of our true self is happening in a natural way if we do not constantly turn our attention to the idea in our heads; when we get out of our thoughts and we are just here, we begin to discover who we are; no longer turning to the stories in spite of the tricks of the mind; the importance of Satsang for Samarpan; about the blessings after Satsang with Samarpan; on the practice of giving spiritual names by Samarpan; a new name will help to solve the identification with the false nature of a person and their history; the shortest way to wake up is to realize that you are already awake; if we have not to do anything but just to be here, then we do not have to think about anything; being here, without knowing anything, without wanting to improve anything and without trying to be particularly; through meditation, we can create our own space; when we are sitting in meditation, then everything around us is touched by it; almost all people spend their whole life trying to avoid pain; if you only live in pain avoidance, then one’s life is getting narrower and narrower; everything should be exactly as it is, this is obvious; in the correct attitude and the knowledge that everything is grace, we are transformed; giving up the story, and meeting at the moment; no history means freedom and in that freedom love is blossoming; about the relationship of Samarpan with Jesus; Jesus, the redeemer of mankind – every person who awakens, redeems humanity; lies are told again and again, but the child knows that the emperor is naked.


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Samarpan: Being Here Now With No Reason Cannot Be Understood

Thanks to all participants for their approvals to publish their sharings during the retreats with Samarpan in winter 2014/2015.


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The intention wanting to get rid of the ego; fear of the own power; having the courage of being as we want to be at any moment;  accepting oneself and one’s weakness; the policeman in the head is the spoilsport; following the joy; how to handle disease; creativity of surrounding oneself with beautiful things; life as walk on a tightrope between painful stories and peace; holding balance on the tightrope; being here now with no reason cannot be understood; the radical being thrown back to oneself; experiencing that one is not the doer; the joy of unfolding beauty; the story of a band leader who was not a band leader; the piano player who cannot play the piano; when everyone plays his game; simply playing, it is not serious; directing attention into the body and sensing what is there; not wanting to control or change anything; the tendency of wanting to go time and again into thoughts is okay, just noticing it; thoughts and emotions go together; accepting the physical part – i.e. emotions – but pulling away the power from the thoughts; paying attention to and welcoming our feelings; the difference of making music, alone for oneself or with other musicians.


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Samarpan: The Readiness to Feel Without Thinking

Thanks to all participants who consented to the publication of their sharings during the retreats with Samarpan in winter 2014/2015.


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Participation in a meditation group and the desire for silence followed after the group; when the mind after meditation begins working again, a lot of talking is happening; reducing everything to the essentials, this feels right; we live in a crazy world where so many people are insensitive; as more insensitive a person is, the more stimulation he needs to feel alive; about Samarpan experience as a taxi driver; all beliefs are wrong, when you do not know anything it is more silent; when feelings are not allowed to be felt; if we do not attach any importance to the feelings, they are very entertaining; about to feel defiantly; to feel anger is not a bad thing, because power is in it; listen to the inner child; from staying with the attention in the head to feel into the belly; healing laughter.


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The fear to stop functioning; about the careful use of the body; keeping the body fit; we do not get sick if we take proper care of us and our bodies; coming into the silence when the doer is gone; the fear to do something wrong or cannot find the right words; so we strive to do it right, but we give the sins of our parents on; the idea that there should be no pain; the pain can be a wonderful aid; the right food as medicine; the pain of not feeling loved or wanted to be; sugar as a drug; living life playfully; learning new patterns; there are thousands of different ways, and we can try and play; about guilt; ups and downs in retreats; the inner refusal to live with what is just; the mind lives on wishes and desires; satisfaction is the death of the mind; the mind always wants what we do not have and we will than overlook what we have all; the permit to feel; the willingness to feel without thinking.


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Samarpan: The Total Willingness of Self-Dissolution

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharings from retreats with Samarpan from autumn 2014.


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If the roles dissolve; disorientation; about the fear of deciding “wrong”; on dealing with migraine; separation is in reality impossible, the fact that we are is already the proof that we are not separate; being willing to die; the total willingness that everything dissolves forever; experiences with the spirit healer Joao de Deus; going beyond the illusions; the wake-up call; the new name; total being touched; about the experience “terrible intensity”; inner and outer drama; the willingness to feel emerging feelings brings relief; on the assessment of emotions; over-stimulation of the senses; feeling everything, evaluating nothing; really to feel does not mean to be a victim; stopping to try to change things; talk about what just wants to be told; making peace with whichever just is; discovering always new ways that makes life interesting; breathe into the belly; about movement and breathing meditation.


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Blessing and Music with Samarpan

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Samarpan: Allowing oneself to be carried by life for the benefit of everybody

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharings from retreats with Samarpan from summer 2014.


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About the proper technique of meditation before going to sleep; the fear of the gap between the words; the gap between the words is like a little death; the fear of silence; nothing to be spoken; to talk only about what is really here in this moment; the change is happening, we do not need to do something about it; just to be without imagination and without thought about it, this is revolutionary; about the fear of lack of money; if we are willing to feel insecure, then we get into the depth; saying yes to everything, life is helping us always; the willingness to die at that moment; let things go as they run, there is nothing to explain; life is like ayurvedic food, sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy – we just have to let go our ideas about how a flavor should be like; in meditation to melt in the golden stream of divinity; the ultimate simplicity; all search in the outside comes to an end – to want nothing and to understand nothing; allowing myself to love me no matter how I feel; to allow oneself to feel bad without the feeling of having to hide this; pleasant things and bad things come and go; discover the secret that all feelings lead us to ourselves; every experience brings us to the here and now; to dare to live everything, to feel everything and celebrate everything; make friends with ALL; if awareness is there, then come the experiences; we cannot do anything with our experiences, they come and go, but they leave impressions; allowing oneself to be carried by life for the benefit of everybody; to go on a knife edge; gradually dissolve the old programs; life just happens; about the usefulness of medical check-ups; coming out of once head to the moment, this is medicine; about the feeling of being stuck in the conditionings; the feeling that you have done everything wrong; the contact with a demented girlfriend, love beyond words; about the love of children; in Satsang all people are children.


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Samarpan: The Silence Stronger Than the Mind

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharings from retreats with Samarpan from summer 2014.


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The mind always wants what is not there; no matter where you are and what you are doing when you are really here, then you are at home everywhere; Music as meditation; the meaning of spiritual name; on our names hang many memories, conditionings, ideas and beliefs, and all that binds us to the past; a new name is not connected with the past; the difference between following a impulse and the running away from their own feelings; in truth you cannot run away from feelings, the feelings always will come with you; about justice; how should we know what is right and what is wrong?; If we are focused on justice or injustice, then we miss what it is here right now; we cannot fix things, everything always is already all right; we are all part of a revolution; about dealing with conventional medicine; about the feeling of being a stranger; the willingness to feel strange; our idea of enlightened human beings; we all experience moments of enlightenment; being easily as we are, that’s the point; consciously seeing and not to lose oneself in what we are seeing; when the silence gets stronger than the mind; playful approach to oneself; letting go and enjoying; dealing with feelings of envy, greed and jealousy; making peace with the emotions; loving ourselves with all our characteristics, then the rest is done by itself; wanting to be loved – we can love ourselves only by ourselfves; the more we love, the more we feel love; we are the source.


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Blessing and Music with Samarpan

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Samarpan: Deep Inside Us All Questions are Already Answered

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing from retreats with Samarpan winter 2013/14.


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Handling feelings; when we open up and become soft the feelings come up from deep inside us; welcoming all feelings, nothing is wrong;  when one goes inside, all questions are already answered; practical advice for reflux disease; not handing over the responsibility for the own body to the physicians; medicine focuses in most cases just a small part of the body and looks for an enemy there which has to be fought; making the body a friend and taking care of it; medicine and the business with fear; there is deep wisdom in the body which we cannot comprehend; deep sadness; everything is allowed at that place; not the sadness in itself but the story underneath it is difficult; physical limitations; we are unlimited being, however, we stay in a limited body; the 100 year old man who crossed his legs behind the head; as soon as we do not take things personal anymore, it all becomes a joke; being where we are at any moment, without thinking about it; about the feeling of missing what is actually not here; recognizing the own addictions; sensing into the aspiration; about the fear of strong feelings; the fear of losing control; leaving the thoughts and entering the body with attention; mind makes all so big – finding out if this is true; about loud children in Satsang: the more we are in peace with the children the more silent it gets, children have to run around and sing, this is totally beautiful, we should not limit them; about the sensed emptiness after the death of the own mother; curiosity about how it goes on; the desire to be in peace with all there is – it begins with being in peace with myself; nothing has to change, with self acceptance all changes automatically; mind loves this war in the head – not paying attention to it anymore; leaving thoughts again and again and paying attention to the body, then the story becomes weaker and weaker and disappears completely in the end; contents of live is not really relevant; the more conscious we become the less we follow the stories; it is about what is always, eternal and true, this is what we really are and has nothing to do with our story or our body or our imaginations.


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Samarpan: Taking Care for Yourself of the Most Beautiful Possible Way

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing from retreats with Samarpan winter 2013/14. 


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About shyness and sensitivity; allow weakness; take care of the most beautiful possible way of yourself; to be with yourself carefully is the most important of all; to learn to be quite natural to oneself; drawing the attention of the mind to the stomach; we are all working on the same subjects; learning to distinguish between emotion and reason; to turn to sensations of the body without ideas and concepts; about dealing with anger; loving all the emotions; rage and anger involve a tremendous amount of energy; be with ones own anger in peace, then you do not have to throw it out on others it; rage and anger is a human experience that must not be assessed; it is not necessary to throw the feelings out, you can play with them; to be at peace with the fear, the anger, the rage, with all the feelings; it is not about throwing out the feelings, but rather to welcome them; if we are truly happy, then we are not in the mind; happiness is our nature, the quiet bliss that is what we are; about thinking and intuition; if we live in the ego we are very close up; if there is no ego, then we are very wide open and clear, and see things as they are, without judging; about the emergence of the ego; first we have to accept the ego, before we can free ourselves from him; what we are, that has always been and always will be; to discover who you are, that’s the greatest adventure; freedom is here and has been always be here; ninety percent of our thinking is not really necessary; in not knowing everything happens; about family pressures; a dream.


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Samarpan: Having Compassion with Oneself

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing from retreats with Samarpan winter 2013/14.


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Treating resistance, anger and sadness; death of the sister; welcoming the sadness, celebrating life and sadness; when we dig in the past we remain stuck in suffering; compassion with oneself; life makes the decisions; the less we adhere to the craziness out of our mind the lighter life becomes; humans as biological units come to this world with many needs; taking care of oneself; from “needing” to “wishing”; learning to express what one wants; behavior with children; learning to expect nothing; letting go of the idea to have to do it right; fighting is not a problem; about the feeling of doing it all wrong; bringing together the hands in front of the body; god in me greets god in you; sensing the energy of the own posture; not having to do anything in order to be accepted; sensing old conditionings, playing with them but not thinking about them; existential fear in the financial sense; the feeling that life does not care of itself; fighting and fear; sensing where the fear sits; being with oneself when fear comes; fighting the fear strengthens the fear; the benefaction of blessing; about throwing a tantrum; total loss of control; we cannot control ourselves all the time; practicing to flip out; the feeling of not being listened to; we are the ones who have to love ourselves and allow everything; going back to our inner child and being with it, listening, in total compassion; the inner fire; breathing sparks and grows the inner fire; standing by oneself; the balance between intellectual work and relaxation.


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Samarpan: In Inner Clarity to the Acceptance of What Is

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan winter 2013/14.


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Playful dealing with things; showing oneself vulnerable; the permission to be who you are; learning never stops – everything  is changing; being seen; feel as a child and enjoying it; enjoy it to show up, with all anxiety that goes with it; in falling being hold; wanting nothing; dealing with shoulder pain; old pain; dealing with death; doing oneself good; the beginning of dying already at the moment of birth; protecting one’s own borders; becoming clear and respecting oneself; everything we do has huge implications in all directions; just to feel what you feel; own inner clarity leads to acceptance.


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Samarpan: Deep Stillness in Meditation

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan autumn 2013.


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The courage of giving up the ego; where can the ego be found anyhow?; going out of mind; not noticing thoughts; there is no ego which could be given up; connecting with physical pain in a loving way; not investing effort, not having to do or to give up anything; how psychically insane people are treated in India; going beyond the normal; the Ashram as a safe place for psychically insane people, where they and from the thoughts to the present moment; not returning to the normal madness; the normal madness of believing that we are somebody who is separate from god; giving up imaginations and convictions without replacing them by others; the huge bandwidth of normal madness; handling children in puberty with respect to consumption of TV; not limiting children even in case of extreme TV consumption; teenager rebellion is painful but necessary in order that they learn standing on their own feet; during puberty children are becoming non-children just as parents have to become non-parents; no control, no punishment and no more teaching; connection of the nervous cells during early childhood; the deeper stillness in meditation during retreats; the idea of “deeper”, “higher “, “longer” or “better” are just disturbing; falling out of thoughts and arriving here time and again; making oneself available for good and all is joy; the only problem in the way to enlightenment is mind; not thinking about what mind does or wants but just stopping mind; the effect of good music for mind; loosing oneself in music; music as a tool; just doing what one is attracted do and utilizing what is available not excluding anything; no need to explain or justify ourselves; not taking care of the own mind or the mind of others; the skill is to stay with oneself and one’s own force; separating sadness from the idea and perceiving it as bodily perception.


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Samarpan: Welcoming Feelings Without Exception

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan autumn 2013.

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Not feeling at home in the ordinary life; working with different meditation techniques; contact to the teachings of Advaita; directing awareness to the gap between the inhale and exhale; the feeling of not being at home; tight, tense like being in a cage; feeling the feeling totally, welcoming it; one hundred percent yes to what is in this moment without searching for something else; only being here and welcoming what is; letting go of the idea of meditation and simply be, this is the highest form of meditation; enlightenment cannot be searched for because we don´t know what it is that we are searching for; the disappearance of the cage; to be one hundred percent the one that you are; nothing needs to change; the idea that something needs to change is a burden; dealing with noise; noise can be used to become aware; invite the noise, be with the noise without judgment; ignoring it like background music; it is as it is, don´t compare; everything is happening as it is happening; don´t take anything personally; without effort: just don´t pay any attention to the thoughts: relaxed awareness; the mind always tries to pull us into a story; to be ready to die again and again; about eating meat; compassion for the animals; eating meat more consciously; compassion with the slaughter cattle and the slaughterer.


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Samarpan: The Untouchable Powerful Motionlessness of Stillness

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan during spring 2013. 


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Sensing and accepting excitement; the desire to draw back; compassion with oneself is beyond price; the disability of making external contact but discovering how easy it is to get into contact inwardly; protecting oneself outside in order to get more freedom inside; doing what is momentarily the easiest and simplest; being touched during Satsang; treating oneself like a very sensitive child; doing “forbidden” things; the tone of the stillness; the untouchable powerful motionlessness of stillness; being touched deeply; sharing of not knowing; the challenge of singing during Satsang; singing is like sports and requires a lot of practicing; keeping the body always in a good state; the body wants to keep itself in a good state, the problems starts when the psyche gets involved; pure bliss; inspiration always fresh and new; liking the incomplete; nobody can tell us what is right or wrong in the present moment, only we ourselves know it; if good is in the first place it all works and is full of sense; it all takes as much time as it takes.


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Samarpan: Being Where You Are, This is the Freedom

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan during spring 2013.


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The tendency of the mind to look for something “what’s wrong”, the peaceful absence of feelings; life challenges us enough, therefore to go the easiest way is the best; to be where you are, this is the freedom; becoming in Satsang like a child; not resisting the resistance; the feeling like a knot of resistance; self-assessment; simply being here; feeling not right in it and also not to be right out there – being between; simply doing nothing; the idea always being accessible with the phone; we are not victims; the inability to accept the feeling of fear; we all have our disabilities; imagine something can be terrible; the challenge with a new name; forget the memories – not knowing who you are; not to have to convince oneself of who I am – easily being myself – even in a bad mood; to feel the room in oneself and not feeling imprisoned; utter confusion of mind by the being in a retreat with Samarpan; this incredible beauty in everyone which expresses itself individually; feel like a child, carried and secure in oneself; like a child feeling safe in the bustle; to accept the people as they are; all rejection comes from the mind; dealing with a deep inherent sadness.


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Samarpan: Being Here in Love and the Knowledge that Everything is There

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan during spring 2013.


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There are so many experiences possible; the mind does and says all he can gain attention with; no experience has meaning; accepting everything what is just now here, is the shortest way to peace; peace is our nature that what we are; the best thing you can do is to feel what is here right now, so it always comes back to true peace; there are so many paradoxes in this dream; to be authentic means beauty; dropping conditionings, layer by layer; first we have to be conditioned and only when we are ready then we can drop everything; being in contact with the body be; it does not matter how many times we fall back into old patterns, simply start new over and over again; connectedness beyond words; here to be in love and in the knowledge that everything is there; to refuse to play a game of power , that is true strength; everything that comes from the outside, do not give so much importance; to give one hundred percent without expecting recognition; when we are in our own power, than there is no need for confirmation from the outside, then we ourselves are our own confirmation; not to become dependent ; discover the beauty and power in us and giving fully all our attention to it; be at peace with all that is; not looking for recognition; there is nothing inappropriate, anyone can say what he or she wants; to be his own father and his own mother – and expecting nothing from the outside; the love that flows toward everywhere and creates many forms of expression; the art to totally enjoy the moment, so that it is gone in the next moment and nothing remains; the mind likes his dramas and lives of entertainment; we are already saved, there is needed nothing, everything is here; if we give our whole attention to our history, that is the problem.


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Samarpan: Stiller than Still

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan during spring 2013. 


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Stiller than still; nothing is so important that it had to be said; all has its sense, even though we do not see it; it is not necessary to see the sense; buried feelings surface in the stillness of the retreat; perceiving body sensations and using them for meditation; contentment cannot be found outside; turning work into meditation; coming to oneself; allowing all feelings; coming to oneself time and again during the breaks; simply being here – life takes care of the details; the bath in the unlimited ocean of energy; love, which liberates; the feeling of having to know all the time, the burden of mind; the openness of not knowing; the idea that I am someone; when I recognize that I am no one, then there is security without knowing; not thinking; being without imagination; motionlessness without wanting to change anything;  we are no victims, but kings of our universe; being with oneself is a full-time job; angry about life; mind lies always; allowing the inner child; handling depression of the partner; finding the own dance; not locking up the inner monster, but playing with it; being able to laugh about the own programs is the beginning of freedom; being in the story means being unclear; no other can safe us; making peace with everything, with every feeling, every experience; falling out of the fight, no control, no resistance; handling the loss of a beloved human; feeling what one feels.



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Samarpan: Let the Light of Truth Shine onto Every Moment

Thanks to all particpants who gave permission to publish their sharings during the retreats in winter 2012/13.


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After 12 years the first time in the hot seat; being touched by what is happening during the retreat; feeling blessed; Samarpan’s blessing for the construction of a temple of stillness; enlightenment – our nature, obviously; it is not about feeling enlightened; Osho’s statement that he is beyond enlightenment; relaxation bears the chance of enlightenment; waves of fear after the protection mechanisms have fallen away; embracing the body sensation of frea and pain; when there is no more fear of how things will go and not knowing is filled with joy and space; when peace stays in the heart even when mind says that it is a pity that this or that did not happen; inner security, that life just happens, without doing anything and the certainty that everyone and everything is perfectly taken care of; the richness in not doing and letting happen; spontaneous harp concert; when the feeling of being a coward is, because moments of joy are missed; when mind prevents us with terrible scenarios to do what we have an impulse for; the tendency of mind to make us believe we are wrong -  just not following anymore; coming here and letting shine the light of truth on this moment; here mind does not have a chance; when fear of Samarpan arises; the job of spiritual masters being responsible with the power the student gives over himself, and to be as tender as possible to himself and the student; when in relationships the own power is handed over to the partner; the blessing when the master selects the student.


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Samarpan: Knowing Nothing – This is Reality

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan during winter 2012. 


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Finding a place for practicing the trumpet during a Samarpan Retreat – a challenge; how to be in silence while making music; “nothing better than to jam”; making music is all about letting go; feeling touched in so much love and gratitude while making music; to realize the meaninglessness of thoughts – so why turn towards any confusion? The real, the unchanging can never be confused, it is just the ego looking for something to hold on to; when you're really sure that this is genuine, then don't let your memory get hold of this; it is the mind trying to explain and find an orientation in this; only the ocean is big enough for us, an aquarium won't do; being the ocean with the ocean being inside of us, no separation; a bad idea to share the inner feeling of oneness; the willingness to feel everything without the story, even the feelings of others that we catch; the wonder of dissolving in Satsang; knowing nothing – this is reality; there is no danger in not knowing, even though it seems like this to the mind; not knowing is freedom; the happiness of dementia; the joy of experimenting with nutrition; shall I come upfront in Satsang, or not? Are Buddhist traditions helpful in getting out of the mind, i.e. mantra singing and prostrations? The wisdom of trusting whatever is, the inner knowledge; experience of feeling fear during a borreliose illness enforced by medical specialists; when patents are bullied; help in fear comes from meditation; the very useful remedy of grilled oranges instead of antibiotics; coming into peace with the parents, in order to find your own peace; searching the father's grave in Russia – and the liberation of finding peace with the father; the happiness to have also come into peace with the mother having accompanied her into her death; a way of finding oneself and the hidden love towards the mother; forgiveness and reconciliation between the parents; by way of getting into peace with the father, also finding peace with the son.


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Samarpan: Only What This Moment Gives You

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharing of retreats with Samarpan during winter / spring 2012/13.


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Being with oneself during a silent retreat; give yourself the attention; you realize how loud mind is; feel it and be with it; don’t eat too much and take opportunities to move the body; jealousy is totally unreasonable – it just happens; do you own this feeling? What about just feeling it without judgment; just welcome it; breathe into this sensation; tension of needing to be different than you are; you can’t be different; you don’t give yourself enough attention; the only attention that satisfies is the attention which is happening inside; feel the sensations in your body - don’t even try to figure them out; judging yourself for having jealous feelings; sadness and fear are more noble; getting rid of certain things but the mind comes sometimes with the cancer story; central topic is nutrition; trying to accept what life is giving me, just be and feel what is without analyzing at all; our lives don’t follow our thoughts; just watch how all changes by itself; no need to talk a lot in a group even as a trainer; if you provoke the trainees to be as they are and to bring out their talents they will be happy and you will not have to talk a lot; banana diet after several liver cleanses; not knowing what is really good; power is coming back; don’t get too serious about anything; brutality of liver cleanses; importance of being gentle with the body; not being disciplined enough; can you be different than you are? Forcing oneself is the mind; it is all about learning and we learn best when we do things gently; recommendation to be in Satsang just with an open heart – not with the mind; being open without knowing what to be open to; using stories as springboards to come here; how to treat nightmares; just saying yes to it and going totally into it; definition of being stuck; stopping to resist; not dwelling in any thought; not knowing anything; letting go of judging; learning how I really am; liberation from fear; wanting to run away; not wanting to be alive or to be in a body; the moment is always okay – the imagination is the real torture; giving loving attention to tense feelings; having learnt to be violent; using it as meditation, stopping judging it.


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Samarpan: In Freedom on Probation

Thanks to all participants who approved release of their sharings of a retreat with Samarpan in winter 2012 / 2013.

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The tendency of mind to create problems and not accepting simple well feeling; the insight and the feeling of loving everyone; when it does not succeed anymore to stay beyond the things; the effects of the names given by Samarpan which is so harmonious and perceived as beautiful; sufficiency of sensing love and joy; relaxation as Samarpan always sees the true self in the people; Basho’s story, his Haiku: „Old pond, frog jumps plop“; all that can be said, less than truth, how one can speak from here and all imaginations and stories disappear; time and again the question: „What exactly is here?“; intimacy of speaking from the moment; the insight of being totally alone; the good advice of not being worried but happy; coming into peace with what is actually here right now; a funny story of silence in public which can be contagious; of miracles during the journey and the retreats; when the feeling of totally being wrong appears; no fun and not helpful to do things right; recognizing not knowing what is right also related to nutrition; trying an perceiving how it feels to eat something unusual; the question if vegan nutrition can contain sufficient proteins; Samparpan’s experience with vegetarian and non vegetarian food; related to nutrition trying to listen to the body – and not taking it all to seriously; the question what the soul is – what one is without the physical body as long as one perceives oneself as something separate.


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Samarpan: Considering and Admiring Our Children as Our Teachers

Thanks to all participants who agreed to publish their sharing during a retreat with Samarpan in autumn 2012.


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Making softly and lovingly friendship with tensions and feelings; welcoming all that is here without imaginations; our choice to accept this moment lovingly and without limitation or to resist it; 


Not being against tension but just being with it in a neutral meditative way, without expecting a result; not thinking of change; when one is touched by everything and starts loving oneself; when Samarpan is experienced through a photo as alive and appears in the dream and love for grand children arises; the misunderstanding of wanting to protect a child from negative feelings; feeling fear as part of being alive; the comparison that protected plants do not have strong roots and children for which has been tried to protect them from negative feelings; creating a climate for children, that all is okay, all storms of life, to feel everything and by this giving them certainty that they are strong; feeling the feelings of the children and of oneself; when children feel a certain security through limits; when permanently contradicting messages of the parents drive children crazy; Osho’s suggestion to give children only a few important rules; allowing children to be who they are and taking care of oneself at the same time; Samarpan’s permission that children may move freely during Satsang; what pushes his own buttons; when children become still during Satsang, not through control but because they pick up the energy; the revolution that the vitality of children is not being experienced as disturbance; recognizing and admiring children as teachers; learning to love ones residential house; how Samarpan loved his house right from the beginning; the joy of making one’s house beautiful; sensing the sweetness of a place, a house or an apartment; being open to being found by the „tight“ house; the particular taste when speaking out of the belly and not out of mind; the beauty of shyness; when speaking is an attempt to bypass the fear of others; the original meaning of shaking hands, to show that one does not have a weapon; exciting to go through life without an armor; just being and feeling; not being able to assign feelings if one senses own or other’s feelings; how Samarpan gets along in a supermarket; watching what happens in the space here and now where everything happens; just feeling THAT, endlessly interesting; when a fast execution prevents from enjoying the done – just perceiving and playing with it; when mind gets food from news from home during a retreat and when it jumps totally onto it; the preference of mind to stay in control; when the lightness gets lost during the attempt to organize everything perfectly for the family; retreating from actionism; the balance between doing and letting go; just being here and sitting with Samarpan; disciplining mind, which should be available as a servant when problems have to be solved but which should be in a distance otherwise; just perceiving everything, even when one is unconscious and returning softly – and exercising this persistently; playing with doing something slowly or quickly.


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Samarpan:The Quantum Leap into the Light of the Present Moment

Thanks to all participants who gave their permission to publish their sharings which happened during a Retreat with Samarpan in autumn 2012.


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Being in retreat with Samarpan, how it is; being simply alone and in stillness; the truth, the end of all suffering, now; the key, the totality; yes to this moment; the quantum leap into the light of this present moment; the simple being so of that which is; this moment the highest priority in live; falling in love with what is; not to turn toward mind at all; loving truth; mind - our only problem; experience with a specific diet; symptoms during purification of the body; being radical in the diet in a playful way; about the idea that work and career are not good; being one hundred per cent with what is; from Samarpan’s story, when he was busy for 14 hours per day and six days per week with driving taxi; so many different opinions regarding healthy food, even among experts; finding oneself in the eyes of the master; going through life singing and dancing; the destiny of being authentically, free; turning towards what actually is; going deeper and deeper inside even when fear arises; turning persistently towards this moment; being one hundred percent committed not to turn towards thoughts; being absolutely committed not to turn away from truth; when all is consistent inside and outside; the minute difference between desperation and bliss; nothing to be done in paradise, a horror for mind; when all is so coherent during retreat; pain created by adherence; dancing with the flow of coming and going; giving attention to resistance without judging; sensing the desire in purity without imaginations; all is okay; sensing yearning without asking for what; following impulses or stopping in consciousness; the question how to handle thoughts - excruciating ones or comfortable ones; enjoying sitting with Samarpan; fast change between heaven and hell; the conditioning of not to impose on the host as a guest; the possibility to learn so much during traveling with Samarpan; a good time, being a bad mother; what the phrase „I love you“ normally means; love – not to understand; the love for the master, even more mysterious; the idea of what would be even more beautiful, e.g. being with a beloved one all the time; love for the master as fool; not feeling better during work through just being polite; when the inner child has more and more confidence to show itself; the challenge to sit at Samarpan’s feet or not; the desire of loving oneself; when frustration and pain lead to loving oneself; the strong desire of being held by someone else; when it is never enough what one receives from others, because the wound never heals; experiences with vegan nutrition and Andreas Moritz’s recommendations; to select certain recommendations, which feel good; listening to the body and what it needs right now; learning from experimenting with nutrition; Samarpan’s experiences with not eating in the morning; true wisdom, what is coherent for the body in this moment; experiences and questions regarding cleaning the liver and Hydro-Colon-Therapy.

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Samarpan: Here! …is Never Suffering

Thanks to all participants who gave their permission to publish their sharings which happened during several events with Samarpan in sprng 2012.


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Accepting a feeling – and soon it will be gone; to go totally for what you want; being here and enjoy, i.e. reading a novel; to be as imperfect as one can be; 
Incredible what’s happening in Satsang, such beauty; the hollow bamboo; Osho’s story of the painter, who was asked to paint a bamboo and first had to become a bamboo; a journey without return; Samarpan – deepest surrender; surrender to how I am this moment, that simple; so close for each of us; the ego- killer of just being the way I am – even though it is embarrassing, it’s okay; to say nothing; after four years the first time up with Samarpan; to always come back with the attention here.


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Leaving a retreat or not – or changing the situation; trusting life and asking it to do whatever is needed to make it bearable; having a migraine and becoming sick during a retreat; the law of attraction; negative thoughts – no problem, if we don’t give them power by directing our attention towards them; feeling the emotion without thinking; feeling the body sensations of the feelings, consciousness not always conscious of itself, i.e. in narcosis; coming out of the thoughts into the moment; watching the thoughts from a distance; problems arising during music rehearsals, when it gets serious; the play with seriousness; the story of Krishnamurti, who dropped playing golf because it got too serious; just perceiving the seriousness and the being stressed out; refusing to fight, i.e. just leaving, even as the main character.


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Trusting in God and existence; suffering as our own creation; each moment not eating the fruit of good and evil, meaning, not turning towards the thoughts; each moment staying in paradise without knowing anything; suffering is presented in the media because it sells well; to find suffering – when one puts the focus on it; the camera in our head looking for suffering; suffering means saying ‘no’ to what is; not turning towards the ego that loves suffering; coming here is never suffering; being overwhelmed with joy and gratitude; seeing all aspects of other people as one’s own; compassion that is naturally there; honoring vulnerability; gratitude for all, also to the crew; not missing Samarpan, because he is always here; welcoming old, repressed feelings when they come to the surface; the feeling of having lost a fight against Samarpan; from Samarpan comes only love, not fight; also coming into peace with the feeling of being petrified; to exclude nothing, welcoming everything; playing with everything.


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When one has the feeling of being totally in the night and feels this as a normal state; bringing light into the darkness and transforming hell into paradise; the feeling of being abandoned by God, even before birth; to really believe nothing but to find out; feeling annihilated for not being looked at.


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Samarpan: Awakening is Unavoidable

Thanks to all participants who gave their permission to publish their sharings which happened during several events with Samarpan in spring 2012.


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It’s unavoidable for each of us to wake up; noticing the pain of apparent fighting against oneself - an illusion feeling real; the knack is to just accept it when finding oneself in the illusion; without any idea or judgment accepting what is; the fear of surrendering to the mind – accepting the moment; willingness to lose control – then there is peace; on a very basic level surrender to what is; tension as a hint that we are in the thoughts; gentle non-doing; “falling out of it” and coming back with a deeper trust; the lovely idea, “to be at some point forever on the other side”; the mean trick of the mind to want to be always somewhere else – a hilarious drama; the possibility of doing something, but only, if it is in harmony with what is; just perceiving, when one starts fighting against what is.


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Being with the body sensation of fear without a story; when the feeling doesn’t need a name and simply vanishes; not giving a name to body sensations; insights don't come from the mind; when in a new situation fear comes up; the beauty of silence; it’s okay to be a little girl; music as a staircase into the innermost; again and again the experience of Satsang being alive and new; Samarpan’s statement that nothing has any meaning; being present with the experience and not looking for a meaning in the mind; letting go of meaning and being here without any idea.


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The meaninglessness of all that is said; words coming out of the silence are in support of silence; anxiety not meaning anything, but just a sensation; the game of the mind to always want attention; by being willing to feel the fear, the mind loses its power; surrender to what is; without fighting against what is, life is simple; surrender to God; awakening is unavoidable; the difficulty to trust; noticing how life supports us; allowing the small child to feel that so far she couldn’t to trust; coming back to the innocence, then there is trust; not to give away one’s power; feeling all the funny feelings; being loving with the small inner child; coming back to the sweetness and innocence.


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About the pain of getting old; having found the love for the mother with dementia by taking care of her; finding peace in pain; the wisdom to not take it seriously; when there is withdrawal from friends and family happening; the need for silence; to be ready to be totally unreasonable and “wrong” in the eyes of the others; the program of being untrue to oneself in order to do it right for the others; not possible to find peace in the outside; being newly- born in this moment; stop turning to the thoughts; discovering one’s uniqueness during all of the lifetime; freedom coming from the unsafety in the outside; the simplicity of life.


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Samarpan: Fall in Love with Your Being Human

Thanks to all participants who gave their permission to publish their sharings which happened during several events with Samarpan in summer and autumn 2011.


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Going back and forth between peace and war within us; feel all feelings without judgement as they arise; war is for helping us to become rounded off; war makes us humble; it becomes more alive, more present; the only important thing is that we do not take it seriously – neither peace nor war; pain wants to be welcome; it is perfect as it is; we have to lose holiness; that is what helps us becoming deeper; nervousness, tremendous energy, excitement – you do not want to suppress this all? Power is in allowing softness; hyperactivity, let the energy dance, be the dance, do not try to suppress the energy; how you can find peace by being as you are; you are your own laboratory; all these “too much” are your treasure box.


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Smoking which is not good; the desire to stop it and failing; finally smoking stopped by itself, it had to do it by itself, I could not do it; take a lot of awareness to everything I do ; a meditation on smoking; fighting strengthens addiction; just feel it, then wisdom comes; do not stop until it wants to stop and just notice everything; life is a rainbow; meet all aspects, all facets; just openness is required from your side, vulnerability and compassion; fall in love with your being human; there is nothing to improve, nothing to deny; hello, here I am! When somebody does not like me it is his fault; we recognize how many things we have learned to suppress; tell me that I am okay; stillness has such a power.


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The motivation to come here; the conditioning we received as children sits so deep; to escape thought into the moment; the natural desire to come to your home; conditioning which is turned upside down; simply coming to this moment without knowing; there we discover our power; forget the idea of enlightenment, just be alive, enjoy everything; the natural impulse within us to come into balance; enjoy yourself, as you are, then you find this balance, this ground.


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Samarpan: Do Not Rely on the Ideas of Others

This conversation with Samarpan was provided to us by Stefan Hiene from Rawpower for publishing. Thank you for this!


Experimenting with diet – with raw food and competitive sports; the ambition to find out where sickness and health come from; extreme books on raw food and “proselytizing” other people with what they saying; the period wanting to enthusiasm other people for what one myself is busy with; the period of uncertainty; completely contradictory opinions on nutrition even in the raw food proponents; different “religions”; to believe something immediately creates a problem; our own experiences cannot be denied; no appropriate diet for everyone; the freedom to do something how oneself wants to do it; most doctors ignorant on nutrition; when the zeal to improved the world or to proselytize is eliminated; how decisions are made regarding diet; do not rely on the ideas of others; make everything so extreme that it becomes obvious; the fun to do something really extreme; learning by the reactions of the body; to life uncommon.


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Samarpan: You are Allowed to Be what You are at Any Moment

Thanks to all participants who gave their permission to publish their sharings which happened during several events with Samarpan in summer 2011.  



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 Silence, you can be with yourself here; when no-one speaks; freedom of simply being without expectations; children know that they are o.k. the way they are; get to know that your inner child is o.k.; not exposing inner resistance as wrong, turning towards it; so much vitality, such a beautiful energy; without any imagination; how is it in emptiness? Stay nowhere, just notice where you are; no doing, no obligation, no should; you are allowed to be what you are at any moment; no rules; just be that what looks; without any imagination; being astonished about everything, this means to be a child; love is wild and goes everywhere; love loves loving, the important thing is not to go into thinking about it; just stay in being astonished; just stay in innocence.



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The quality of things and the possibility of letting it be like that, what I did not want; just being like you are and making peace with it; sometimes it is embarrassing, sometimes it is exquisite; it simply is as it is now; only this, only this moment; all our imaginations and convictions are lies; every thought takes you out of this moment and prevents you from enjoying this moment; if we are really in this moment we do not leave any traces; it is our destiny to become an ego; to sense the pain and stupidity, we can let it go only afterwards; we just have to come back, each time when we notice that we are in thoughts we just stop them and come here.


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Being as tender and soft with sadness as you can; to cuddle them with breath; to hold and just feel stressed; the name god; god is a story; Papaji said: I am THAT; you are THAT, this essence which we cannot name; we play hiding with our own nature; you do not have to be other than you are; you can respect yourself by being as you are; there is nothing wrong with yourself; in the programming we have things which make life difficult; the more I take care of myself the more I take care of the environment; the more I take care of myself the more I am conscious of this moment; enjoying without having imaginations.


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The automatic editorial department, programming: when there is pain there is an immediate no; to go into this feeling, no story; the fear of dying; we imagine the dead body, how is it? The main point: no body, fear comes; to be at peace with fear, it is just a feeling; to be as soft as possible with fear; to welcome fear as it comes; going into the body sensation instead of going into the story; bulimia and the little girl that got something to eat when it was sad; allowing me everything is the key; such a liberation; movement or no movement, becoming more and more free to do what is fun; when children sometimes argue, we have to allow that also.


Samarpan: Being Radically Conscious

Thanks to all participants who gave their permission to publish their sharings which happened during several events with Samarpan in summer 2011.


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To turn toward the child who you are; do not defend yourself, be irrational, be unconditional; just: “No thank you”; turn toward the sensations as gently as you can; just be here, as good as you can, without thinking of something else; a favorite quote of students; if you feel disturbed by the loud noise depends on your attitude; is it a threat? Taking care of ourselves as much as possible and then relax; welcome pain; simply one moment after the other; what is here? Do not think about it; just breath in your belly.


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Speaking out thoughts loudly or just thinking them is the same; it looses its power when we just feel it, a silent retreat, everybody should be on his own; being touched without speaking about being touched; thanks, thanks for everything, for everybody; just a present; just continue; take the silence with you, take the retreat with you home; we become younger and younger and the body becomes older and older; the way is here, transformation happens, you just have to be here; the river carries you to me, just be here, everything is here.


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Try to go into mind and to find the story while you are here; to take care of yourself and go when you do not like the situation; you can better love when you take care of yourself; it is all about this moment; the more radical you are the easier it is; when you can come back to yourself in peace you are a blessing for all others; mind lives in the past; the past is gone; allow yourself to be as you are, then it is easier to allow others also to be as they are; when you are only with humans with whom you love to be: an ego killer; the more conscious you are the more radical you have to be; it happens automatically.


Samarpan: God, the Ultimate Simplicity

Thanks to Reinhold who did this interview in August 2011 with Samarpan.


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Being here in non activity as core of Samarpan’s teaching; just resting in this moment knowing everything is right; too simple to get it; life much more creative than the mind can imagine; the I depending on thinking; everything leading to here; really practicing being here all the time; coming back to the moment even when mind activity is necessary; the great game to play business; suffering out of resistance to what is; the preference of the media for bad news and the idea that the world is not right.


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The question about the free will and who is there to have a free will; the choice of awareness where to put the attention; more fun to be in the moment; the no thought common for everybody; to experience the play of thoughts and no thoughts for every; allowing the vastness; much more fun to live without boundaries; the part of the game that it looks serious; the craziness about wars about concepts; being not in our thoughts but being in our Buddha nature; the pictures of Jesus, Gangaji, Papaji and Ramana as examples for people who has recognize their Buddha nature and live it; being naturally loving; the power of Jesus’ words, still there.


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Ramana – totally not identified with the body; the story of Jesus that he did not died at the cross but went to India; about Christian believes and being children of God; no thoughts – the only heaven there is; so amazingly simple – and the reaction of a lot of people: It cannot be that simple; God, the ultimate simplicity; resting in THIS that is love.


Samarpan: Satsang is The Best

Thanks to all participants who gave their permission to publish their sharings which happened during several events with Samarpan in spring 2011.



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Non shaking passion for Satsang; this devotion; this river of truth; allowing the daughter all; following Samarpan’s advice; from where imaginations arise what is good for a child; curious and wise by nature; to learn more and faster about life; no imposed rules; to play music, depressions, to do the minimum; to see that all passes; to take care of yourself for the first time; in contact with the power; this glowing ball in the tomb, all cells and muscles are flexible, like a big “Yes”, the voice in my head and to lose contact with me; my mind an me; moments of stillness. 


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Children, no borders and my environment; better the small than the big Irritation; a space for children, the best for all; children teach us something very precious; to hear the own programming out of the mouth of another; to never attract attention and suffer from it; to surrender, to suppress the feelings; not to follow the impulses; to get twisted; a very strong motivation to discover truth; a space for children to create is the best; Satsang is the best. 


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A sample of this nakedness, when I do not know and do not plan; you share your freedom; no doubt to be a good father but yet guidance is lacking; to be loved and accepted with all aggression; the best you could do; we all give our best; are your children okay no matter what happens? To become friend with all feelings, fears and frustrations; this is no intellectual but an existential subject; little and big children are always welcome. 


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Before and after the retreat; the idea to enter into the pain and to be the pain; the system and vanity; healing; to make contact with what appears to be unnatural for me; another death; thanks for your openness; to push each other’s heads and cause headache, which was already there; to initiate the transformation; the death of a nice guy; to be ready to die in each moment; no trace of an “I” remains, when we are through with this; nothing remains; we cannot imagine it; a taste of bigger freedom; only you and the stars; the love affair between teacher and student; to follow the energy of attraction.


Samarpan: Again and Again Come Back to the Here Now

Thanks to all participants who agreed with publishing their sharings of various events in winter / spring 2011.


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To be with the feeling, without the story; sensing panic on the skin; feeling it and telling the body on a deeper level that it is okay; to be with yourself, to feel the feelings with you like a totally loving mother; a very deep healing begins; the child and the adult; being with the child is the only thing you can do; to feel the panic with the child, that is compassion; it heals your whole life; when you escape into thoughts it is alone again; to be at ease, joy; without face, meaningless, it was good to be without meaning; breathing strokes, to give compassion to myself, to encounter the cancer disease tenderly; just being here; sitting with you it is like sitting at Arunachala mountain.


To feel oneself like a twelve year old girl, that is fun; it is time to enquire life, to celebrate life; all comes and goes, nothing remains; you are always with me, with all the crap and with nothing; moving with mind is arrogant, being in conditionings; the end of arrogance is the end of the imagination that I am separate; the “I” is arrogant; mind is the father of all lies; power and the imagination “I have power”, the disguise of innocence; when you fight against thought, it controls you; babies are very intelligent, they know, when they are secure, when they can stay.


Only mind tells problems, there are non problems; the daughter and not seeing her clearly; she is precious, no matter if you see her or not; she is eight, she has everything, you cannot add anything or remove anything; everything is okay with her, is seeing “her”, to be worried and the subtle message you are not okay; are you okay? Looking now; training mind; looking inside; is here everything okay? You are at home; stay and return time and again to this place, that is the training for the mind; this is the most essential truth; return time and again.


Samarpan: Investing into Present

The questions for this interview on the ongoing and coming changes in the world were sent by Devasetu in writing upfront.


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Not a single safe nuclear power plant; it is necessary to simply stop this nonsense; alternative electric power suppliers, simple changes; deep insight; the imagination of a world without today’s infrastructure and traffic; we do not know the principles, how we can care about each other; to see and value what we have; a small earthquake in California; the earth is not stabile; no safe but exciting situation; property and gold; nothing is certain except death and taxes; into the present, not into the future; all changes; to practice coming with attention to the present moment is the most secure investment.


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The luxury of living in the countryside; to do the best now; commune or monarchy? Human beings support each other during critical situations; they share, what they have; power and wealth; an awakened individual does not need rules, love flows; rules and when love is the rule; we form part of this earth, the earth is our mother; we all form part to the same being; not separate at all; giving more than taking; the new human being arises; you are the future of mankind.


Samarpan: Being Touched by Myself

Many Thanks to all participants in the retreat who agreed to the publishing of their sharing of winter 2010/2011.


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Love is the philosopher’s stone; love transforms me; to expand me totally, for all to have its place; when I am in my force and when I give it away; I have to very awake and slow; to be true is great; I am still learning; when psychologists diagnose psychological disturbances after a visit to India; crazy headaches, welcome them; the strong apparently never ending transition blues; sensitivities; to follow the attraction; past and patterns; to recognize them; no need to believe in them.


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It is funny how feelings and experiences come and go; the pull to come here and thought; the leaf in the wind, no own will; the “I” does not have control; the black tear; away from having to have; to be touched by myself; be simple; take time with everything; the imagination one deceives oneself with Satsang; I am back again now; to feel alive with the prickle in the body; to welcome sadness, to stay with it here; childhood, being alone and not trusting; confidence to yourself.


Samarpan: The Greatest Joy People Coming into Peace

This interview did Martha with Samarpan in April 2011. 


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The tradition of giving names; name as a teaching, a reminder and a break from the old identity; the mystery of what is happening; the Satsang honeymoon period; necessity to go back through hell; transform misunderstandings in our psyche; spiritual practices are used when we do not have a deep understanding of truth; the practice helps to be here without any thought about it; Samarpan’s role is to point to how simple it is just to be here; suffering is resistance; you notice suffering immediately; “thy will be” of Jesus at the cross; the ideas of “I have to” and “I don’t want to”; we learn the tyranny young and carry it through our life; the disappearance of positive and negative in liberation; eternal bliss is the recognition that all is perfect; problems only exist in our imagination; living and dying; purpose of the body is to learn that there is nothing missing; if we play with a quiet mind we recognize that satisfaction is not outwardly; disillusion is like hell; dark night of the soul; death of the ego; no escape from resurrection.


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Suicide as last resistance against the world; master and disciple; master is somebody who has the eyes open; life is leading to transformation; choice or no choice? The only choice is about where you put your attention; putting attention on breath, bliss and letting go happen naturally; practicing to be in the center; invite the difficult feeling and give attention to the body sensation which comes with the feeling; observing how long the peace continues; the feeling of being enlightened: as miserable as always but a choice between feeling miserable or happy; catching states from each other; that is why it is difficult to live in cities; nothing that gives Samarpan more joy than watching others to come into peace; giving Darshan until the last moment; discarding things which are not permanent; the question “Who am I?” “Who is this having this experience?” coming deeper into ourselves.


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Money, security and other things money seems to give; does money really satisfy? Never enough, or being afraid to loose it; happiness does not depend on money; one cannot say that poor people are less happy than others; life supports us; so many beliefs around money; challenge the belief system around money; we cannot find peace with attachments; we must be naked, not knowing anything not being attached to anything; then we are free immediately; if you want to hold on to your ideas, Satsang is a dangerous place.



Samarpan: Towards a new Way of Being

A short clip from Samarpan's online Satsang on March 29, 2011, about the global changes.


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The impression that planet Earth will get inhabitable through and for humans; changes are definitely happening; the natural development of each planet and each world; at the end of a cycle, which isn't happening for the first time, neither for the last time; no full destruction of planet Earth, but many changes; what matters is: are we in peace with whatever is happening? One of our favorite strategies: simply ignoring everything: Samarpan's middle way: living totally and enjoying each moment; the idea that we're doing something wrong; enormous energy for awakening: Samarpan's message: whatever happens is meant to happen; no punishment, but a necessary evolution into a new way of being; much destruction, but that's not a bad thing; joy and peace of the New human; less people on the earth, but with a very different attitude to life.


Samarpan: Japan is the Hope

A short clip from Samarpan's online Satsang on March 28, 2011, about the nuclear catastrophe in Japan


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Being touched by the chaos in Japan; anger that's arising, sadness, compassion, rage; Japan is the hope; the dramatic sacrifice of Japan; this obvious nonsense of nuclear power; shut down all the nuclear power plants in the world - now!; nuclear disaster in Japan where such intelligent people are living; it can happen anywhere; inconvenience of having to do without nuclear power - to first create a lack of electricity so that then new ways of producing electricity can be found - or we will poison the whole planet; this warning is Japan's gift to us


Samarpan: God in a Human Body

Samarpan answers the questions of Dieter Wiergowski from the magazine „Die andere Realität“ (“The Other Reality”, Thanks to Dieter for the release of his interview for publishing at Jetzt-TV.



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About the origin of fear; our natural “animalistic” reaction to danger for the survival of the body; imagined triggers of fear; the experience to be as god in a human body; the idea, that something wrong can be done and to die because of this; to feel fear without thinking of the story; the place where nothing can be wrong, the fear of fear; to be prepared to feel any fear; dying of animals in relaxation, because there is no idea that anything could be different; when humans die in peace; the tendency to imagine situations, which we cannot sustain; how Jesus came into peace with his fear; in the present moment everything is in order – always; to escape of the imaginations; Jesus’ human experience – and in peace with it; to make peace with any feeling; to feel fear as body sensation without naming it; to invite and feel everything from a safe place like your bed in meditation, then the stories loose their power.

To come to no-mind through observation of breath of feeling of body sensations; the ego only exists in mind – otherwise there is only being; the ego is a collection of thoughts to be someone; the peace of being, when there are no thoughts; the knowledge borrowed from religions and philosophies; to be in the moment – and to get a taste of eternity; to direct attention to something other than thoughts; to be silent while we are in the body – and to be still, when the bodies is dead; the continuation of the self after the death of the body; about visions; to begin with the world-peace here in me; peace cannot be achieved through suppression of violence; world-peace through “infection” of peace from person to person.


Samarpan: Hell and Peace as Grace

Thanks to all visiters who gave the permission for publishing their sharings with Samarpan from Retreats in autumn 2010.


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To really see that it is not my issue how anyone makes it right; judgments of my parents and their parents are not my issue either; to forgive oneself and to excuse oneself for having opened the mouth; to drop the last moment like in music the last tone; thought and feelings which I do not like; do not worry that you could do anything wrong; who wants to improve? Anger, depression, suffering work – just be with them; something which helps to return here; this is what is enduring; stressed or relaxed.


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Just enjoying; when I am sitting here all resistance is gone, most of the time not for long; is it “your” resistance? Judgements of mind against you; topics one has to encounter during lifetime; it is what it is, when I stop judging it; one can win with any cards through creativity; to value this; to fall into harmony with what is for us; dance with your reactions, have fun with them; when mind is very active and one cannot see nature; the story and the program to be loved; to sense the pain of it is healing; you have the love of the whole universe; this love is so free; pain leads us there; be patient with yourself. 


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Our intellectual capabilities give us so much and the imagination of “me” contains all programs; to challenge thoughts, memories and convictions; all the “shoulds”, “coulds” and “musts”; all that is attractive for you is good;  liking to be more alone and it does not fit with your imagination; each moment is new; the old feels threatened; an explosion of joy without a reason; the experience and what is under the experience; in the middle of the “high” and in the middle of the “low” – the same silence and peace all the time.


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Never before I felt so well amongst people; better to be together in stillness without analyzing; a gap in the wall behind which life is; it breaks through all pictures; to console someone can be violence; to learn feeling the feelings; the rotten army in the head; can I exercise to be conscious? Why not eat meat? An individual choice; to do everything and to sense life intensively; consciousness, no believe system; mind after one has been free for a while; openness to feel everything; hell and peace as grace.


Samarpan: We do Not Drive this Train

Thanks to all visiters who gave the permission for publishing their sharings with Samarpan from Retreats in autumn 2010.


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Hurrying around all the time even without work; to feel the feeling of tiredness; anger and sadness, that are not allowed; mind, a monkey – without power; the idea that you are not okay; there is no „right“, all just is; free will, what is that? When you pay attention to the not I, to being; being-ness is being itself; the egoistic idea, that „I“ do something, is absurd; I do not have to know anything – the essence of all; it is thought, who knows how things have to be; individuality, uniqueness remain – one single expression of the same truth; person, imaginations, programming; uncertainty, no control over anything; we do not drive this train.


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Gratefulness, peace, life will decide perfectly; what people might think about me? Sit and sleep; enjoy summer; enjoy leisure time and simply see what happens then; the exam and the expectations of all others; what if you could play for the rest of your life? Serving, there is nothing better; conditioning and to bring things to an end; one day it will be wonderful; not knowing what is – knowing what is no longer; less than before, not more; this is birth; no desire, no intention; astonishment.


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An old wound was touched; beyond feelings there was something very pure and true; normal life felt so shallow; in Satsang I can feel the truth; this is worth the trembling; to come to the hot seat without anything creates fear; to be a coward, without analyzing; is here anybody who is good enough? This is the joke; we cannot be good enough; society that judges is just thought; start being, it is a right of birth; it just comes to you, you did not do it; life of each individual is perfect and tailor-made.


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Love – the greatest name; I do not know any longer who I am, because I am so much; resistance and concerns; openness and lots of love; and now? To be seen and recognized; do not believe anything, to not hold anything; to surrender at every moment; it is stronger than an ideas; bigger than the body and fear, that the body will die; where do you find me? Aliveness with or without the body; the “I”-thought, that feels fear; there is nobody, just a bundle of thought; the funny question: how can one survive without ego? Nothing is missing here; to return here time and again; everything is welcome here.


Samarpan: Awareness without Judgment

In this interview Sabina asked Samarpan her questions in Dec. 2010 in Berlin.


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The basic programming of self condemnation; the way you are is perfect; I cannot change myself nor anybody else; change only through awareness but not through judging; it is doing it itself instead of “I am doing it”; awareness without judging; noticing feelings without judgment – just as the feelings are; creativity comes and the program changes by itself through this awareness; the idea that I should have it as I want it is not true; there is no good and no bad person; without judgment I just am and this is easy; when I try to be good I know already that I am bad; not to know how I am; just to feel the feelings without judgements; the saint and the sinner disappear; sometimes it is important that the bad guy is here; life is fun; the more I am willing to feel all feelings the freer I become.


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Passing the sins of the parents to the children, unconsciously and inevitably; programming of children happens; we normally do not admire the children; animals and young children are there in the moment; practicing to be in the moment; coming to the breath and the body sensation; take time to feel the feelings; to come out of the thoughts, e.g. by watching the breath or a body sensation; put the story aside; by thinking about why I am feeling good I am giving power to the story; if I have no idea about why I am the way I am I am free; if we stop judgments we are open and see everything: navigate through life with as much information as possible; thoughts are the past or an imagined future; without thought we are a receiver; the moment I am purely asking a question the answer comes with the question; most people do not want the answer. 


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It is not our business to find a life task; life takes us by the hand; we only need to be like a child; what are we attracted to in this moment? god is guiding us basic; programs may come in to create doubt; if we don’t get in the way life guides us beautifully; when I am no looking for fulfilment I am already fulfilled; being the best spoils all the fun; not to try to be anybody else; to be fine if it does not go the way we think; the quality we bring to the moment cannot be prepared; meeting in being-ness is the fun; being attracted to a master; the inner hunger for the truth and balance.


Samarpan in Interview with Vinzent Liebig

This Interview with Samarpan was done by Vinzent Liebig in July 2010. Thanks to him for that and for the permission to create a link the interview at Here-Now-TV.



For the other Six Parts of the Interview with Samarpan by Vinzent Liebig please click here




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Samarpan: Neither and Both

Thanks to all visiters who gave the permission for publishing their sharings with Samarpan from Retreats in the summer 2010.


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About the meaning of the name Neti – endless; refuse everything; I am that which I am; neither and both; when you notice you are in the mind you have the choice; you can shift your attention; the chattering in the mind is no problem unless you believe it; we can be as easy on ourselves as we possibly can; about death experiences; it has changed the way you look at things, you can forget about the story; the experience itself is very profound – that I can't share; just stay in this moment; about being intimate; watching the feelings from the inside; the watcher and the watched melt into each other; there is nobody who knows anything; it’s all complete in the moment; when physical tiredness happens we can stop or just keep going with awareness; about a dream; we want attention and then do everything to keep it away; when we give all of our attention inside it gets quiet and fulfilled.


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About the photos on Samarpan’s Website; about the longing to share the truth in Satsang; most people are living a lie and you want to live the truth; the willingness to die over and over again; about a dedication in Samarpan’s book; love just is; come out of the thoughts and into your middle; about the thought that there should be more feelings; nothing’s missing, nothing’s wrong; about being in the flow; the mind loves to create problems; about judgments and resistance; the false self is fighting for survival; out of the thoughts and into the moment; to give the full attention to the feeling; about judgment and discrimination.


Samarpan: Eternally Practicing Being Here

These Sharing’s during Satsang’s with Samarpan are from Retreats from January to April, 2010. Thank you to all who allowed the publication of their Sharing’s.  


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What’s happening, what’s here; nothing missing; death and what comes after; let all the thoughts go; this, that is, will always be here; before birth, after death, no separation; coming into peace with your own feelings; peace radiates; the mind is afraid to come here; ego has no chance here; universe and mystery.


Kids love the energy of peace and quiet; allowed to feel fear; coming into peace with this; acceptance; healing the home space; cleaning up the house, cleaning up the past. Reincarnation; when the idea of “me” is gone; what matters is now; there is nobody; peace is eternal; eternally practicing being here; seeing with a quiet mind; do what’s easy, play with it.


All the suffering of the world is also ours. Not getting stuck in the thoughts and feelings; saying yes to this; what Is here;  life arranging the perfect experience; not fooling ourselves; saying yes to how I am right now;  our natural state. Bringing the light of heaven into the hell; bliss is easy; many ideas about enlightenment; the “I” has to come back; friends with all our dark corners; friendship with our psychic; grace comes; we are everything; experience what we are not okay with; being totally intimate with every aspect of myself; just being with this; Enlightenment is not the end, it’s the beginning; worship darkness and light; doing it “wrong” is very ripe.


Samarpan: Vulnerability is your Beauty

These Sharing’s with Samarpan are from a retreat in January 2010. Thank you to all those who allowed the publication of their Sharing’s.


Video ansehen Watch the video via YouTube


Back and forth with old dramas; old problems showing up again and again; feeling small; close your eyes and welcome this, leave go of the ideas about it; we don’t have to worry about the patterns; vulnerability is your beauty; hurt can happen; no control, no defence is needed; let the heart be broken open; we have learned to build castles around ourselves; you begin to learn that feelings don’t damage anything; all the feelings of the world don’t belong to anyone personally; accepting the feelings, they are free to come and go; they are messages from the divine; good feelings and bad feelings need to be felt; when you play, you play for God; there are no professionals or armatures, only This. Look into the middle of your heart; the turmoil is always in the mind not in the heart; body sensations are caused by the mind; the heart of hearts is fine; there is nobody here. Understanding acceptance; being at peace with life’s circumstances, life’s plan.

Contact with family; picking up other peoples garbage; love doesn’t come from the outside; what we need is infinite; be true to yourself; live your own life, be radical; guilt feelings; in the old patterns nothing new is possible; there are no such contract, unwritten or unspoken contracts to take of others; radical in thinking, to become free. Coming from the head into the heart; life arranges everything, it takes care of all the details; all we ever need to do is to stop; the eternal moment; just here with ourselves; the “I” is constantly in motion; the ocean is alive and breathing, not going anywhere; STOP; we change form so often; we are only This, the ocean.


Samarpan: Trust Life Unconditionally

This interview with Samarpan was done by Thomas Schmelzer from Mystica TV in May 2010 arranged by Devasetu. Thanks a lot to Thomas for the possibilty to put the link from Jetzt-TV / Here-Now-TV to this interview!


Samarpan: No Separation between You and the Joy

Thanks a lot to the visitors who agreed for the publication of their sharings with Samarpan. The Satsangs with these sharings did happen as part of a retreat in Dezember 2009 in Germany. 


Watch the video via YouTube 


To be here and now in the middle of an ancient feeling – to be at home in it; about a name with the meaning „rigidness“ and its effects; ignore everything in the mind and give your attention here; feel the body and you come home; put the thoughts into the garbage; you're home;  to bring the self-love to the workplace; only pay attention to what's here; making peace with me as I am in this moment; the mind is a fantastic bio-computer, the problem comes with the programming; with some awareness the programming has no power; giving the attention to a task is delightful; not to try anything, just see what's here without judging it, you can't do anything wrong; to put on a feeling like a coat; nothing is missing.


Initiates file downloadPart 2 

About fear; about medicine; to be aware of myself and decide for myself if this is good for me or not; it's all about being here; now ready to feel the fear; about „cushion-rowes“ and how to deal with them; stay with the fear; to allow the child to speak; a new name, a new birth; about the relief in  being able to love the inner child; feelings come and go; no separation between you and the joy; so simple; we can't understand this mystery; to surrender to what we don't understand; about the child who can't or is not allowed to speak; about the beauty in the feeling of not being seen; about the rebellious child; about love and silence; nothing has ever happened, and nothing will ever happen.


Initiates file downloadPart 3 

About intensity; not to take it personally; to relax into it; stop totally and give it your whole attention; just be here in the middle of this feeling; it's quiet here, the intensity is on the outside; look for the ease; a new name; about a confrontation; the mind gets more quiet in the Satsang-room; Satsang as another dimension; about the liberation in letting things be just as they are in this moment; about a noise in the ear; the hearing focussed on the inside instead of on the outside; to take care of the ears.





Samarpan: To Bring the Perspective coming from Silence and Love into Politics

In this meeting in March 2010 Samarpan is answering the questions from Joe, Hildegart and Andreas, all the three of them members of the German politcal party "Die Violetten" ("The Violetts").


Video ansehen Watch the video via YouTube


Everybody is God playing in these human bodies; everybody is doing their best, as they understand it; about different perspectives; when I make my opponent into the bad one, then we are in a war; if I see the child in this person, we can meet; different realities; to put oneself into the other person; no right or wrong in this moment; about action and judgment; about the idea that I am somebody separate from God; the idea of „me“ is the root of all evil; me as a collection of ideas; about Samarpan's political activities; about comparisons to other people; to be as truly myself as I can be in this moment; trying to be what one is not makes sad and takes the energy; stop thinking about how they should be and start just being how they are;  follow your own strength; about money; about a change of awareness; Samarpan's invitation to stop and welcome the feeling; about Nazi-Deutschland; just a matter of perspective; about a meeting of neonazis in Dresden and about fear; terrorism as a mirror for my own fear and my mistrust; if I am not afraid to die these people have no power over me.

About power-issues and their exploration; about the possibility of  making friends with my feelings; about the expression of feelings in a free and in a repressed society; violence as an acting out of feelings which come from feeling powerless; Samarpan as a perspective-changer; to bring the perspective coming from silence and love into politics; doing from the heart; about democracy and the hidden possibilities to misuse power; about citizens who do not know enough about politics but yet they are to vote; about the good possibilities of a monarchy; to put God in the driver-seat; put God first, everything else follows; it's peaceful, clear, straight; be where you are as totally as possible; be true to the moment; a very exciting adventure.


Samarpan: Everything arranged perfectly

These sharings from Satsangs with Samarpan are from a Retreat in December 2009 in Germany. Thanks a lot to the visitors who agreed for the publication of their sharings with Samarpan. 


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The sensation of rage without the story; a help to expand beyond helplessness; no anger towards a person, just frustration like a little child who does not know how to do things; the addiction to suffering; Robinson Crusoe in the desert; nothing to hold onto in the outer world – no job, children, husband…; the victim- or not-ok-programming; your suffering makes you somebody; when you are just here:  no sufferer – nobody – no problem; life arranges things, we don´t have the wisdom, life does; sorrow at the death of a master; welcoming the feelings instead of calling on a master for help; rage does not need a reason to visit; welcoming what´s here.


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A journey into the unknown; understanding months later what Samarpan said, it must become one´s own experience; a new beginning; forgetting and rediscovering; nightly fears of 20 years disappearing; being in one´s center in a crazy world; everything will arrange itself perfectly; a trip to the sea; feeling ok with feeling small; Samarpan’s view on 2012; the gap between God inhaling and exhaling; being ready for anything; making preparations; the end of the world – just another experience; up front for the first time, dancing one´s own dance, hearing one´s own cry;  the fish looking out of the aquarium, coming closer to freedom; finding nothing in the silence; the wish to feel love; coming back to the silence with no idea, no control, feelings happen when they want to or they don´t; searching for something and getting something totally different; exploring the nothing – a lifetime job.


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Feeling energies and pain in the body; only an experience without the thoughts that create the suffering; feeling the pain instead of asking questions; the habit of going back into the mind and the need to discipline ourselves; keep coming back here, totally, with our whole attention; half-half keeps the suffering going; being here without knowing anything; lazyness, wine and TV; feeling misunderstood; suffering – petrol for activity; discipline versus being in the moment; “drinking-meditation” and “TV-meditation”; everything an awareness-tool.


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On the importance of keeping the silence; chatting is contagious; a holiday from the mind – no reading, no writing, no talking; experimenting with the not-knowing; letting the silence penetrate and transform you; welcoming aggression without going into the story; coming back again and again; being at point zero is good; when to take your pills; feeling rejected; not being responsible for what you feel; welcoming everything, not needing to get something anymore, getting whole; not taking over the responsibility for one´s mother anymore.


Samarpan: Meeting in the Moment

This interview with Samarpan Devasetu did in January 2010 via internet. Samarpan’s crew was filming in Cologne; Devasetu was asking the questions at Gomera. The questions are about reading of spiritual books, about spirituality in different cultural circle, about war, about what is happening in Samarpan’s Satsang and Retreats and about living out of fullness without money, naming other issues.


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About reading spiritual books: everybody is finding the right book at the right time; reading as doorway to Satsang and to Samarpan; the magic in the intension to meet oneself; about Samarpan signing books in Satsang; Samarpan’s message from the inside universal for every culture; from here – no culture differences; to leave the mind beside and meeting every moment with an open heart; everybody is in his essence spirit without cultural differences; about people who love to fight and to meeting all the feelings provoked by war; to come to peace with the experience of violence from the outside like from war and with violence from the inside; about dressing acceptable for the society we are living in; meeting each other pure without a costume; not to talk about the inner focus and inner intimacy; to meet one’s own self in the body of another person; Satsang without trying anything to do and without knowing what is happening; meeting people in Satsang and in the daily life: meeting in the moment.

The save place in a Retreat with Samarpan in way as in a green house; meeting each other without amour and without competition; questioning out of the mind is not spiritual but accepting everything is; the mind: always in war, never in peace; the difference between rebellion and questioning; the false ideas of the society, family, religion and so on; true spiritual rebellion: to be one self true to the moment; living out of fullness also without having much money; when Samarpan was living in a small self built house in a dessert land; real is what lasts; to look at that what is not coming and going; the joyfulness of the modern technology; to stop giving attention to unnecessary thoughts gives more creativity and peace; Samarpan resonating with all great saints, not only with Jesus, Osho, Ramana, Papaji and Gangaji, which are described at his homepage  – and with Nisargadatta as well; thoughts and words – not touching the silence.


Samarpan: That which is Enlightened has Always been Enlightened

This Interview with Samarpans took place in Hamburg in December 2009. Interviewer was Daniel Herbst, a well known German author of spirituell books. 


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About Samarpan’s patience and compassion; with no story I don’t exist; about truth and freedom; again and again back into the moment; happy for no reason; Satsang as the most interesting thing that Samarpan can do with his life; to come out of the drama – no more suffering; about the absurd notion of me being somebody separate from God; about the prayer „Our father“; truth makes free from suffering; transformation in only one Satsang or gradually – it doesn't matter; Samarpan’s effort to set people free; Samarpan’s handyman-game; psychotherapy as a form of mutual dependency based on the idea that you are not okay; you are okay the way you are; to find a way to dance with the conditioning; to see more and more clearly what works; that which is enlightened has always been enlightened; to drop out of the mind and just come here: everything is okay – this is what Samarpan calls enlightened; all truth and wisdom come from here; a room full of people – all are enlightened; Samarpan’s respect for everyone; it happens by itself when somebody is ready – the mind stops, the I disappears; everything works.



Samarpan: The Guru Inside

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The Guru outside is only to find the Guru inside; a practice to explore this moment; you are that which is infinitely patient; how to welcome the fear; everything is supporting This – your awakening now; you are already here – you have always been here, just a slight shift of attention is needed.

About a power issue; to stay with the feeling – that is all that is needed; don’t listen to the mind – you don’t know what is going to happen; about a longing for death and the attempt to avoid something that one does not like; when we fight against feelings it is really terrible, when we accept them it’s ok; about the mind who calms down little by little when we don’t give attention to him; no need to know more but to stop and to be here as it is; to be willing to know nothing is the key; the thought „it’s so tough“ makes it tough.

To discover the truth each time newly; about tasks and priorities; the priority is always what’s here; being finished inside in every moment; peace and quietness is always here; about the benefit of relationships: we press each other’s buttons; feeling ancient pain is a blessing because the pain gets uncovered and healing can happen; every time I stop and feel what I feel I get a little more humble; marriage as a legal contract and practical matter – and it’s relaxing and grounding effect on Samarpan.

When staying gently with pain in the body, some old issue gets resolved and something comes back into balance; don’t think about it, just give it the attention; focus God’s love into the area of the body which needs this support; about fear of dogs and of people; how to deal with kids when they want attention; how to remind people who talk in a silent retreat; how to make friends with rage which has been repressed for years.




Samarpan: Apple Juice in the Grape Juice Bottle

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Babies in Satsang; being unworthy; god loves us anyhow; to welcome the unworthiness feeling; in feeling the pain conditioning looses power; being open fort he presents that are here; to let fall oneself; resolving of feelings for others; freedom through acceptance; loving of sensations; coming home

No longer to be able to say „yes“; to care about ourselves first; apple juice in the grape juice bottle; accepting conditionings; where does unawareness come from? No need to have an answer for everything; being nobody makes free; awareness is all there is; direct connection with Osho; mind cannot understand god; knowing without understanding; put god in the first place; prior to Abraham „I am“; feel everything gently

Seeing the world without „I“; experiencing happens; pure perception without identification with a perceiver; without idea how it should be; no responsibility for the feelings of others; experience difficult feelings gently; the father’s peaceful death as a blessing

Desire to be, not to do; contact with nonduality, own experience counts; experiencing the centre; look from silence; mind pulls to illusions; nothing is everything; the whole universe unfolds in the presence; mind does not help; all images of enlightenment are wrong; simply be; you are as you are: unique; fulfilment cannot be found outside; an ordinary life; I am; accepting not to know; the greatest gift; free will?; spending money.


Samarpan: Falling into the Moment

Thanks a lot to the visitors who agreed for the publication of their sharings with Samarpan. The Satsangs with these sharing did happen in May and Juni 2009 in Germany.



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Feeling the truth in satsang and the conflict with old beliefs and conditioning, the relationship with parents – acting out of a sense of duty or out of joy; being true to the moment without any idea about the relationship, even if this means walking away when I am not open for my partner; meeting anew each moment; values and norms are all in the mind and make us act like robots, according to programming; being really in the moment means having no idea, each moment is new, dancing from the belly instead of from the mind; the question: Does a child need therapy? Meeting people without wanting anything, honoring everybody the way they are, whatever comes is good, having no idea about the complexity of the game we are playing, doubts are a challenge to be clearer. oyful sadness at the death of the mother, feeling not much at all when a parent dies, who / what is there to meet after someone dies? Where is THAT? The space and silence inside before, during and after the story; that is THIS that easy, the cosmic joke.


Samarpan: The Path of Not Knowing

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Experiences in psychological groups; the challenge to be ME; after a group-experience back into the old hell and make friends with the old personality; we are THAT which has always been independent from the body; the path of not knowing as the most reliable path; every experience is useful; to just bring awareness to this moment and feel every feeling that is here; the conditioning to fulfill the expectations of the others; the conditioning which sneaks through the back door; the trap of wishing to be different than we are; shyness as a part of one’s structure and how to make peace with it; the ability to do everything alone and yet to be complete; the idea to miss something which keeps us dissatisfied; just to be here – everything is already here. 

About the right of contact and of access of a father with his child; feelings of injustice and rage; taking legal action and its effect on the relationship; not to pay attention to the story but to feel the feelings and to enjoy the time with the child; the freedom which comes out of this; to take care of oneself first; to take what life is giving you and not to chase after a dream; to live as well as one can; one step after the other; going into the mind as a cause of circles of thoughts and suffering; to drop an idea which does not work.

Life as an exciting adventure which is supposed to be insecure; the security which we find inside when we fall into our middle and let all thoughts drop; just to experience THIS with no idea and without looking for change; all questions disappearing in Satsang; sending email-questions to Samarpan. From 11:09 min.: About the experience to understand Samarpans pieces of wisdom in layers, Samarpans similar experience with Osho; about the longing for a partnership and the non-existence of the ideal partner; not to change anything about the longing, but to consistently draw the attention back to this moment; HERE nothing is missing; already complete without a partner.


Samarpan: Drinking every Drop of Life

These Satsangs videos were recorded during the Retreat with Samarpan in Hübenthal in January 2009.


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About the special situation in a Silent-Retreat, to use time for ourselves and put the normal social customs beside; about lazy and productive times; about the pressure, not to be lazy and about the courage to work only when an impulse to work is rising up; about the trust, that life will take care of us even when we are lazy for a certain time; about the desire for attention and love and the painful emotions when we miss both; when we put our center into the partner and how we take the power back to ourselves


About rediscovery of praying, being open and being with emotions; from the surrender to the Divine which is not passive but active; with all our power we lay it all to the feet of the Divine; to become a child again; to start the day with awareness and say welcome to the emotions in the morning; to stop and let loose all strategies, willing to be with this what is coming; to be friend with all kinds of experiences as a human being; drinking every drop of life; it is possible and available for everybody – with a little practice

About something disillusioning in spirituality; on the spiritual way – little by little with patience and insistence; the way out of hell – is the way in hell; just be here, where you are – without any idea of heaven or hell – just this, nothing else is needed; how illness reminds us, to be aware; to be no hindrance for the convalescence of the body by bringing as much awareness as possible to every moment; about consciousness and unconscious in psychological view and the way to heal the old stories; about the silence in the heart and switching around to the normal consciousness with its obsessions to interpret; about different views how to educate children and the question how much guidance children need.


Samarpan: Here and Now is Everything at the Right Place

Once more sincere thanks to the Retreat participants, which gave their okay to publish their sharings from December 2008 in the internet at Here-Now-TV.


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About sleeping problems; how I can be true to myself and at the same time open for the person I am having a conversation with; Adjusting of long meditation practises; feeling as part of a collective conciousness and at the same time feeling closed and isolated; the constant strive for experiences and the wonder that happens, when we allow the current experience to be.

Being in your power means being in your middle; laughing about yourself, exaggerating things, trying, playing; about self-love; what would change after a lottery win; about lies and „creative truth“; what you can say to stop a disturbing conversation; when it comes to keeping peace with oneself, a human being becomes creative by resting in their middle; about authencity and truth.

In the lukewarm middle between big emotions; the challenge of being here without something happening; making peace with depression and stopping to search for depth and extasy; becoming ordinary; the key to inner balance and peace lies within the moment.

Waiting for awakening – but where is it to be found? Everything comes here, we just have to be here. About the wish to be freed from the circulation of reincarnation, (which keeps us captured in it). Doing and thinking feed the imagination of the I. Here is nobody. Stopping and just being! I don’t fit into the surrounding: It will change, so that it will fit, when you are where you are, and feel what you feel, without thinking about it. Life helps and serves us. When we are present, things change in a wonderful way. About the inhumanity of some company structures. Only we can see and honour ourselves, nobody else can do this for us. Making peace with your own strengths and weaknesses.


Samarpan: How Life is Helping us to find to our Self

This film contribution consists of sharings of Retreats with Samarpan of the year 2008. Sincere thanks to the four Retreat participants, which gave their okay to publish the sharings in the internet at Here-Now-TV for the advantage for all of us.



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Running away from the feelings, to embrace the home sickness and sadness, the highs and deeps of feelings, the running into mind and stories, the challenge in relationships, stopping the pendulum here, Samarpan’s pushing into the truth, getting caught and caught again and again as part of the process to become free, learning by falling always into the same hole, letting go of the judgements and to study being a human being from the inside, about the new name given by Samarpan

To be in ones own power and learning to say no; the impossibility to make everybody around us feeling good, about welcomed and field anger and about projected anger as an attack, taking care of oneself without fighting, about conversation during the eating times, learning not to be victimized, sitting in silence every morning, feeling the rejection of the partner without fighting and judging about it; when it seems to be to much but is not to much; about gratitude and feelings of solidarity, about difficulties in the house community, the pain of being rejected by the partner and feeling it as a impersonal feeling, becoming stronger by being with an "impossible" partner

Nothing wrong in being tense, because it reminds us to be present; about the not acceptance and the question "Who is it, who wants something or can or can not something?"; just by giving attention to the tension in the body getting out of the story of I; it is not possible for the I to become free, but what we are is already free – now; the resistance of the I against the stopping, the changing of the feelings and the impossibility of staying in bliss all the time, feeling wrong and not making a problem out of it, not possible to extinguish the basic programming and not caring about it and not taking it serious


Samarpan interviewed by Joe Schraube

The Challenge to make Peace with Everything


Joe Schraube did this interview in November 2008 in Dresden for Jetzt-TV (Here-Now-TV).


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The silence around the words, the success to discover that something is no right, to follow the inner pull, a summary from the biography of Samarpan, the attraction of Osho, the freedom of the idea of me, our concern and our stress about what is happening to the world, more fun: to come in peace with what ever is, compassion, about the weight of suffering, the modern weapons better killing tools than ever, pure Advaita, getting to silence in a discussion, about the bible saying: "You should not have any Gods beside me!"


Awakened people through Samarpan, about having only one master, leaving the mind behind with the help of the master, experiences in studying philosophy, the habit to look for the false, discrimination, enlightenment and health in old age, body illnesses as a help and medicine, psycho somatic diseases and Osho, the source and being here, the help of the master to make it a little bit easier for the disciple, the story of Papaji and the bus trip and the karma of the disciples, the master taking on the issues of his disciples.

Illness symptom of the body, no judgments, improvement and learning out of relaxed awareness, the beauty of being how I am, looking at the world through beingness, the challenge to make peace with everything, the example of Jesus on the cross, feeling the feelings – even in a horror story, memories beyond the own biography, letting go of the story while feeling the pain


Samarpan: Welcoming Every Experience



This recorded Satsang is from October 2007.


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Feeling scared without story, daring to feel like one feels, welcoming every experience, horses as the best teachers being always here and now, teaching and learning at the same time, loving oneself and seeing oneself in everybody, when there fear comes up before taking part in a Retreat with Samarpan, disciplining the mind.


About planning and organizing, having no control and being scared about it, flowing with live and trusting, the difference between stopping and running away, Samarpan as friend, to count on one own self and love oneself without judgments, Satsang: having a date with oneself

About having no control and taking decisions, when thinks are happening when they are happening without planning, the habit of the mind to look for something that has to be chanced, to welcome the feeling right now, no parameter to hold on, no I or you to find, the question of having a child or not and the fear of it, the self founded company as one’s own baby, the horrible thoughts of yes and no changing all the time.


Samarpan: Staying in the Not Knowing


Excerpts of Satsangs with Samarpan from Zürich (Switzerland) in February 2008 and from Munich and Lützelflüh in summer.


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The aging of the body, the advantage of gravity, the timeless beauty of the eyes, the beauty and the blessing of aging, identification with the body, disillusionment, plastic surgery, letting go of the body before dying, no comparing, no aging inside, the body our animal, old men with young women, nothing fair and nothing unfair in life

Sweet sadness, the willingness to live without how, stopping the search for enlightenment, staying in the not knowing, showered by life with gifts, being unreasonable, the game of identifications, no I to own a feeling, attention and mind, the thought: "Actually I should be a little bit further than this."; always at the beginning, the practice to come always back to the moment – even during sex

The topic "sex", the beautiful women from the magazines, the wishes of the women, the wishes of the men: freedom and sex, the war in the mind, the sex addiction: repression and indulgence, looking deeply and seeing the truth, sex without thinking about it, being with the experience and not was some ideas, in the peep show, watching without any judgement.


Satsang with Samarpan


No Person – and Not Separate from God!

Samarpan does love it when the children in the Satsang are running around freely. Therefore he encouraged the parents to give the children during the Satsang all possible freedom. In this Satsang several children participated and they were using their freedom of movement to run around and merrily rejoice – in such a way the noises in the background have to be interpreted.


This Satsang took place in May 2008.


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Pain as part of the healing, being together in the atmosphere of acceptance, the honesty of horses without any mask, tips for learning swimming, watching the mother dying, the feelings in an unhappy love story, in presence of the dead brother, the tender side inside ourselves, feeling home and everything is here

Changes and creativity through bringing awareness in the moment, about the book: “Conversations with God”, how life is supporting us, happy relationships – only insides ourselves, expectations in relationships, the children loving to run around in Satsang, Samarpans two hundred e-mails waiting to be answered and a suggestion for an automatically answer

Enjoying the silence with different Satsang teachers, the intimacy and grace with one teacher, sweet sadness, being totally here, enjoying sight of a flower while falling off a riff, the fear of the imaginary I of dying, letting go the story and feeling the sensation in the body, being save in one’s own space and power

Enough to seat with the master, letting go without thinking about it, the game with different meditation techniques.


Satsang with Samarpan

Always in tune with God


Excerpts from Satsangs with Samarpan, which took place in January 2008.


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Time-out due to sickness; letting go and just be; being in hospital like a yogi in a cave; resting inside; how to bring the inside and outside into balance; slow down and stop; guilt and addiction in relationship; 'pleasure and pain’ come as a package; making peace with the longing; the best medicine: stop and feel

Being here with and without armour; giving attention to body sensations; not holding on to anything: each moment is new - also in meeting people, being with the partner; worries losing ones job; coming back here again and again;  forgive yourself for being human

Our tendency to run away from feelings; embrace the pain and let go of all the stories; trick of the mind: using stories to avoid fear;  in the hamster wheel; no goal to reach; neither this nor that: neither doing nor not-doing

Feeling rejected by the Guru; the question concerning the connection to God; knowing that one doesn't know anything; feeling guilt; decide out of the moment ; the conditioning of not saying no

To feel helpless; the mind’s fear of dying; feeling the Truth when something needs to be decided; live without thinking and without taking decisions with the mind; always in tune with God – also in depressions; the mind wanting to punish; taking space for oneself; about responsibility; the spiritual and the “real” world; worries about the material situation; about impermanence, the experience of being human.


Meeting with Samarpan

Being willing to be how I am: an ego-killer!


Satsang-excerpts from December 2007 and January 2008. Subjects among others: Wishes and their fulfillment and the free will.


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Because nothing is needed - nothing to do, stop and come back to ourselves, receptive towards God, the natural way: become female, the mind as personal computer, the natural instinct to survive, God first, not worried about our potential, appeal to the right, being willing to be how I am: an ego-killer

Magic in not knowing, "esoteric bullshit", white and black magic, relax in being; Samarpans wish for a reasonable place to live; being in peace for a wish and then let go, the delicacy of each step

The free will, the limited vision of the mind, too lazy to waste time visualizing stuff, the sense or nonsense of the trial, thought to manifest, the perfect life of everyone, little money - little stress, the game to prepare for the civil case, the only answer: be here.


Samarpan in Interview: The Knowledge of the Truth

This interview was conducted by Dennis Börste in November 2007 for TV Munster


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Satsang a meeting in truth, the false assumption of separation between people, the construction of the three-dimensional world, the home without dimensions and borders, the eternal without beginning and end, the knowledge of the truth, the narrowness of mind, the painful birth of awakening, the danger of wakeing up people who are still not ready.

Samarpans way to satsang, religious ceremonies, the crisis after the fourth child, the time as devoted agnostic, meeting with Osho, no good and bad, the idea of evil, in the deep peace with itself, loving by nature, the desire of being protected, protectionion against fictive terrorists, the fragile body, no fear of death

Satsang with Samarpan: Life is in Charge

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The feeling of being not normal, to study without a social life, avoiding the feeling of being alone, no control over the work situation, the "normal" conditioning of having a solid work, here: no chaos and everything is okay, the universal beliefs as it should be, responsibility: the ability to react to the moment, the lie of having control, a rich life: nothing lacking, the carrot in the shadow

Competition at work, lack of respect from colleagues, unwanted touching, the role as a boss, spontaneous decisions and trusting life

Conditionings about the color pink, remembrance of the divine, the fun of being illogical, the job while being unemployed: to be unemployed and enjoy, the special situation of the artists to apply for a job 

To pause for a moment and feel the feelings without history, the expectations of the mother, the end of the mother-daughter story, love not to know with the mind, closeness and the fear of it


Samarpan in Interview with Sitara

The Waving Ocean


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By questions to the the truth, from the thoughts into the moment, be here beyond questions and answers, the satsang in the same peace, Osho: "The truth is what works", "problems" and external circumstances, no solutions in mind, by feeling the feelings into peace, when Samarpan lived in a car, our predilection for difficult situations, expressing emotions and being in peace with feelings, the many conflicts in the soul of people, the willingness to stop, humble and full of compassion by feelings


The question of enlightenment, the image of its own, too much conditioning and rules for children, by "mistakes" to own wisdom, children need limits to protect against life threatening situation: most widely and so little restrictive as possible, and no conflicting messages to children, the "time-out" of the adolescents after the end of school, leadership through life step to step, predestination and the free will, attracted by the right learning situation


Accept what you like; appeal and resonance, when Samarpan found his new house: an example of manifestation, the wisdom of life is greater than one's own ideas, desires and wishes, being in peace with the situation, our system: happiness, the question for God, the essence of our being at the moment, the misuse of the word "God", the idea of the supervisory body of God, the image of God as a father figure, Papajis words: "I am!"


The idea of the soul, the physical body as a dominant aspect of the individual, with everything in peace: no cause for rebirth, the "waving" ocean, enlightenment at the moment of death, and unfulfilled wishes lead to appropriate rebirth, abortion, pregnancy as a request, intuition in animals and humans, subtle information beyond the mind, energy darshan as "imposed" healing energy, a natural rhythm and natural wisdom in all.


Samarpan: Very Happy Without Knowledge Mind

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A rose and gratitude, very happy without knowledge mind, listening to the breath, to "feel" the right music, meditation at the museum, healing old wounds by feeling, searching, here: "Nothing is missing!"

Sensitivity as a potential, to be very directly in the market place, take care of yourself well, the experience of dying as meditation, the nightmares in mind, Samarpan as "gambling virus", the day of silence beginning at a rock of peace, no fight with the mind, being in peace with failure

Samarpan as a lighthouse, at the time working from home, working with clients, to work with full energy, feelings without stories about the distinction between good and bad feelings, meeting the feelings with awareness and they become friends, the beauty in every feeling, the very special friend "tension" relaxing in the tension


Satsang with Samarpan in Summer 2007


Being totally there, where one is


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Being blocked, nothing except the self, the feeling: "Being carried by God", taking decisions, physical symptoms, the idea of having to do something, the attention beyond the chains of the mind, a job at Samarpans crew, no compulsion to work

End of the lies to oneself, painful feelings as trick of the mind, the most horrible monsters, disappointed love, accepting and loving one’s own conditionings

Being with oneself without any history, nothing except the self, not trying to be okay, meeting the partner in the moment, quitting one’s job or being present by doing it; being totally there, where one is


Meeting with Samarpan

The perfection in everything


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The blessings of a broken leg - the feelings and the flight from them, being misfit, reduced aspect of the therapists, agony of conceptions, making mistakes, being in peace with funny aspects, acceptance, running after the women, watching Jetzt-TV


Perfection in everything, a taste of the garden of Eden, for to be in an "I", we need a story, impersonal love, lucky without condition, reality and solidity of material and thought and the associated illusions

Satsang with Samarpan at the Rainbow-Spirit-Festival 2007

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No separation from yourself, freedom from questions and mind, coming back here again and again, no (main) person in satsang and no need to fulfill expectations

Endless learning patience, the exquisitely painful impatience, the conditioning of always needing to talk, the possibility in all of us to be violent, the job to kill in war, being in peace with humanness, welcome the fellings of a dream

Headache as medicine, relaxing with pain, dependence and control in partnership, nothing to understand, peace in acceptance, the virtual reality like a story in a Hollywood movie, drought as part of the self-healing of the earth, the permanent deepening of understanding

Challenging all messages, accepting every experience, as employee, it's the game to let the boss look good and to make my boss and the company make successful, the gift of being able to learn by recurring experiences and to and to experiment the accompanying feelings, resistance against fear, experience of panic, the important relationship with yourself, the true beloved always here, attention for one's own feelings, in peace with the feelings of the friend

Our non-okayness as a "gift" from the parents, trust in the now, the feeling of worthlessness an insecurity, stopping and feeling the feeling, aloneness in relationship, oky in every experience, of in the first place in being her in the moment, the physical death as the end of the I-story, the fear of the idea of "me" to die, what is untouched by all live stories, the eternal being beyond all problems and all thinking.

Satsang Highlights with Samarpan 2004

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God gives us everything: marriage and divorce, conspiracy between religion and society and the myth of the nuclear family, marriage to recognize the truth, you can't d o fall in love and d o a happy relationship, your feelings will bring you back to this moment, 'Familienaufstellung' created by a priest, family as part of the story in the mind, 'Familienaufstellung' is magic stuff of the mind, freedom is freedom from the mind, healing without drama, the power of therapy in the hands of fools

Everything new in the now, shaking and fear in Satsang, feeling the fear or other feelings brings you back to the silence, put God first, always loved and supported by life

Enjoying fear as entertainment, the illusion of safety, to invite the fear and give her full attention, by feeling the fear coming to the true ground, stop and feel body sensations

Satsang with Samarpan 2007


God first


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Last chance of having a baby, the full attention of the mother, "advocatus diaboli", celebrating live, the right place, giving birth to oneself, put God first, beware of clairvoyants, being in the moment  

Favourite partnership story, the distance-and-closeness-game, in pain back the now, control, leaving the story, Samarpan's presence after his physical death

Concepts lost, what is here, mind in panic, beyond experiences, a new ego coming out of the no-ego, not the task of the mind, feeling without thinking about

Much love for other people's children, fear of closeness in relationship, intimacy of love for oneself, welcoming the fear, from the aquarium to immense ocean, stillness in the purity of feelings, relating anew every moment

No place for staying, space in partnership, the concept of creating one's life, Samarpan's perfect happiness, happiness independent of all circumstances, patience

Interview with Samarpan

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Samarpan's name, devotion, here and now, spiritual tradition, spiritual attraction, meditation, free will, here and how, being happy, morality, satsang, healing, identification, religious fanatism, politics, free will, media, attention, to let go, techniques, freedom, feeling connected, teacher, master

Satsang with Samarpan

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The mind is the tyrant, conditionings, family, to be open, to love yourself, newage, therapy, child education

Lost in fear, depression, partnership

Wisdom revealed by playing golf, depression

Partnership, "who am I?", decisions

Imaginations, life takes care, to do services for other people, the little child in me, shyness

Acceptance, comparison, to feel old wounds

Awakening, the grace of doing nothing, to make changes

Medition, to observe the breathing, no technique, Samarpan with baby, constantly being tired, working, trust


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To play hide-and-seek, thoughts, everything is a joke, concentration and thoughts 

To leave yourself, feelings, trying, being totally,being in the moment, discipline

Everything is very okay, profession and inner calling

Fear and excitement, physical sensitiveness

father in need of care, depressions, sexuality, the angriness of women, get adult

Intimacy, partnership, exposure to  fear, enlightenment

dead and ressurection beyond every story, virtual reality, the rules of the magician on stage, the unreal "spiritual"  partner-story, (non-) Awakening in partnership or community

The mind is crying the whole time with his distractions, use the tension to come back into peace, in the center of everything is peace, coming into the moment by observing sensations, beyond the comprehension 


Soham was born in 1941 in San Francisco into a catholic doctor's family with eight children. For three years he attended a seminary and discovered that priesthood was not the way the wanted to serve god. He studied psychology and worked as a counsellor. In 1981 he took on living in Oregon / USA close to the mystic Osho and adopted the name "Samarpan" (surrender).


In 1995 Soham realised his true Self. One year later he moved to Germany, where he lives near Frankfurt with his wife Marga. He offers satsang and retreats in several European countries and hundreds of people are attracted by his openhearted, humorous manner, his wisdom and compassion. Lovingly he answers questions in satsang and by e-mail and he is the author of the book "Gluecklich sein in jedem Moment". His satsang are recorded on DVD, CD and audiotape.

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