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J. Krishnamurti: Why don't You Change?

Uncovering the Source

An conversation with Pupul Jayakar. Watch the video.

The Transformation of Man

An dialog with J. Krishnamurti, Prof. David Bohm and Dr. David Shainberg.

The Transformation of Man Part 1 (Are we aware that we are fragmented?)

The Transformation of Man Part 2 (A mechanical way of living leads to disorder)


J. Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti, born in Madanapalle, India on 12th May 1895 was an Indian philosopher, author, Theosoph and spiritual Teacher.

Krishnamurti treats in his most important publications spiritual questions like achievement of complete spiritual freedom through meditation as well as other religious and philosophic topics.

He became particularly famous through leading members of the Theosophic Society, particularly through Annie Besant, who declared him to be the coming world teacher in

1910 and founded for him the “Order of the Star in the East”.

At the late 1920s he started separating from the theosophical movement. But only after 1947 Krishnamurti started his wide public work which he continued with full intensity and with topics adapted to the changing periods of time until his death. Whilst Krishnamurti had mostly conducted interviews and public discussions shortly after his separation from the theosophical society, he focused more on public speeches in the later years.


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