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Interview and Talk with Dr. Vijai S. Shankar


Life – an Optical and Auditory Illusion of Light and Sound


During the Rainbow Spirit Festival 2008 in Baden-Baden Devasetu had the opportunity to interview Dr. Vijai S. Shankar. The second video is an excerpt from the talk “Movement”, which Dr. Shankar gave in September 2004.

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Self inquiry and the illusion of the mind, no how for self inquiry, no time and no action in life, life as a manifestation of light and sounds, the body as thought of the mind, everything known as an illusion in the manifestation of light and sounds, grace and understanding, the spontaneously transformation of energy, the intelligence and power of illusions, clarity revealing itself; interview with Kalpna Dave about Dr. Shankar


Light followed by sounds, the source of all: pure light and pure energy, the body: only light particles, movement and sounds appearing as thoughts in the head, the inward journey, live happening to us, the uncontrollable changes of live, the jump from man to God

Dr. Vijai S. Shankar

An introduction always necessitates the name, profession, qualifications, experience and achievements of that person being given and, in the case of a writer, titles of books published and their sales. These are the sine qua non for acceptability, for the opening of the door. They are also the stuff upon which the ego is built and strengthened.

But, there is no trace of ego being pre-dominant in Dr. Shankar. Born in India in the late 1940s, Dr Shankar studied to become a medical doctor. He later came to England, where he earned a PhD in London for his research into cellular and molecular sciences. He was invited to Texas, USA for medical research, and since 1998, in response to life’s calling, his words and writings reveal the life that is HERE and NOW, the life that is enlightened and, above all, is already your own.   

Life expresses itself through every manifestation in the world, be it animate or inanimate, allowing to each its own illusory identity, which is a reflection of its intelligence. Thus thinking happens to man – his basic attribute; perception happens through senses – as thoughts; and a singular movement, which is a process of transformation of energy, as actions in the form of thoughts. The conviction ‘I think’, ‘I speak’, ‘I do’ escapes no man – albeit illusory and never real. The understanding that life is a reflection of light and sound and not physical in time and space is enlightenment.

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