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Tyohar: A blissful Explosion into this Moment

This Satsang with Tyohar took place in September 2009 in Verona / Italy. The language is English without Italiean translation.


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Five minutes of silence; the more we rest in our center the more we drink from the source; no need to look for it in others, no more dreams to be fulfilled; already fully contented – the chase stops; a peaceful and unconditional resting; you are this peace; to enjoy being nobody in the emptiness that we are; to dissolve into the moment; rich experiences make us wiser with more depth; someone without scars is a shallow person; scars tell stories; the understanding expands; when you have absolute trust there is only this moment – before you have this trust you are always in fear of the future; trust is an absolute knowing that everything is already ok.


A blissful explosion into this moment; be grateful to your life-journey which brought you here – how else can you enjoy this moment?; unpleasant and powerful experiences are scars in our memory; there is meaning to suffering for a spiritual seeker; trying to solve the problem – a masterpiece;  in total trust there is no judging anymore; come home and praise life in its holiness; to want something causes suffering; chasing our dreams make our reality so restless; stop to pretend to be somebody – you are nothing and nobody; trying to be special is drinking the divine energy second hand; about the Panchamama transformation cycle; therapy is about awakening the experience and responding to it with mature tools; to whom did abuse happen?; stories to experience separation; grow out of the ego and realize that it opens; how we develop manipulation techniques to get love; feelings come and go – what is beyond the feeling?


About mother issues; giving love is nothing you do – just something that is happening; when you measure yourself it causes fear; simply enjoy – love will come through you; worries about the amount of love are passed over to the child; to support and to allow growth of the child; it is life that moves it; at one point a child starts to believe that it is this self and to forget the selflessness; it forgets itself more and more into separation and illusion; nothing can be done about it; we come here to experience separation and to identify ourself totally with body and mind; no need to prevent it or to worry about it; maybe the child will become honest, look inside and see that it is pretending; one day there will come the time when we are ready to come home; we all have this growth; actually no separation – we are one, wearing different bodies and personalities; one day we will die, but the presence of consciousness that we are is beyond this; no age, no man, no woman, no character; this is your home; this is the freedom that you are.


Tyohar: There is Nothing You don’t Know Already

This Satsang with Tyohar took place in September 2009 in Verona / Italy. The language is English with Italiean translation.


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Eight minutes of silence; there is nothing you don’t know already; total presence; trying, wanting, chasing, resisting, suffering; nothing to be achieved; travelling; too lazy to enjoy memories and think about future; it happened; running away from the moment was not interesting anymore; sense of self disappeared; everything was the same but totally different; the inside was empty; no spiritual hero; just disappeared; clouds cover the emptiness which you are; wanting, rejecting, wishing, resisting cannot be pushed away; just do not have interest anymore; keep the energy collected


Nothing to say for months; still want to want; not knowing how to be; comparing with past; filters between us an life; habit of maintaining patterns; difficulty to stop wanting; constant struggle with the moment through being attached;  bag full with mental buttons; restlessness as indicator; this moment is home; spiritual path is about recognizing what you know already;  sharp look inwards; without games; let go; spirituality is not about collecting knowledge; emotional maturity is reached by living totally; experiencing instead of watching others; when living wild you get nourished with experiences; the alter state of mind gets in proportion; strong events take us away from being centred; allow the lesson to happen by not doing anything; sadness as teacher; allowing the lesson burns habits; emotional maturity is reached by simply not trying to change anything; go completely into the experience; embrace the whole


Importance to live fearlessly; no guideline how to live; thoughts happen; attention is trapped by anything that moves; inquiring stillness as centre of the moves; liberating attention from intense moments to what else is there; presence of silence is watching emotional turmoil; mind stops by itself; no control over life experiences; pain is growth; awakening is the ultimate melting with the present moment; closing the cycle with the past; awakening never happens finally; healing happens when touching the source of being;


Tyohar: Graceful Surrender into the Moment

This with Tyohar took place in September 2009 in Verona / Italy. The questions are asked by Devasetu. The language is English without translation.

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Removing obstacles from knowing what you are; personality and body are a dress; you are presence of consciousness; understand personality and conditioning; blocked feelings are burdening us; meditation: a state of presence in the moment; expansion of consciousness cannot be done; goal oriented searchers do not find; grace happens; no need to be confirmed by others; life circumstances cannot touch reality; doubt creates space for understandings; no God to encourage us to fight with others


Creating a consistent energy field in PachaMama, Tyohar’s non commercial community; “underground village”; body cleanse; non industrial food; power of cacao beans; live more authentic, natural; nourish soul; morality conflicting human instincts; live fearlessly; open relationships; fear is like hand cuffs on our soul; no categorization of human beings; sports at PachaMama; nourishment of being silent; graceful surrender into the moment

Satsang with Tyohar: The Magic of Being Silent

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The magic of being silent, resting in the moment, without any wanting, always: “Now!”, flowering in silence, moments of heart fullness, time to rest, the meeting point with the ocean, the beauty of silence


Decoding the hindrances to the silence, no technique but a live-style: the Pachamana-community, to bring the depth of your being in your life, the question: “Who I am?” or “Who is in?”, clearing of blocks of the body and emotions, the circle of Pachamana, the opening of consciousness, on the feet of Osho forever, the invitation to the powerful experience of Pachamana in Costa Rica, the children at the Pachamana-Community


No double-dose of satsang, life passing through us untouched by the mind, no two kinds of energy in existence, the disappearing of the questions in Satsang, nothing wrong – nothing right: no categorizing, the tendency of the mind to overlook the moment, the temple of silence, becoming consciously blank of all knowing and ideas, the vibes of joy in the moment


Frustration, the understanding of Satsang and the flow in daily life, beyond the game of succeeding and failing, no effort but in tune with life



Traveling the planet extensively for years and experiencing life in its fullness have eventually brought Tyohar to the Indian Mystic Osho, where he was caught by the flame of truth. Since 1996 he has taught and traveled, inspired thousands of people until he founded Pacha Mama, where he has settled. Pacha Mama is a manifestation of Tyohar’s vision.


Whether conducting Silence Retreats, giving Satsangs or simply being here, his silent and roaring presence is a mirror reflecting our own essence of soul. Pacha Mama is a manifestation of Tyohar’s vision of creating a garden of awareness where people can live together while exploring themselves and realizing their own inner stillness.

Tyohar’s home is Pacha Mama and his presence is the catalyst as well as the source of inspiration for this temple of inner growth and transformation.


Tyohar: "Freedom can not be postponed. It always happens when you dissolve into the moment, into the Here and Now. When seeker, the search and the goals disappear, there is the recognition that you are a silent, selfless, faceless, ageless presence of consciousness."

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