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Aisha Salem: The Willingness to Put Love Above Fear

This Satsang was part of the "Friedensgespräche" (peace talks) in Berlin in August 2015.


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Embracing truth; the invitation to get to know ourselves; in learning through the being to discover who we really are; getting to know the real potential of the meeting of the source, of existence and of individuality; dropping of the rating of right and wrong based on ideas; assuming full responsibility and constantly explore of oneself with deep sincerity and a deep sense of humor; there is so much to discover; the various levels of our being invite us to even get to know us better and better; to discover the flexibility of being; consciousness completely emptied of all aspects of the identification; we must obviously lose our identity to realize that every phenomenon is ourselves; we have a body, a mind and the choice to give up the idea of being someone who lives a life; face the fact that we are nothing; to meet the total emptying that nothing leaves the perceiver left; when any perception is completely eroded by the implosion of the perceiver in the emptiness; to recognize that we are both, everything and nothing; that cannot be done by an identified person, but only by devotion; obviously life has its own plans for us; to surrender the reality completely, which is above the fear and which is love; by a complete purification of the heart and consciousness, we arrive in our belly center, where we meet all our fears; when that happens, we will definitely re-connected to the life and enter into our individuality, from an unidentified point; the difference between mature and immature love; consciousness learns constantly from itself and is getting smarter; the transformation of sexual energy; the potential of sexual energy is God who sees himself, the creator (painter), who enters his own image; sexual energy is the life force that has the potential to identify with itself; the sexual energy is the power of creation; about the process of devotion; to look into this nothingness is the same willingness as the willingness to die; to perceive oneself more and more as a love; about trust and distrust in relation to surrendering; surrendering is also a willingness to be present with the area in you, which is just now very loud; the decision to put love above fear is equivalent to the ability and willingness to connect with all unknown regions in us; when you stop to respect fear and when you start to respect yourself, then the truth is born; allow the life that it breaks out of you; this breaking out is not something that you can do; the manifestation of yourself as yourself, in this form; learn the down what wants to ascend as a new I repeatedly; our pride, give up our arrogance and self obsession; if we give to invest in the idea of being someone, we can realize that we are really all; taking responsibility for everything that happens and doing away with all the misunderstandings and this not for reason like a “better world”, but for the truth; the devotion, which no longer accepts the lie; when consciousness penetrates through us up into the earth; realizing that the manifested universe, the manifest form is the body of God; the beauty of human vulnerability that is born out of beingness rather than from the separation – the development of the joy body.


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Aisha Salem: Sharing the Love and Result of Cultivation with Other People

This interview with Aisha Salem took place in August 2015 in Berlin, questions by Devasetu.


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Liberation is eradication of everything; stepping into the full potential; suffering related to suffering; coming into the recognition of pure being, reflecting the source; truth is waiting to be uncovered; nothing wrong with anything; duality as a waste; god as the universal force; the choice of embracing the truth; we are removing ourselves from the joy of the simplicity of being; surrendering into allowing the blinds to be torn off; the inner itch calls for to be born to the uniqueness of our souls; dissatisfaction even with everything in place; investigation "why am I doing what I am doing?"; being useful; cleaning up life; starting walking following the knowing; no one knows anything; listening to myself; walking strongly; silent meditation supporting living life; following love; meditation as love constantly moving the body; taking full responsibility for yes to life; awakening to the heart is self realization; pure awareness is void, prior to god; knocking out by Kundalini; two ways of surrendering; staying stopped; pure mind is without identification with thoughts; being purifies everything around the head space; pure mind is a complete seeing; coming to being everything; the coming together of the mind with the heart and carrying it down the body leads into a healthy individuality; more simple than anything; this is the game of god; the fear of dying is running our actions; when we start allowing life to unfold from humility; everyone sees everything differently; in truth opinions do not matter; tearing down that which is opinionated; the pure will is found in our hearts; deeply be willing to listen to the heart; being willing to be fully afraid; letting the heart leading our life; total carelessness and total care come together; humanness is our bottom line and does not get lost; greater and greater expansion into the gut; primary essence of the woman is existence; primary essence of the man is emptiness; we have to realize the masculine and the feminine; the burning of the body in the flame of the softness of love; care and carelessness; Aisha had four masters of buddhistic lineage; periods of preparation and after that integration of the teaching; Aisha's retreat program; feeling people who come to Aisha as herself - no disciple thing; transmissions happen; facilitator rather than teacher - facilitating the awakening; how Aisha works; angels? - everything is just energy; nature itself as reminder of the perfect order of not having to organize things according to our ideas; the body as the nearest piece of nature; building and loosing pictures; coming into our bodies; through our cells we can come into the full revelation of wisdom; the cells know everything; the earth is not very happy currently; allowing the pain of the earth in the body; the clean-up requires the willingness of going down to the pain of earth; human beings are the cancer of the earth; a call for us to take better care; giving up the need of being separate; bringing people to seeing themselves; the core of wanting is the power of creation; not creating from separation; everything can change for anybody; we can add the willingness to the humility of deeper and deeper surrendering; the investigation is everything; the willingness of taking responsibility; the choice of being real is at our very core; who am I investigation.


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Aisha Salem

Aisha Salem is a woman in Truth.


The deep integration with her human being gives Way for her to operate across all levels of Being with an indefinably transparent yet deeply tantric approach, which has no seed of renunciation based on rejection or avoidance, but has fulfillment and completion - and thereby freedom within existence - as beyond it - at its core.


For more than 12 years, Aisha has been cultivating and realizing in deep surrender, the Truth of Being across all different dimensions - over Heart to Mind and deeply into the Gut. 

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