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HO: In Silence No Wrong and No Right

This interview with HO Gerhard Strauss is from December 2017, questions by ANdy Hegewald.

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HO: Being Prior to Recognition and Expression of Being

This Darshan with HO took place in January 2012 in Austira. Thanks to HO for offering to us the possibily to publish these videos.


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Only one purpose of life: awakening to this eternal moment; surrendering all personal biography; no reason for anything; complete liberty – right now without deviation and reason; awareness in not-knowing; the end of waiting for anything, not even for enlightenment; being prior to recognition and expression of being; simply living; no fragmentation of mind; all is an expression of being one – including the ego-monkey; no need to believe in the content of mind form; the light of eternal being prior to mind games expresses itself through all forms; being consciousness itself; the sweetness of being; the continuous play of changing forms through which the potential of the absolute is expressing; the stillness of witnessing; pleasure without thought; pure pleasure without ideas; a low wind which blows away all mind forms.

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Freedom of everything; true thinking happens out of itself, without purpose and reason; happiness without condition, thus true happiness; the end of mind war; peace beyond expectations and disappointments; the flavor of an untouched flower, the beauty of no-thing; bodies as empty forms and expression of Ramana, the still heart, the source of all; the highest truth – the most simple; thought or no thought, it does not matter; the play in mind to think itself as a definition; the mist only another mode of the play of consciousness; letting go the dream of a personal story; when still a subtle spirit happens which observes itself; mind, a tool, not suitable for enlightenment even when it becomes very subtle; staying in stillness – who are we there?


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Stillness, unspoken presence; total relaxation; happening of oneness; questions and answers – also an expression of oneness; answers cannot really nurture; trying to become the essence of ourselves – which we are already; continuous letting go, all ideas, all attachments to thoughts – being in peace; the play of pleasure and pain; part of the movie, solving problems; witnessing in truth by the Satguru; appearing and disappearing of problems – nothing has to be solved; the eternal, always answered question – who am I?; stillness beyond all concepts of mind; no condition, that there should be thought forms; not trying to achieve a separate identity; life happens, even without identities; not to answer the question: „who am I?“, but just asking it and letting go; being prior to questioning; not jumping up onto any thought form; thoughtless, without the idea of thoughtlessness; understanding just as entertainment; the eternal fullness of being


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Experience in thoughtless, unconditional awareness; not believing any beliefs; Krishna’s flute; total letting go is enjoying; the self living and unveiling life in open focus; pure witnessing of the world of appearances; life, the open space; letting go of concepts and being in the self witnessing play of appearances; when being connected tries to connect; utilizing all in being present; exploring oneself as the one; awareness – radical relaxation.


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HO: Healing Power of Pure Being

This speech was given from HO at the Sience and Non-Duality Conference 2011 in the United States.


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Who am I as most important question prior to any thought; how far can you go in mind? Everything happens; no lecture, nobody involved; simple field of mirror resonance; no reasons for anything; unfolding of before the “I am”; the “I am” as tool to experience the meta-play; know that you are not the meta-play; just drop everything, don’t try to understand; enjoy the power of being in this flesh body in the material world; stop the Samsara play now; anything can be used to stop; the such-ness; from there you can use the body-mind-machine to create; enjoy being in form; the healing power can open up; loyality to the self is the only religion; you are that; no ideas of bondage or liberation; the living stream wants to flow through every man and woman; not from this world but in this world; the Buddha is a simple human being; only in complete emptiness it is possible to think properly; no hierarchies; unconditional love without any idea of love opens up; relax in the sharpness of no mind and the softness of the heart; no conditions or fixed thought forms; being, realizing and then moving as it in any energy play; practical life is 24 hours meditation; as an apple tree; the one intelligence that feeds us all; be quiet, be in abidance in the “I am”; everything is play of the one; there never is an end because it has ended; vibration becomes finer and finer in resting and abidance.

HO: Be Silent and Experience the Value of Being – Here and Now

This films were introduced by HO G. Strauss himself and he gave to us the permission for publication. Thank you for this!


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Sannidhi, healing presence of being; the healing energy field, staying in the spiritual heart as eternal resting place; untouched by time and spaced; in eternal change; no possibility to find it; recognizing it here now; clear recognition in silence before thoughts arise; being, nothing else, not two; what is a question? What is an answer? It is the best to remain in this dedication and surrendering, still and empty; what can you do? Beyond action and no-action happens action in stillness; not doing anything; illusionary mind; let it go; the power of healing; the ego is no longer the captain; letting it all go; the true value and which sense does this life have? Let the ideas fade away and value unfold; be still and experience the value of being – here and now; release source itself.


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Diving into Smadhi, into stillness; staying in presence for a moment; just stopped; abiding in being stopped; each moment fresh and changing; the true nature never changes; it can really unfold if you let it; all happens as it wants to happen; you can realize the value; being still; being aware in stillness; liberation; undivided simplicity; self alone is; all is that; many waves are moving in the ocean; recognizing that you are not a fragmented wave in the ocean; realizing prior to any concept; the frequency beyond all frequencies; a true question; the evolutionary step of consciousness; being self and enjoying existence; in the divine play; experiencing and enjoying.


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It can begin, when it is over; in the opening of the blossom of life; love is without thought form; the natural state of being; no projection is necessary; the power of love and unfolding; the morphogenetic field of emptiness; Samadhi has no reason; true creative power is beyond all imaginations; Bhakti; the mind cannot get it; relax in the very eternal moment; without fixation of the imagination of me; true peace; the holy song of being; what a miracle to be; the idea of wanting to change something can fall deeper and deeper; experiencing the expression of being freely; being stopped, stillness never changes; don’t fool yourself by believing your thoughts.


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Beauty from inside radiates more the more silent you are; in the field of resonance of the candle of the light; the heart, the true treasure is inside all humans; it wants to be seen in the form; the present of never ending astonishment; the beauty of the innocence of not knowing; peace without condition of forcing or being forceful can open every heart; when a projection is taken back there is no need for defence or protection; abiding in the self 24 hours a day, motionless and still; nothing ever has to change; the power of the healing presence of the self; welcome in self; still there is no need to believe what you think.


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Stillness is always; it is recognized before the trip, mind starts; beyond doubt and believe; don’t hide and be totally here; authority of intelligence; all is the one teacher; one taste – so many blueprints; the idea of “I” was an illusion; when it all is finished now; at home in stillness, not at home in conditioning; what is not real does not have to dissolve; abiding in the spiritual heart, in the freshness, here now inside you; Sannidhi is the contact in the self before all need of understanding; natural re-ligio; you have always known it; the birth of recognition of who you really are; when the seriousness of the play is understood, the play can be enjoyed; that which is; realizing the unchangeable nature of being one deeper and deeper.


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HO Gerhard Strauß

Born on 13.10.1960 in Linz / Austria, 1979-1984 Study of Biology and Earth Sciences in Salzburg, in the early 90's training as psychological astrologers (with Hermann Meyer) and Reiki-Meister/Lehrer, therapeutic training with various teachers (for example. tachyon energy with David Wagner and Andreas Jell), Kriya Yoga at Hariharananda, Christian meditation in the style of Zen, in Satsang with OM, Gangaji, Eli, etc.,  self-realization 2001.

May all people be happy!

Dear friends!

After a direct experience of God and the associated spontaneous realization of who I really am, on 8/20/2001 I experience depression in unimagined areas of consciousness.

I thank OM C. Parkin for the greatest gift of this life, John de Ruiter, Gangaji, Eli, and Pyar Hariharananda for cues from what is beyond words.

Since the call of the SIMPLE HEART (Ramana) and your (OMs) words, "You're a free man," I'm spiritual seekers as a companion available.

Do all religions hark back on love, tolerance and peace. Let more people know THAT which is deeper than any religion and every creed. Because only the direct living experience of truth, which is the birthright of every sentient being, can heal the suffering in you and transform this world into a garden of delight.

That's why I'm HERE.

With love and gratitude


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