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Edgar OWK Hofer: The Wisdom of Tantra, Osho, Satsang and Nonduality

This interview took place in February 2015, at La Gomera, Spain, questions by Devasetu.


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The question of being a spiritual teacher or not; the qualities of a spiritual teacher; the differences between Buddha and Bodhisattva; the joy of giving teachings and the use and helpfulness for the people who are receiving these teachings; the concept of ego, the ego as the sense of the self; no condemnation of the ego; the identification with the personal I; the idea of separation; identifications, to put on and off like clothes; “I” is a happening like feelings and thoughts; the self looks at the self – and a feeling of I is arising; the same I am felt in different bodies; inside we meet in the same innermost I am; only one I, the I of God which shows itself in different forms; the question of the past of Edgar; the everlasting now; the same I-am-ness everywhere; nothing wrong in identification and the belief in the “own” story; how the answer of Edgar in Satsang are happening; pointing to the next step or to the last step – the last step, dropping every knowing and waiting for the grace in the moment; the meaninglessness of life; existing itself is enough sense; Sat – Chit – Anand; the resonation of the same energy in human beings; the consciousness, the I am in everybody; the real opening, the opening to the own energy; the last step – always happening out of grace, can happen everywhere, also in Satsang; the resonation to different masters; the real teaching comes from the self; everything is used by spirituality even the projections of the disciple to the teacher; Satang sessions and Tantra retreats; about Edgar’s Tantra way; the goal of real Tantra is Nonduality, to experience that everything is one; Edgar’s love to Osho and to Osho’s huge teaching; resonance with Ramana Maharshi; through Tantra and Osho to the experience of oneness, and Advaita gave the clear description for this experience, the description for truth; Edgar’s feeling at home in India; the movie of what is happening in the world; the climate of change in the world, with the openness in which direction; nothing can be different than it is happening; there is nothing happening, there is only god; Edgar, teaching in English language; no idea how a relationship between women and man has to be; relaxing in a working relationship in the same way as I am alone; to be totally oneself together with the partner; about compromises in a relationship; Edgar’s being in harmony with the partner even in small things; the difference between a habit, which can be changed, and something that is unhealthy for the body; it does not has to be harmonious with the partner all the times; the question who dies when the body dies; the dream of a separate lives as part of the one big dream; there is no time in the way that something is after something else; the nothingness itself dreaming about how it would to be; the most perfect sense of: “Nothing really matters” – nothing plays mattering; about movement and exercise and the health of the body; feeling healthy and fit like ten years ago through moving the body and low carb diet with loosing 50 pound of body weight; about Edgar’s sessions via (video-) Skype or telephone; the “message”: Your are that – and you are not.


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Edgar OWK Hofer

Edgar, austrian, born 1963, began in the age of 12 naturally with Tantra and Meditation (Yoga Nidra).


In the 80s and 90s he was involved - searching and enjoying – into many different spiritual teachings of the West and the East.


In those years he also moved a lot into traditional Tantra and became student of the american teacher Bodhi Avinasha & Sunyata Saraswati and was initiated in different techniques of tantric kriya yoga, e.g. cobra breath all levels.


That continued and resulted 1998 in dropping his former business-life and he started a spiritual journey to India. In Varanasi ("City of Light") - after intensive training in kundalini-tantra - he was initiated in the order of the nath-yogis by Mahamahopadhyaya Acharya Dr.Vagish Shastri (B.P.T.) and got his yogi-name ‘Devananda Naatha’.


After that he also became OSHO-Sannyasin, too, (as Swami Anand Vartman) - but just for two days: then without intending and forcing he surprisingly disappeared (some call that experience "awakening" or "enlightenment", others "dying while living" or "birth of the real self" - call it as you like...). His "Birth-Helper" appeared just some minutes before in the form of a silent smiling Satto Babasanji.


Edgar wrote - just to integrate the experience and to share it with others - the Book "Enlightenment - the real is Illusion, the Illusion is real" and since then seven more books in german language. As author he uses his traveller-nickname “owk” (one-who-knows).


Since many years he lives on the atlantic island La Gomera, gives regulary Online-Satsangs via webstreams and also Satsangs & Tantra-Retreats on the island. In summertime he is also travelling through europe giving Satsangs, Retreats and sometimes speaking on some spiritual converences.

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