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Dolano: No more Wanting to Be Freed – This is Liberation

This Satsang with Dolano took place in Poona / India in Sept. 2011. The first four minutes of the video part 1 you will find a still image and the audio of Dolano's voice. After that you will find a normal video with moved pictures.


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Seeing how naturally the mind can be at rest; there is only now if there are thoughts or no thoughts; see what meditation points you to; this now is the entrance; what is here when you don’t want anything? Just enjoy the true holiday; be scientific; learn to value what is; about realization cannot truly be spoken; there is no realization of enlightenment; enjoying the true holiday after knowing who am I; mind still in the wrong vision; a shift needs to happen; once liberated, mind is a beautiful vehicle of source; all fell into its place and perfection without looking for it; all was so over, no more quest; what has changed? The vision has changed; meditation is the highway; the third eye can see what can’t be seen, this is knowing; the third eye is already open; once you close the eyes there are no boundaries; all is you; nature is the positive invitation for enlightenment; suffering is the negative invitation for enlightenment; in intensive Satsang it takes about five days to know who you are; after this is known the mind has to be liberated; Dolano speaks in a way that listeners can relate to it on their own.


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How can my partner understand me? No need to be understood; you are not what you think you are and the same is true for your partner; being with a partner is about being with him because he is just the way he is; have patience and compassion, no need to change him; it functions best when it doesn’t have to work; your nature is alone; be happy with that and have humor; how can you expect that the partner can understand you? Can there anything be achieved at all? The mastery of this mind can be achieved; the last Satsang is the last effort; in intensive Satsang you will find exactly what you are looking for; to move out of the wrong vision of wanting to be freed, this is liberation; mind has the tendency to do everything; it has to make this effort to check out that it does not work; for the last Satsang a maturity is required; wanting to know what is true – no further wanting as a requirement for the last Satsang; no energy to speak about who am I in open Satsang; how do we know if something is good for us? Put everybody aside and ask yourself what you want; follow your feeling; come to know meditation because there you come to know on your own and not from anybody else; meditation is entertaining for mind; value of not doing anything; mind comes to know having no thoughts and starts trusting silence; Coming to know through investigation; direct listening is the authority to know what is good for you; Osho often said: “Be a light onto yourself!”


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“Nothing ever happened”; why to hold on anything happening? There is only now; no Satori required to know so; people can hear the ringing bells with listening to the open Satsang; there are things that are right and there are things that are wrong; the last Satsang takes a complete month and maturity; love is your nature; as long as you have ideas about it, you don’t know what it is; wake up; wanting to feel love; the radical request for full commitment to do the last Satsang; it has to be on the top of your list; what is in the moment already is so valuable and rich; you have to see yourself completely left alone to hear the wake-up call; no need to come to know truth; truth is true if you know so or you don’t know it; source makes the effort to come through; mind is the arrogance which does not allow nature to come through; separation and superiority complex; loving to be humbled; having only Buddhas around; open Satsang to support being a light to oneself.


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Dolano: It is All Now and Here

This interview was done by Reinhold with Dolano in Poona / India in Sept. 2011.


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Relating without ignorance; end of competition in relationships; once mind is liberated the habits of ditching in relationships are removed; the tendency of mind to complete the picture and speak the opposite to opinions; relative truth and ultimate truth; to awaken is the path into absolute truth; subconscious reflexes will disappear after the mind is liberated; analyzing does not lead anywhere; helping the partner does not take energy away; knowing who you are is not sufficient; the difference between knowledge and knowing; valuing what is instead of having expectations; awakening is to come to know who am I; it is the ground but still mind has to be liberated; innocence of babies is ignorance; mind has to start functioning and putting name and forms in place; humans have to move first into ignorance and duality; some of Dolano’s life story; source is your nature; knowing brings the true innocence; nothing for you to think; liberating the mind is mandatory.


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No way to prevent children from falling into ignorance; awakened parents can assist the children by relating to the true nature; the last Satsang is not a talk; people recognize the right vision themselves – not by listening to words; for awakening no books are required; speaking about truth takes the intensity of awakening away; truly awakened you do not want to talk anymore about the truth; how to get ready for the last Satsang? Doing groups, reading books, listening to open Satsangs; simple language not triggering imagined things; it is all here and now; small group of people in last Satsang; going to different masters as a preparation for the last Satsang; getting the message of meditation; being a seeker on the path can be a beautiful time as well; no satori required; bliss is gratitude.


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Opinions are so changeable; valid but not eternal; functioning of the mind; completing the picture as function of mind; removing doubt during the last Satsang; loving innocence; liking company with animals and communication beyond language; taking responsibility for pets; pets stay children and need you throughout their lifetime; loving oneself to be committed to something; true art of living is being committed; arrogance of humans; the play of Leela; not being confused by the duality; goodness itself, no real conflicts; no more arrogance of you and I; no more a win and lose game of samsara; the right vision does not exclude the appearance; no arrogance about “knowing it all” and spirituality.


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Dolano: The Last Satsang

This interview was done by Reinhold with Dolano in Poona / India in Sept. 2011.


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The last Satsang is for people who are ready for liberation after having been on the path; scientific nature of meditation; discard boundaries through closing the eyes; how ordinary it is without thoughts; coming to know beyond the body; meditation does not point to thoughts; sit and see what life is all about; being entertained by thoughts somewhere in the passive; seeing without trying to understand or going into imagination; asking why am I here makes you human; noticing that thoughts are not so important; your nature which is always well starts shining through; blissful beyond understanding; gratitude for no reason; nothing to imagine; knowing beyond language with your own authority; seeing I am not the thoughts and I am not the emotion; where is it if I don’t think it? A different way of being free; know beyond thoughts when mind is naturally at rest; learn to value what is and not something else; liberating the mind; first step (four days): coming to know who am I with Poonjaji; not known through thinking process but mind is included in the process; coming to know the tendency of the mind and how it functions; to know who am I is an awakening; it is not an experience; it is a true recognition beyond thought; when you sit in meditation there is still a waiting for something; knowing who am I is a relief; the Play of Leela vs. the win and lose game; in the play of Leela it is seen that people need to relate; with being liberated respect comes naturally.


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The body mind mechanism is still dominant when you know who am I; when you know who am I, you are still not in the right vision; investigation of ideas which have been collected throughout life; suffering is not your nature; coming to know from the very root what is true; Dolano is here to make sure that you do not go into imagination; mind at rest will be liberated by the investigations; you will move into the right vision; never thinking about enlightenment; all was over when the last thing was clarified; recognizing what enlightenment is; all fell into perfection; Dolano could see the first time what she and everybody else was looking for; it is possible to liberate mind; mind can come to know that there is something greater than thoughts; humans are incarnated source; source comes to know itself through experience; nothing to be integrated; the wrong vision is just removed through seeing what is true; questions and answers at the end of the last Satsang happen with people who have the right vision already; liberating the mind is different from how logic works; mind is in a duality vision; the war in mind; your nature is goodness itself; cruelty and violence come from the non liberated mind; source is born to experience itself; as a baby it is ignorant; incarnated as a human source makes the effort to see itself as the Play of Leela; reflections of source; seeing with the third eye is knowing beyond understanding which is not known by the physicists; liberated mind is pure source – goodness itself; source itself is eternal silence; appreciate your reflection as long as it is there; you need to disappear as a separate entity.


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Dolano: The Mind Happily Blown Away

Thanks to Dolano and Devin Young for providing to us these Satsang videos from Dolano, the Radical ZenMaster based in Poona.


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The question about an important realization; that what never changes; to know who I am is not enough because the mind can still be in the condition of getting something; the frustration of a meditator to know: “This is it” – but it doesn’t stay; being ready for the last Satsang and valuing what was not valued before; mind needs liberation; seeing from the very root what is true; learning to value what is, is being ready for enlightenment; everybody is perfect; Dolano with Osho in 1979; at the point to let go; when the mind is very happy to be liberated; no more separation from the source and from your very nature; liberation means freeing the mind; knowing that everything is perfect is not enough; the mind needs freeing; when nothing needs to happen: the entrance to liberation; the mind happily blown away; moments when freedom is the most ordinary thing; esoteric: entertainment on the path.


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The longing for liberation projected onto relationships brings frustration; reality check after some time on the path: Knowing meditation? In love with silence? Valuing what is?; seeing the illusion of the longing; if someone is truly ready, liberation is unbelievably easy; in books different devices in different times; the tendency to want something else – even happens to a meditator who is out of mess; not that complicated and not that easy – but easy; when the mind is ripe for liberation only a short time is needed; trusting in meditation; the carrot in front of us; liberation – not the job of the mind.


Dolano: Enlightenment is Your Nature

On this video excerpt from an open satsang Dolano speaks on enlightenment being your very nature. Dolano is a zen master giving public open satsangs every month in Pune, India throughout the year.


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Get the Message of Meditation - Satsang with Dolano

Dolano talks about the message of meditation - not to look left or right, not to get involved with politics, but just to meditate. Dolano gives open satsangs monthly in Pune, India as well as Intensive satsangs.


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Enlightenment is Scientific - Satsang with Dolano

This is an excerpt from an open satsang-Dolano points to enlightenment as being scientific and not having to do with imagination.


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The Last Satsang; End of the Path

Dolano identifies what authentic seekers at the end of the path are looking for- to come to know what is true for themselves, not through knowledge or what anyone else may say. In this answer to a question posed at an open satsang, Dolano clarifies what enlightenment actually is, and what it is not.


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About Dolano

Dolano is giving public open satsangs every month in Pune, India throughout the year. Her satsang is clear cut, to the point, and the expression of truth. 


She was born in 1952, in Lindau, Bodensee Germany and grew up in institutions. From childhood on throughout her life she was in search for truth. After a long wandering and getting lost in so-called wrong directions, dolano finally found Osho, her beloved Master in1979. Osho saved her from drowning and introduced her to meditation.


She immediately fell in love with meditation and gave her whole life to this and practiced all these years Zazen meditation (non technical). Since then she lives in India and for 10 years she took care of the swans in the Ashram Poona.


In 1992 Dolano met Poonjaji, then Gangaji. At the end of 1992 it was through the grace of Gangaji, that the drop fell into the ocean, with no way of return.

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