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Angaangaq: Melting the Ice in Our Hearts

This speech was given by Angaangaq during the 18th Rainbow Spirit Festival at Munich in June 2011-09-28.


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An instrument of the great heaven, it are twins; when a shaman returns form a trip into the interior, what did you hear? This is what we hear; the very first flowers of mother earth on the ice, the mother of the rose; the beauty of change; you have to learn to melt the ice in the hearts of mankind; only by melting the ice in the heart of mankind has mankind the chance to learn and can start using knowledge in a wise way; this could change the world which we live in; to melt the ice in our hearts; the climate change within us; after the ice in your heart has melted away; how can we melt the ice in our hearts? The big distance between us; no surprise that we have ice in our hearts; you and me will have the chance to change only when you melt the ice.


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So I do; to reach the big heaven; human heaven is here, ears and mind and distance; the biggest distance in the existence of mankind is from the mind to the heart; to recognize the own limitlessness and gliding like an eagle; Mariengras, which speaks the creator’s language; the fragility of the body and mind as fragile as the strand of grass; when you merge your mind, your body and your spirit and find your balance, you will be flexible; you personally will become unbreakable; the spiritual law.


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The return the ceremony; when the ceremony looses the spirit it becomes a ritual; ceremony – celebrate life; the beauty and strength of the circle; when the ice in your heart melts; change, our use our knowledge in a wise manner; live your beauty; “Melt the ice in the hearts of the humans”, Angaangaq’s book; chanting, the spirit of the humans from the top of the world; my prayer is , that I did not speak to your ears only, that I spoke to your hearts; a healing centre is being constructed in Greenland, information and blog on the website.


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Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, shaman, healer, storyteller and carrier of the Qilaut (winddrum), is an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder whose family belongs to the traditional healers of the Far North from Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland. His name means ‘The Man Who Looks Like His Uncle’. Uncle, as he is frequently called, bridges the boundaries of cultures and faiths in people young and old. His work has taken him to five continents and over 50 countries around the world including South Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Arctic Europe, Russia, and Siberia. Angaangaq conducts healing circles, intensives, and Aalaartiviit – traditional sweat lodges. His teachings are deeply rooted in the wisdom of the oral healing traditions of his people. In 2004 his family summoned him to the sacred mountain for his initiation as their shaman.
“The greatest distance in the existence of Man is not from here to there nor from there to here. Nay, the greatest distance in the existence of Man is from his mind to his heart. Unless he conquers that distance he can never learn to soar like an eagle and realize his own immensity within. “


Angaangaq was called by his people to bring home the Sacred Fire to Greenland. In July 2009 Elders from Siberia to Amazonia, from Nepal to Zimbabwe made their way to an ancient sacred site on the Top of the World, fulfilling a prophecy so old – no one knows the time. The trees are once again growing in the North and the seal oil lamp has become a thing of the past. During the three day ceremony Akkaaraq called on Angaangaq to be known as the ‘Great Shaman’.

“The Ancient One’s say that One Day, when the World needs it most, the Sacred Fire will come home to the people on the Top of the World.”

Angaangaq is a keynote speaker at international conferences on climate change, environmental and indigenous issues.
His work is acclaimed in promoting interracial and intercultural harmony.

Angaangaq’s ceaseless work takes him to schools, prisons, businesses, conferences and senior homes, both at home in Kalaallit-Nunaat and throughout the world.

“Only by melting the ice in the heart of Man does Man have a chance to change and begin using his knowledge wisely.”


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