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Andreas Mueller: The end of the dream that there is someone, who could be unfulfilled or enlightened

LiveTalk with Andreas Müller from May 2023.


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Andreas Müller: Everything is whole and complete 一切都是完整的

Interview with Andreas Müller, Chinese translation by Mei Long, Questions by Devasetu. from April 2022. Andreas Müller 访谈,Mei Long 中文翻译,Devasetu 提问。 从 2022 年 4 月开始。

From the content of the interview: Andreas answers questions in his talks, what is it that he talking about? As a story you could say it points to true nature. And true nature means that everything is whole and complete; that something is missing is part of the dream. The dream is: I am. For most people it feels like they are someone energetic, it is what apparently happens, but the funny thing is that this presence does not exist in reality. And what does it mean, there are not two?.. And more questions and answers with Andreas Müller, thank you very much.


从采访内容来看:安德烈亚斯在他的谈话中回答问题,他在说什么? 作为一个故事,你可以说它指向真实的自然。 而真正的本性意味着一切都是完整和完整的; 缺少某些东西是梦想的一部分。 梦想是:我是。 对于大多数人来说,感觉他们是一个精力充沛的人,这显然是发生的事情,但有趣的是,这种存在在现实中并不存在。 没有两个是什么意思?...还有更多关于 Andreas Müller 的问答,非常感谢。


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Andreas Müller: Nothing to reach, to become, to attain - what happens is naturally everything

Zoom-Talk with Andreas Müller, 2021. Andreas speaks about and answers questions on non-duality & liberation.

Andreas Müller: That's what apparently happens

This interview with Andreas Müller is from May 2019, questions by Devasetu.

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OnenessTalks with Andreas Müller, Helsinki, November 30th 2018

OnenessTalks with Andreas Müller, recorded in Helsinki, November 30th 2018. 'What is' does not need any realization. 'What is' is not dependent on you seeing it. 'What is' is not dependent on you understanding it. 'What is' is not dependent on you at all – it cannot, because there is no 'you'. In the meetings, the dilemma of the seeking self, the root of all suffering, is discussed and illuminated.

Interview with Andreas Müller from Frank McCaughey (Zero & One, Non-Duality)

Second Interview with Andreas Müller from Frank McCaughey (Zero & One)

Andreas Müller: OnenessTalks in Helsinki

These OnenessTalks with Andreas are from April 2018.




Andreas Müller: OnenessTalks London, March 2017

Andreas Müller: Talks with in Amsterdam, October 7th 2016

Thanks to Andreas that we can publish these OnenessTalks.             

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Andreas Müller: OnenessTalks Amsterdam, Sunday, Oct. , 9th 2016, part 1

Andreas Müller: OnenessTalks Amsterdam, Sunday, Oct. , 9th 2016, part 2

Andreas Müller: OnenessTalks in New York on Feb., 19th 2016, Part 1

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Andreas Müller: Live-Chat from 16th of Jan. 2016







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Andreas Müller: It is so Obvious and Normal – There is Only what is Happening

This OnesTalk was given in India in April 2012.


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Nowhere to get; no state in the future that is different than THIS; no world, no past, no future – only THIS; the sense of being an individual can appear in THIS; there is only what appears; the perception of being someone can collapse; it can be recognized that THIS is already complete and what has been looked for; the feeling of “me” is just happening but has no meaning either; “me” has no chance to experience oneness - beyond any personal stuff; no doer and no decision maker; oneness is just THIS; time, goals, paths exist only in the realms of an artificial reality; there is no deeper self, there is only what happens; THIS can never be accepted; the perception of being someone exists only as perception of being separate; there is no-one who realizes what is; everything in “your life” was wholeness.


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Separation is a perception rather than a mind game or thoughts; there is no such thing as separation; there is only what happens; no energy which wants to deal with what happens; without perception of being someone the feelings do not have strong meanings anymore; there was never any separation; no idea of a journey or wanting to get out of anything; suffering is the consequence of the perception of separation; the apparent awakening does not prevent the awakened from anything; life happens beautifully without person.

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Andreas Müller: THIS is It!

This talk was given in India in April 2012.


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THIS is it! without perception of being someone it is real and unreal; real and unreal make it complete; experiencing that something is missing; the apparent me is always looking for something but not for THIS; the apparent me is not the “I” thought but an energy including feelings and thoughts; for the me is no hope of getting THIS; the apparent me always believes that it has to do something; there is no person with free will and choice; there is only what appears; THIS is everything and nothing, no essence in it; THIS has no intention and no reason; no structure; the only function of “me” is experiencing itself as “me”; everything goes on without the “me”; the spiritual thing is about gathering stuff for the “me”; the enlightenment thing comes out of the perception of “me”; without the perception of “me” there is just THIS and the whole idea of lacking something collapses; there is no “me” which can fall away; there is only wholeness, there is nothing which can die; there is just “walking out” and perhaps you think that you walk out; all of a sudden there is fulfillment but this fulfillment is for no one, is not a personal experience; but there is nothing lacking anymore.


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Beyond states; not trying to give you a state, not trying to teach you anything; there is only wholeness but no need to name it, there is just what is; the talk just happens, no doing; the “me” will never accept THIS; THIS is what happens; so simple and basic and free; beyond the personal things; a dance for the sake of a dance, without reason.

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Andreas Müller: There is Only That Which Already Happens

This Interview with Andreas Müller was done by Nikhila in October 2011.

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Setup of the oneness talk or Satsang; leading someone to something is impossible; no particular setup; no intention in oneness talks; coming to the meetings happens by itself; the talk comes from the perspective of oneness; limitation of words; no point about being clear or not being clear; no religion of oneness; in hopelessness realizations can happen; oneness is neither an experience nor a thing; searching does not lead anywhere; no-one is on the path; people’s lives seem to change though – slightly; with the shift the story of the person ends.


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Practices to make energies flowing through the body are useless concerning oneness; different directions of seeking energy; everything is possible; there already is no-one; not knowing about ethical behaviour of liberated persons; good and bad as projections of the ego, just like the believe there is an ego who does something; Andreas does not feel like being a better person; hardly using words like good or love.


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Andreas Müller:

The Timeless Wonder
The timeless wonder only recognises oneness. Only oneness exists. This is everything and nothing; everything that appears, and does not. This radical message out of oneness is a true rarity. It is not directed to somebody, who is striving for personal fulfilment. In fact, it is not directed to anyone at all. This message does not recognise an 'I' that exists separate from the whole and thus does not offer a path nor a method to attain personal happiness. Perfection, oneness is already the case and is only overlooked by the apparently separate 'I'. This energy, apparently manifested in the body and perceiving itself as separate is just another wonderful flavour of  the whole. Like everything else it does not have any permanence. It is an appearance.
While the apparent 'I' is constantly looking for the next experience, the timeless wonder, this wonderful perfection, already is. Not to be reached, not to be understood, not to be approached. It is! It is that which the seeker is seeking, but which remains hidden, because of the seekers very existence. Only in the falling away of the seeker, what always is, is found.
The spiritual supermarket offers a large number of possibilities to reach THIS. Mostly there is some kind of path or process attached, one has to follow or go through. There are lots of instructions to follow. Meditate, become more aware, open one's heart, feel one's feelings, dissolve blocks, come into one's middle, go into silence   ...   the list is infinite and can be compared to a manual for a successful career. Always one step further, one step higher and closer to the goal; of course there are setbacks, too. Sometimes the goal seems to be almost reached, sometimes to be far away endlessly. And that is why the 'I' is, mostly unrecognised and only interrupted by some joyful moments, in constant tension and an only apparently ongoing process of moving towards an apparent future.
All of this has nothing to do with what is being said here. What is - wholeness - cannot be reached by anything, because it already is. Oneness does not need anything to be at one, oneness does not need to be reached or to be recognised in order to be. It simply is! The timeless wonder is! All that appears is This. This cannot be understood by the mind: Wanting to be enlightened is This. To make an excercise to reach fulfilment is This. To mindfuck about not being this is This. Without the filter of the 'I', it is seen clearly: It is THIS! Amazingly beautiful and stunningly perfect and at the same time only that which is. A truely timeless wonder! (Andreas in April 2011)

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