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Veeresh: Your Heart is the Source of Love

This Darshan with Veeresh took place at the One Spirit Festival 2014 in Karlsruhe in Germany. Veeresh left his body in January 2015.


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The meaning of Darshan; a Osho story about men and women; personal affirmations; about not having or having questions; stories about discriminations; follow your heart and don’t try to please the other; situations and mirroring; the law of attraction; you have major parts in mirroring and attraction and making it conscious; the teaching nature of illness; Veeresh’s experience with “Who am I?”; no words, just appreciation; the fear of sexual orgasm; denial of reality as the basis of mental illness; “I need love – not pain” exercise; self affirmation; love starts with a good feeling; “en-love-ment”  instead of “enlightenment”; about overcoming unworthiness; not having to pay a price; “Just the way I am right now is enough” exercise; the role model of the parents; growing out of blaming parents; resentment as one of the worst emotions (because it is not shared); about forgiving and letting go; the story of the two women; with swallowing NOs the body starts eating itself up; writing letters as a way of expressing it; “I forgive my parents for not being perfect” exercise; “I forgive myself for not being perfect” exercise – the bottom line; how to overcome problems of having to work in a way one does not want to work; create what you want; turning horrible situations; situations do not determine who we are; how can I make my work turn me on? Seeing it more like a meditation; the open heart is the battery for all light bulbs; make decisions from your heart not from your mind; the behavior can always be questioned; “In my heart I am perfect” exercise; don’t give up with your brothers and sisters; resentment is about punishing oneself; “love is always the answer” exercise.


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Veeresh: Loving the Master Inside Oneself

This Darshan with Veeresh took place at the 20. Rainbow Spirit Festival in May 2013 in Karlsruhe in Germany. 


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Sitting in the presence of the master and absorbing his energy during Darshan; not just changing outside behavior but looking inside during therapy; dying humans way of handling of missed opportunities which cannot be recovered now; Vereesh’s personal development; the power of forgivingness; not forgiving supports sickness; forgiving oneself and others; forgivingness is the key; mathematics of the heart; handling conflicts; meeting with Osho; making no difference between me and you; loving the master inside oneself; the different ways of expressing oneself; handling marriage problems; trying one more time to love with all power prior to the decision to get divorced, and if this does not work it is better to separate; taking an out time; the five different ways of expressing love; about making presents; the love inside the heart shows the way.



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Veeresh: Thank God for the Women

This Darshan with Veeresh happened at the 19th Rainbow Spirit Festival at Munich in May 2012.


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About Veereshs work in Israel with Israelis and Palestinians; impressed by the historical places in Israel;  when it was not allowed by the Palestinian security services for the invited Palestinian women to come to the peace conference with Veeresh to Israel; Veereshs surprise that Israelis and Palestinians looked like the same; the great step for the Palestinians and Israelis to listen to each other; about the group work of Veeresh with the Palestinians and the Israelis; about female circumcision among the Bedouins in Israel; about the tradition of Orthodox Jews to make love with a bed sheet with a small hole between each other; exercise with embracing and saying: “Thank God for the women”; from Veereshs history with his traditionally minded father; the pattern across generations in Veereshs family that fathers are not watching the growing up of their sons, because they live at different places; about the responsibility of parents towards the children; about children as “Little Monsters”; giving children the freedom to talk how they like to; as Veeresh saw that it was out of love that his mother was together with Veereshs alcohol addicted stepfather; Veereshs cold, blind anger and hatred for his stepfather and how he later forgave him and could even feel his love for him; the understanding and acceptance that our parents raised us in their own way, as they were able; exercise: “I forgive my parents that they did not behave perfectly” and embracing; to do ones job as well as possible, whether that is seen and recognized or not and whatever kind of work it is; Osho's advice to Veeresh to drop his work as an instructor of drug therapists in the hospital, if he could not do this work the way he wanted to do it out of his heard; be willing to risk one’s life for what corresponds to our inner truth; Veereshs reaction when he heard that his 16-year-old son was experimenting with drugs; the important role of the parents in the networks of drug-addicted children, because it is so hard for the parents to say "no" to their children; remain consistent to a drug-dependent child, even if it is very hard; from Veereshs history when he was grateful to his drug therapists, even though they had not told him the truth, because this was helpful to him; the tendency of parents to feel guilty because of the drug addiction of a child; Veereshs offer of therapy drug-addicted young people; exercise: “My kids are driving me crazy and it's okay.”


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Veeresh: The Heart is the Foundation

This Darshan with Veeresh happened at the 18th Rainbow Spirit Festival at Munich in June 2011.


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The right way of embracing; loving is the purpose of my life; the heart is the original source, the foundation; the heart is the battery, the light which switches on up there is just an effect; first the heart, then the brain; to sense this loving feeling in the heart; this love in your heart, this is who you are; you are lost in refusal and all that follows refusal; return to your source; this is what you are, the love in your heart; I am perfect in my heart; not switching off thinking and the capability to think; appreciate your mind; do not fight your mind; what we can imagine is endless; be grateful with your mind; accept it.


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I love my mind and accept it; I want to teach what I know; Veeresh reports about his time when he taught as Sannyasin in a psychiatric hospital; sexuality and meditation, what else is to be taught? Never compromise in your life when you feel in your heart that it is right; stand up for yourself; cooperating as friends; how we cooperate is more important than the work itself; to feel well from the heart; inviting and supporting each other, to cooperate a friends; creating solutions; there are no problems, there are only facts; I do not have problems but just facts in my life.


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Stand up and close your eyes, expressing your feelings; to find your love again; feel this loving situation in your heart right now; letting go and forgiving the negative feelings from this space of love in your heart; I forgive myself for not being perfect; Veeresh tells the “ham sandwich story” from Poona in the 1970s; two camps until 21st December 2012 and a group that I like; past is history, future is a mystery and presence is a present.


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Veeresh: You are my Friend!

This Friendship Meditation was led by Veeresh at the 18. Rainbow Spirit Festival at Munich in June 2011.


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To break the isolation; what isolation actually is; my response to isolation is friendship; we play together; a friendship meditation to have friends and deepen friendships; to extend the concept of friendship; to meet as many people as possible; to visit friends in the market place; to become aware of the conditions for friendship; what do we expect from a friendship? You are it!



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Tender whispering: “Let us be friends”; you are so joyful to have friends, let us dance; women and men sing as choir or as couples; period of silence; to close the eyes and look inside; thank you for being my friend; friends forever.



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Veeresh: Our Sacred Earth Meditation

Veeresh talks out of his rich life experiences and presents the social meditation “Our Sacred Earth Meditation”: Through stages of shaking, gentle movement that loosens the muscles and releases tensions, of dancing, stillness and hugging, you can let go of stress and worries that keep you from enjoying life.


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Veeresh in Berlin; working with people for getting them to give up resentments; not turn in resentments; forgiveness; letting go of resentments gives freedom; looking at death; Sammasati-Meditation; letting go in death; to be aware or not – so what?; living the moment as totally as possible; about the Our Sacred Earth Meditation; father of the bears; the melting ice and the polar bears; rocking chair revolutionary; every 20 seconds two million Euros spend on defence; dancing and shaking like in Oshos Kundalini meditation – while smiling; first part of the meditation: just dancing; next stages: sitting down like a Buddha, listing to nature and appreciating this earth; laying down and surrendering to earth; words of Osho: Our eyes are the eyes of the earth...


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Shake hands as a symbol for the contract: “I promise to take care of our sacred earth”; pass on the wisdom: “This earth does not belong to us – we belong to the earth”; ups and downs in Veeresh’s life; sciatic pain and walking impediment; energetic healing – the question: What did happened 20 years ago?; unblocking the energy; 20 years ago, not wanting Osho to go; having a baby at the age of 67; pain and resentment because the mother took away the baby to live in Brazil; learning to forgive and to let go; just the way it went; healthy because of letting go; true courage from the heard space; the power of smiling, important for our heard; sickness because of not flowing energy; the habit to cover one’s own back – no need for anymore; silly games for the mind: meeting and hugging like cool kangaroos; everybody playing to each other: being a koala bear stoned by eating eucalyptus, hanging in tries and falling down, hitting the earth with the head and console each other.


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Dolphins – seven orgasms a minute; wee – the sound of orgasms of dolphins; what turns us sexual on, what turns us sexual off; from this moment to the rest of your life: you will never have a problem! No more burdens – only facts; no more worries, I am only concerned.


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Our Sacred Earth Meditation: The Stages

1. Dancing, let your body move to the music.


2. Shaking, let your whole body shake. Focus on shaking your wrists, as it releases stored toxins in the body. Relax on your out breath.


3. Dancing


4. Shaking, increase the intensity of your shaking.


5. Dancing


6. Shaking, this time put all your effort into shaking and shake as total as you can. On every out breath express your feelings (negative or positive) by making a sound. Build up the energy as the shaking develops.


7. Sit like a Buddha in silence, listen to the music and look inside.


8. Lie down on your back, spread your arms and legs, close your eyes. Connect with the earth and listen to Osho.


9. Meet everybody, give each other gently a ‘High Five’ and exchange this statement: “I promise to take care of our earth” and then hug.


10. Hold hands, say to each other “This earth does not belong to us, we belong to this earth” and hug.

Veeresh: I am Good, the Way I am

This Darshan with Veeresh was filmed by Maren at the Rainbow Spirit Festival 2010 in Baden-Baden in Germany. Thanks to Veeresh for the permission to publish these videos of this very alive event with him.


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About trains arriving exactly in time in Japan and in Germany; about traditions in Japan; Darshan as a  tradition from India of sitting in the presence of the master, drinking it and getting sapped; about Veeresh sitting in a Darshan with Osho and getting bored; about the proper way to hug: relax your body and enjoy it; about addiction to work; about Veeresh’s job of training addiction therapists in the Netherlands not being allowed to teach about sexuality, meditation and about Osho; Osho’s main message: never compromise and be willing to die for what you believe; it’s not the job you do, it’s how you do the job; the way you do your job is more important than the results; work is love made visible. 


About the foundational feeling of being lovable; if you don’t have it, you need to adopt it now; you don’t have to pay a price for love – just the way you are is enough; the way you prove your love is the freedom you give to the other; to be inner-directed rather than to be outer-directed – if you need love, you be loving; don’t expect it from the world because they will always disappoint you; I need love not pain; people have strange ways of asking for attention; give the person the attention he needs; to answer with the same energy creates conflicts; he needs love; sometimes you completely miss – and that’s okay; if you can accept that, you create a balance in your life; parents can never be perfect; as a father share your feelings with the mother; if you want to know how far a man has come, look at how much he loves his parents; the story of a Gorilla in a zoo who had a baby; give love to the baby; I forgive my parents for not being perfect.


How to be in balance when somebody dies; the concept of a party with all ones friends and beloved after death; about the death of Veeresh’s mother; it only matters that the person knows that you love him; the way you behave in life is always subject to change; find that there is a constant space inside of you that doesn’t change, and that is your heart’s space; in my heart I am perfect.

Seminar with Veeresh

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New drug free program in New York for its 250 000 addicts, from professional patient to addiction specialist, Veeresh's first "marathon" group, Veeresh's fear of admitting to his feelings and looking at himself, caring and compassionate therapists


"Victor", Veeresh's director, used any means to get his clients to learn; unconventional therapy, Victor is Veeresh’s hero, on the the way to Osho, how Veeresh got his name "Veeresh"


Veeresh (D. Yuson-Sànchez) was born in New York in 1938. At the age of 28 he entered a rehabilitation program for drug addicts at Phoenix House New York, a drug-free therapeutic community for intensive rehabilitation. There he began his involvement in human growth. He graduated top of the class as an addiction specialist and was selected to go to England to establish Phoenix House London. In 1974 he met his spiritual Master Osho. One year later the Dutch Ministry of Health invited him to establish a training program for addiction specialists in the Netherlands and in 1978 he founded the Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee with the purpose of training therapists.


He is an innovative therapist and inspiring teacher who has created many therapeutic processes, including the AUM Meditation and other Social Meditations.

In "Working with People", the live recording of a seminar given by Veeresh in Pune in 2003, he elaborates on the ingredients in working with people: care, compassionate involvement, motivation, presence and passion.

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