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Tuesday Zoom Satsang live at 8 pm from the Open Sky House.

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Live-Chat with John David about the Ramana Book “Aham Sphurana”: In Ramanas Presence

This live chat with John David from November 2023 is about the Ramana book “Aham Sphurana”, he published and also about general spiritual questions, with the spiritual teacher Kevin Patrick, with members of the Open Sky House community and guests. In the first part there is a conversation between John David and the spiritual teacher OM about the book, thank you very much for that.


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John David: Community as a Spiritual Practice

Interview with John David from October 2021, questions by Yvonne, Wolfgang and Devasetu.

The Open Sky House invites you to get a Taste of Spiritual Community! 22 - 28 Nov.: Meditation • Workflow • Satsang • Conzert • Darshan • Selfinquiry • Theater • Mantra • All for free.



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John David: Understanding the Freedom in Papaji's Presence and Love

Interview with John David from May 2021, questions from Yvonne, Martha, Wolfgang and Devasetu.



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John David talks about how his name change; about his travels to give Satsang in Europe and India and the Zoom meetings now taking place; the story of his name change is also about being guided more and more “from above” and about how the Papaji project “Day by Day with Papaji” came about; sitting to the left of Papaji in satsang was beautiful for John David; about collecting letters from Papaji students; Papaji could read people's energy in the depths; after a few months in Lucknow, John David felt as if he was an apprentice; It was a great learning to see people coming one after the other and to learn something about them; It was only 12 years later that John David made his first book: "Papaji, Power of Grace"; answering the question about John David's “path to papaji” and how freedom came to be understood; Questions about the John David Commune, about the living together and the film, book and art projects, and how close should a spiritual teacher be to the students and what is love for John David, is it timeless? Papaji had this incredible ability to bring us into contact with love; “I knew that before” - it's because our home is love; you have to understand that you are already free, but you live as if you are not free, so you need someone to show you what is preventing you from seeing that you are already free; you need very close contact with your teacher, and John David tells a story of Papaji and his student in the Indian hospital; to tell what kind of person Papaji was, that is one of the reasons for the Papaji project, which many different people report about it in interviews; Just the way John David talks about Papaji, you get an impression that he was incredibly open, even now, 25 years later, John David feels incredibly close to Papaji ..., and more of the interview with many questions and answers from John David, heartfelt Thanks.

Trailer: Adventures in Consciousness - Interview with John David

Trailer to the Film "Pointless Joy of Freedom" about John David and the Open Sky House Communities

Spiritual Community - Awaken Now [FULL FILM]

John David: Non-Doing

John David: Surrender

John David: Quotes by Sri Ramana Maharshi

Quotes by Sri Ramana Maharshi - Selected from a previously unpublished book „Aham Sphurana-Self Realization“.

John David: The Wisdom of Albert Einstein

John David: Guru Purnima Day

John David: Zoom Satsang

John David: A Glimpse is enough

John David: Planet Crisis and Self-Awareness

John David: Our True Nature

John David: Meditation

John David: Love is your Being - Zoom Meeting 1st June

Open Sky House Residents meet Vasant Swaha - Facilitated by John David

Following the Interview for the new Papaji book and film project, John David invited Vasant Swaha to meet the Open Sky House Residents. Vasant Swaha has two centers in Denmark and Brazil.

Open Sky House Residents meet Isaac - Facilitated by John David

Following the Interview for the new Papaji book and film project, John David invited Isaac to meet the Open Sky House Residents.

Open Sky House Residents meet Aruna - Facilitated by John David

Aruna is an American Satsang Teacher, who was with Papaji.

Open Sky House Residents meet Andrew Cohen - Facilitated by John David

Open Sky House Residents meet Pari - Facilitated by John David

John David: Don't believe your Mind

John David: Straight Talk- Fear, Spiritual Bullshit

John David: You Are Already Free

John David: Adventures in Lucknow and Free in Prison

John David: Trust your Inner Voice - John David about Life in a Spiritual Community

John David SatTV

Andrew Cohen and John David in Dialogue

English Spiritual teacher John David dialogues with spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen about his philosophy of Evolutionary Enlightenment and the nature of Truth and Consciousness. They both share from their own life and teaching experience. Andrew answers questions from the audience at the end.

John David: Conditioning around Family

John David: Facing the Ego Wall

John David (Premananda): Always Love Yourself

Arunachala Satsang Retreat January 2017.

John David (Premananda): Limits of the Intellect

Arunachala Satsang Retreat January 2017.

Premananda Satsang: Awakening needs Intensity

Awakening needs intensity from May 25th 2015.

Premananda Satsang: Nothing to Get (India 2015)

Premananda Satsang: Authentic Love and Sex

Premananda: Interview with Gabriele

Premananda talks to spiritual journalist, Gabriele, answering heartfelt questions direct from her own burning passion, which are both for her and for the viewer's benefit. Together they go into the topic of surrender, into what it really means, and how much one can really choose to surrender. She then questions Premananda on whether our awakening is included in our destiny or not, which leads into a fascinating insight into the paradox of destiny vs free-will.

Premananda: Hiding in Nonduality

Premananda Satsang: What is Freedom?

What is Freedom? Feel content and peaceful inside, free and independent of the outer situation. Life becomes a benediction.

Premananda and Indira: The Nature of Satori or the Still Lake and the Resting

This interview with Premananda and Indira with the issue of Satori und awakening was done by Reinhold in summer 2013 at Open Sky House in Germany near Cologne.


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The nature of Satori; introduction of the movie “Satori”; flashing into a new truth; spiritual birth; glimpse into awakening; Satori means self realization; about different words describing “awakening”; when the own self disappears for some time; enlightenment does not mean to get something, but is the insight that everything is already here; the sudden shift during a transformation documented on an I-Phone video; meditation changes the functioning of the brain; the process of awakening in the practice of meditation for years; there is the self and in parallel the experienced story; following the breath leads to the self; yoga and meditation; deep peace; inner space through self enquiry; loosening of attachments; remembering oneself in Satsang; feeling less attached to thoughts, feelings and the body, out-of-body experience;  life without body is difficult to imagine for many people; experiencing the limitations of the body upon returning into it; the still lake and the resting; trusting and no reason for worries; there is no before and after, just perception changes; the moment of Satori is like a birth; what happens after Satori; the young, fresh, easy and lightful feeling after Satori; being touched by a strong energy phenomenon; enlightenment leads to more simplicity; not being able to judge anymore; demystification of the imagination of enlightenment.



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Premananda: Living in a Spiritual Commune

Recorded video Live-Interview and Live-Chat with Premananda. Questions by Sabine and Jeet from Jeet-TV and Devasetu from Here-Now-TV. Questions as well possible by Chat without lock in at Ustream.


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Premananda: Open Sky House – An Experiment in Conscious Living

Premananda dialogues with Reinhold about his new book and film "The Great Misunderstanding", and the Open Sky House Community which is the setting for this project about living spirituality. He shares how this project came together as a compilation of his Satsangs from the last ten years. The daily life examples of the Satsang community make the book and film into something special. In this experiment of conscious living it becomes very clear how mind structures and trauma prevent Awakening (summer 2013).


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Introduction of the person and spiritual teacher Premananda; about the Open Sky House at Hitdorf near Cologne, with 25 people on the banks of the Rhine River; starting up a second community; collective love within the community; the production of the book “The Great Misunderstanding” out of the notes of the last 15 years; thoughts about the book title; seeing not the problems but the solutions; the mapping of the chapters to the seven chakras happened as if by coincidence; useful instructions in the book; team work – mirroring each other in the team; introduction of the new film, which was produced over the last two years; the movie as expression of a community which shares everything; opening the heart chakra and functioning on a new level; living the teachings; the possibility of global communication via computers and the special quality of personal meetings; supporting serious searchers in the community in their process of awakening; the beginning of the community on a farm; the new house of the community on the banks of the Rhine – an international community; Satsangs in different languages; different conditionings of humans related to their geo-social background; creativity of the community grows with its deepening of consciousness; expressing art out of intuition and not out of concepts; the space behind mind and beyond all words; unconditional love in the community; the “Buddy System”; about daily inner dramas; taking responsibility for the own feelings; encountering pain; awakening does not exclude pain – being with pain; awakening implies pain, going through pain; about day dreams and unresolved traumata behind them; every person is traumatized; confronting oneself with the pain.


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The Great Misunderstanding - Film Trailer

Discover Your True Happiness
With A Simple New Understanding


An intense experiment in conscious living: One spiritual teacher and twenty people with a strong longing for a true understanding of what is real, living together in one house. This film shows the residents in their search for Awakening, with Premananda guiding them from the misunderstanding of separation to oneness. He explains clearly how we are trapped in our conditioning and points us to our true nature.


The Great Misunderstanding shows us that we are conditioned to believe in duality, perceiving ourselves as separate from the world. We deeply misunderstand who we really are.

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Premananda: Coming to Awakening

This interview was done by Reinhold with Premananda at the Open Sky House in July 2011.

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Papaji’s way of treating people; Ajja as example of a person with very little structures; amazing energy moving through him; structures are stabilized by the misunderstanding of believing the structures are what I am; the difficulty to see one’s own structures; not taking reflections of own structures by a buddy personally; “I am not good enough” as a common structure; sitting quietly not doing anything; self enquiry as conscious looking where thoughts arise from; coming to the source of the “I”; dyads and reflections on “who am I” for some hours bring people into deep silence and often profound glimpses; seeing the truth and embodying the truth with the years; being spiritual or not spiritual; traumas as strong structures which are blocked out into the sub-conscious levels; when pain is too intense the body system takes us away from this; overcoming traumas is not easy; gradually it can be sensed that memories trigger traumas in certain situations; sensing tightening in the body; years of awareness seem to be necessary to see traumas and structures.


Energy as natural expression of being; organisms in one energy field?! “solid reality” ?! the common habit of believing in a “me”; no habit of questioning the “me”; being at ease with people; allowing oneself not to know; spiritual names to encourage peoples’ potentials; can be a useful device as a constant reminder; reincarnation as a concept of some religions; not such an important question; benefits of having a master; Osho’s role in Premananda’s life; surrendering to the self.


Treating structures in Osho’s Ashram; Premananda’s understanding of his role; Papaji’s role in Premananda’s life; Osho as a good master for beginner; projection onto the master in the beginning; seeing there is no difference between master and disciple; masters have no fear of just being themselves; visiting Ramana Maharshi’s Ashram annually; being a channel; Robert Adams’ relationship with Ramana Maharshi; inner questions powering life; some force which is unfolding life; life seems to be not having a point; no fear about death; near death experiences seem to be extremely joyful.


Spontaneous start of Premananda’s community; unfolding instead of controlling developments; treating situations when people leave the community; the community as laboratory to observe how life works; rare events of getting liberated; different opinions about awakening; no need to bother about who is awakened or not; all is happening; some people just make themselves available to share; Osho’s style of being a master; J. Krishnamurti’s effect, last talking and aura; Eckart Tolle; different paths leading to the same source.


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European Masters - Blueprints for Awakening

Premananda did interviews with twelve European Masters, he asked the same twelve questions about the teachings of Ramana Maharshi to each of them. From this material a book, a DVD and an internet page with video clips was created.





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Premananda: Only This Moment Exists

This Satsang with Premananda was filmed by Devasetu at the first day at the 16. Rainbow Spirit Festivals 2010 in Baden-Baden / Germany.


Watch the video Watch video part 1


Premananda's books and a silent meditation.


Watch the video Watch video part 2


Starting with jokes; purpose of Satsang; looking inside being not busy with the world; coming to the end of the cycle of desiring; you are love; your essence is where you want to come to; nothing to get; we are unhappy because we are so busy with the world; once you stop - there it is; love and peace is your nature; why make an effort to be you? Be as you are; sit quietly and feel what happens inside you; surrender to a master; not comfortable; a resonance with your master; the play between the master who knows and the one who likes to know is very beautiful; the master’s effort is to show you that you are exactly as he is; stay close to the master; freedom is for the few crazy people who are ready to give everything; it is easy to experience an awakening; why not have this through the whole life? believing in an identity which is based on conditioning is in an obstacle to freedom; becoming free without master is difficult but not impossible; no changes in daily life after enlightenment; wanting to share what was understood with enlightenment with other people; initially nobody was really interested in Premananda’s experience.


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Life does not always work as we believe; unfolding of all day life; falling deep into this mystery; allow the mystery of life to wash over you is a beautiful way to live; meditation will not lead you to freedom but will give you a quiet mind; how the community started; experiences of awakening go away due to serious issues in conditioning e.g. “I am not good enough”; Premanande does not care if he is good enough or not good enough; a lot of grounding is happening in the community; to see that thoughts and believes do not exist makes free – only this moment exists; usually we move in the past of the future; meditation is a device to bring us here; change from being outside to being inside; Zen and Vipassana help to be aware what is now; to become free it is recommended to be with a master; spiritual masters look for surrender in you; when you can surrender things can happen easily; the master wants that you surrender to the self which is the same self as the master and as everybody; religion is not really helping very much; Buddha and Jesus were not so nice but they were used to create religions; religion and politics go very much together.


Premananda: The Presence – Being Simply Here

Joe Schraube did this interview with Premananda during the Rainbow Spirit Festival 2009 in Baden-Baden / Germany. 


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About the decision of being tired to be a victim of your mind and then take steps;  about the conditioned identification with the idea of „my life“; being either awake or not, either caught up in the mind or free from it; spiritual practices to achieve a quiet mind; spiritual freedom cannot be „done“; once you see the illusion, the stronger structures of the mind still come back until finally they disappear;  no more identification with the structure; „here I am“; about the basic experience of silence and the practical mind; no enlightened person – the person disappears and that is enlightenment; about dreaming; about obvious changes after awakening; no attachment to the person and no personal choice; to go to the teacher where you feel the most synchonicity; about paranormal experiences; just being here – this is magic.



Premananda: To See who We Really Are

This Interview with Premananda has been recorded at the Open Sky House in August 2009 near Cologne. In the first part of the interview the questions are asked by Birgit, second part by Devasetu, third part by Rama and in the fourth part of the interview Premananda talks about his new book: "Arunacha Shiva". The first three parts are in English without translation, the fourth part is in English with German translation because the book will be published in both languages.


Watch the video Watch video part 1


About Premananda’s online-satsangs; the life in his community in Germany with international people; deep interest in awakening and living the awakening; about the name Premananda – „unconditional love“ – as a challenge; the master as somebody who shows you that you are not different from him; about the essential role of a master and his function as a mirror and a constant reminder of another possibility to live; Premananda as a messenger for his masters Osho, Papaji and Ramana Maharshi; his impersonal teaching: to see who we really are and how to come in contact with it; being quiet as a roadside pointing to the direction of going deeply inside and of becoming aware of one’s true nature.


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The conflicts in the world starting in the conflicts inside ourselves; about Premananda’s work of showing people how to become free of the conditioned mind and its effects on the environment; about the reasons of war between different nations; the war inside of us manifests in war on the outside; nationalistic attitudes change with an increasingly conscious mind; the wealth of information available due to Internet- and TV-possibilities causes more understanding between the people in the world; „a newly emerging global village“;  the subtle shift on the earth: increasing wealth and power of the Middle and Far East, financial crisis in America; through the international media and the emerging economic relationships we are moving into a safer time with less reasons for war; about the spiritual culture and peaceful vibrations in India and their still persistently violent human nature.


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About Premanandas busy life in every moment; Retreat, finishing a book and running the community; the plan of a second new community in Spain; less plans, more coincidences; about his international trips; about the special attributes of the students who are attracted to Premananda: „Not so serious“, sensitive and full of creativity; the self-developping arts- and creativity-community; a regular day in the communitiy: meditation, meals, work, relating to other people, Satsang, Darshan and fun; about the financial organization of the community; Premananda moving around the sleeping place of people of the community not to encourage any idea of „mine“; about the relationship with the village around; local people visiting exhibitions in the art gallery of the house; about the animals living with the community.


Watch the video Watch video part 4


Introduction of the new book „Arunachala Shiva“ – being published in English and in German, containing commentaries on Shri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings: „Who am I?“; based on interviews from the year 2002; Premananda’s motivation to make the book: to make the essence of Ramana’s teachings available for the people; background-information on the book; the mysterious impulse to create a book; about the publishing group of the community; Premananda on the valuable work of Jetzt-TV.

In German / in Deutsch: Vorstellung des neuen Buches „Arunachala Shiva“, das in Englisch und Deutsch veröffentlicht wird und Kommentare zu Shri Ramana Maharshis Lehren „Wer bin ich?“ enthält, basierend auf Interviews aus dem Jahr 2002; Premanandas Motivation, das Buch zu machen: die Essenz von Ramanas Lehren für die Menschen verfügbar zu machen; Hintergrund-Informationen zum Buch; der mysteriöse Impuls, ein Buch zu erschaffen; über die Verlagsgruppe der Community; Premananda über die wertvolle Arbeit von Jetzt TV.


Blueprints for Awakening - Beauty Deeper than Beauty

Premananda interviewed 16 Indian masters, asked to all the twelve equal questions concerning the teaching of Ramana Maharshi. From this developed a book, a film (as DVD) and an Internet video side. We show a 10 minute trailer from the film an interview that Devasetu did with Premananda and Darshana about this project.

Devasetu about this project: Film and book particularly touches me, because of the touching human beings therein and because "Blueprints for Awakening" has a completely similar adjustment as Jetzt-TV (Here-Now-TV): to give wise humans a platform and to offer a chance to the people to find to this wise human beings. An offer is created from which everybody can select completely individually what is right exactly for this moment.


Watch the video Trailer of the film Blueprints for Awakening


About the idea for that film, about Ramana (original film material from the archive of the Ramana Ashrams), about the concept of a "destroyed mind", a platform for the different masters, about enlightenment and being alive, about the mind, the presence in the interviews



Watch the video Interview with Premananda about the film, first part


Premananda as messenger for Ramana and Papaji, in Osho’s Ashram, meetings with 18 masters from India, open to be taken to every master, western masters, hanging out with these beautiful people, no more travelling for teaching, the untouched ground inside us, no teaching of the Vedanta-Masters, about the film as initiation, the impersonal message behind all these masters, the invisible thread in the film, beauty deeper than beauty, meetings in fun and playfully, Thuli Baba, Ajja


Watch the video Interview with Premananda about the film, second part


Meeting with Satchidananda, days with Ma Souris, on a walk with Satchidananda, the questions of authenticity, no perfection, no best master – they all the best one, the power of Arunachala mountain, Indian and western Masters, work and love and the support of the Open Sky Community in the project, the distribution of the film and the book


Watch the video Interview with Darshana, direction assistant and cutter of the film


Interview with Darshana, production assistant and cutter of this film project: Being touched with the truth of the masters, a quote of Satchidananda, in love with every master, the technical side of the project, the talent of the body and the opportunity for this project, being touched by the film and the book 


Video clips of the 16 masters and for information about the book and DVD:


Or directly via this side (please scroll down and click on an photo to start the video): 


Interview with Premananda


The Ancient Wisdom of Self-Inquiry


Watch the video Watch video part 1


Living wisely from the emptiness, the first priority, the idea of "my life", our true nature, stepping out of the illusion, the lineage of Papaji and Ramana, the book: "Papaji Amazing Grace", Ramana’s eyes, retreat as homage to Ramana, the ancient wisdom of self-inquiry, remembering ourselves, "spiritual practice"


Watch the video Watch video part 2


From German history the openness for Satsang, the pool of consciousness of different satsang-teachers, the ultimate love affair, with the "super-"master Osho, in Lucknow with Papaji, in memory of the master, experience of "highs" as blessings or as hindrances, the desire of simply feeling good, structures as obstacles on the way


Watch the video Watch video part 3


Shaking up through changes and intensity, the perfect disciple for Papaji, the support in the Open Sky House Community, the value of the Community and inherent dangers, the Community as institution, George Gurdjieff’s exercises, provoking resistance, the way into the community


John David / Premananda

John David formerly Premananda was born in Bangor (Wales) and started very early questioning life and the essence of life. After his studies – while staying in Japan – he learned about satsang and about Osho Rajneesh and in 1976 he found himself in the Ashram in Pune where instinctively he knew that his questions would be answered and where he remained for 15 years. After Osho's death Premananda went to Lucknow and after three weeks in the presence of Papaji he recognized "who he really was".


For five years he stayed in Papaj's sangha, and then he started giving satsang in Australia. Since 2003 Premananda has been touring many places in Europe, inviting people to satsang and conveying the essence of Advaita in public meetings, Intensive-Weekends and retreats, with the central question: "Who am I?"


Presently John David (Premananda) lives in the Open Sky House Community in Hitdorf, a place next to the Rhine River between Cologne and Düsseldorf in Germany.

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