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Michael Barnett Left His Body in November 2019...

On November 12, 2019 at 3:17 a.m. Michael Barnett left his body. On a clear full moon night Michael took his last breath and left us in his physical form. He was a source of wisdom, love and inspiration.

Michael Barnett: You are the World

This lecture by Michael Barnett, who left his body in November 2019, took place at the One Spirit Festival in June 2019 in Freudenstadt. The lecture is in English with German translation.

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Michael Barnett: Realize that nothing is comparable to THIS

This talk was given by Michael Barnett at the One Spirit Festival in May 2018.

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Michael Barnett: What is Life?

This talk was given by Michael Barnett at the One Spirit Festival in June 2017.


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Michael Barnett: Just Experiencing the Flow Instead of Giving Names to the Things

Michael answered questions during the One Spirit Festival in Freudenstadt in May 2015. 


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Is it possible to be in flow continuously? The person, the I, cannot be in flow, it is being dragged by the flow; the desire of being in the flow is just a wish and wishes are changing; wishes are important, if you know that the wish alone does not lead to achieve the goal; the difference between a wish and a decision; the story of the woman with the sick headache and her spontaneous energetic healing; the enquiry of the energy which is capable to heal; experiencing the flow instead of naming things; as soon as we give names to things our mind becomes active and we are busy with the contents of the things; connecting the flow of the own energy system with the flow of the universe; the story of the tuning fork in a music lesson; is it possible to transfer the universal cosmic vibration into our day to day life? all that is is okay and needs not to be changed; it is not crucial what we are doing but what we are experiencing; intensive shock experiences cannot be processed immediately, only in silence and peace they surface and are being realized; a guru can be a mediator between a student and the universal cosmic energy; only when man becomes god he can know what god actually is; about the meaning of meditation in spiritual context; once you are connected with the universal energy you are automatically in the state of meditation, no matter what you are doing.


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Michael Barnett: Wild Goose – Oneness-Meditation

This Wild Goose Oneness Meditation led Michael Barnett during the One Spirit Festival in May 2015 Freudenstadt.


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Wild Goose meditation; we are part of the unit and because of the fact that the universal energy flows through us all, we are interconnected; step by step guided Oneness Meditation; call attention with closed eyes on the feet; let go of all concepts and ideas; there is no separation between the feet and the ground; energy flows from the bottom in the feet and legs, and viceversa; up high feel the rising energy throughout the body in the shoulders; we do not cause the flow of energy, but only accompany him with our attention; losing the imagination of the body and following the flow of energy; follow the flow of energy from the shoulders to the arms and hands, up into space; the reverse flow of energy from out of the room, in the hands and arms, through the entire body follow; your hands are connected to the space and your feet to the ground; universal energy, which is connected to everything else; universal energy is healing energy; feel the energy through the hands, connected and merging to the heart;  perceiving the energy in the space between the fingers; hands get down to the root chakra; merge the fingertips over your head and feel the unity of both hands; hands now lay on the brain chakra; flat laying hands on the ground and feel the unite with the earth; feel yourself in the space; your personal consciousness is part of the universal consciousness.


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Michael Barnett: The Fascinating Nothing Beyond Mind

This interview was conducted by Devasetu during the One Spirit Festival at Freudenstadt in May 2015.


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The meaning of spirituality; there is an area outside the material world and we can find it; about the term “reality”; we are not in a position of perceiving reality as it is because our limited capacity prevents us from understanding what actually is; science cannot capture reality either; intuitively we can get that there is something which mind cannot explain; our ordinary reality is based on duality of good and bad, right and wrong and so on, in emptiness, however, all differences disappear; mind judges nothingness as boring, beyond mind emptiness is absolutely fascinating; behind emptiness there is a presence which we can intuitively grasp only; the encounter with Shiva; the time with Osho at Poona and Michael’s work as therapist and energy master; the circumstances which resulted in Michael’s exclusion of the Osho Ashram and community and the reconstruction of his own work; imparting knowledge of the taste of another dimension to human beings; the last conversation with Osho; all is pervaded by energy, life and energy are identical; energy can neither be created nor destructed, but it can be transformed; about Michael’s energy work which is based on resonance; absolute bliss without a reason; lifting of energy in Michael’s seminars; healing effect of the energy to the bodies of the participants; identification separates us from the energy; in unity there is no form which we can identify with; Michael’s unity experience in Death Valley; about destiny; about happiness in a relationship.


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Michael Barnett: Being in Resonance with That which Includes All Energies

This energy event with Michael Barnett took place at the One Spirit Festival in May 2014 in Karlsruhe.


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Everyone has an individual power system that resonates with activities, places or people; we can also resonate which that with includes all energy itself; opening up to the space which includes all energies; getting in contact with the cosmic energy; energy work; feel into the body; to be aware of the breath; to experience oneself attentively, with all that just is; what we are in the body here is not everything there is; between the bodies here, there is space; to examine ones own relationship with the space surrounding us; also the room itself makes contact with us; being open for the fine touch of the space; letting oneself being moved by the space, dancing with the space; be open and receptive; call attention to the hands; Music recordings; drawing energy with the hands into once own system; collecting personal energy; being in trust with the processes and trusting that we are surrounded by energy; we can combine these energies with our bodies; collecting relationship energy; healing meditation; collecting energy from the earth; exploring the space in an individual manner; following the own spontaneity in the process.


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Michael Barnett: Silence in the Inner Timeless Space

This talk with Michael Barnett was held at the One Spirit Festival  in May 2014 in Karlsruhe.


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Everything we do or say, every thought, every feeling, is a form of energy; energy is the same as life; each of the seven billion people on earth expresses his individual energy; we are all energy phenomenas; it is not about to improve the energy expression or change it; from the restriction of our energy toward the cosmic energy that is available everywhere in space; union with the cosmic energy; consciously awaken from the dream; when you are dreaming while know that you are dreaming; the great dream is that we are separate individuals; when the personality disappears, you are a channel for the expression of universal energy; there is nothing to achieve, acquire or create; come to rest; be at home in the universe, then the universe is in us; rather than chasing always for the here and now by making aware of what just is happening, just being in the here and now; whatever happens, it happens in the here and now; we must no longer capture the here and now; experiencing directly what is happening; activity and awareness of the activity are one; about sitting meditation and Zen Buddhism; to let go of all the needs and desires to be somewhere else; deep rest in the timeless inner space; the cosmic space is always and everywhere present; letting go of the apparent reality and of that what we believe to be, a separate identity; the vibration of your own energy changing back to the cosmic energy; come home to be in unity with the universe; enlightenment is the realization that separateness is an illusion; speeches and non-speech come from the same source; satisfaction is not to be found in the outside world, but only in being; real freedom.


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Michael Barnett: There is No Outside of What You Are

This event with Michael Barnett took place at the 21. Rainbow Spirit Festival in Dec. 2013 im Munich.


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There is neither outside nor inside but as human beings are multidimensional there is outside and inside; the possibility to experience oneself as undivided being; experiencing oneself as an individual being and as something which goes far beyond that at the same time; the holistic perspective which has to be applied to the whole universe, can be experienced as personal reality; letting go of the feeling of having a personal life; it is not possible to make the holistic experience as long as we are attached to our personal relationships and everyday situations; totality can only be experienced if we vibrate on a universal level; we cannot try with effort to make it, the space opens only if we and mind comes to rest; turning away from the noise of mind; we cannot create the innate possibility to be one with everything, we can only open an inner space in which it can be experienced; finding this space through a process of resonance; be with the group of the practitioners if you cannot be the master; the explosion of energy in space through resonance; once this energy has awakened it cannot be lost anymore, it was there before you were born and it goes back to its source when you die; practicing being in stillness, bringing mind to rest; the inner stillness as oasis inside us; the totally relaxed and peaceful state which is in everybody and everything; sensing into the inner centre; vibrating into the energy of nature which is always around us and becomes part of us; the centre is love; the experience that experiencing separation is not reality; connecting and letting get overwhelmed – the experience of love as highest goal which a human being can achieve; there is no higher bliss than connection with god, then we can pass away with a smile in the face; recognizing the own human potential in its plenitude; removing barriers from the way in order to be totally open; the trip to the natural state which we are born into; felling love with everything, the highest possibility of humans; living life in its total fullness.


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Michael Barnett: Exploration of Resonance

This event with Michael Barnett took place in November 2010 in Berlin at the 17th Rainbow Spirit Festival


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The radical change about many spoke before me, legitimately or illegitimately; „Energy-World“ is not limited to a location; here and now – what is here and now? Bliss is here and now; what is spirit? Spirit is a form of energy; what is the difference between the state of non bliss and bliss? The state of energy you vibrate with has changed.


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To connect with reality, where bliss is available always; the process of resonance; an experiment with a tuning fork; when others tune into the vibration of bliss of a human; higher vibrations, which are not linked with the body; to relax and open for vibrations of these dimensions; you cannot fetch them, they come on their own.


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To sense resonance; wonderful mind; energies which pull us; mind takes us to a place where we can go beyond mind; my mind told me: „That what you want from me I cannot give.“ to sense subtle levels, no space for mind; to be in no-mind very often, to be in the universal space; to sense the subtle energies and resonate with them; when all relaxes bliss comes as a natural state; to sit because sitting is – not to get somewhere.


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Michael Barnett †

Born and bred in London. Graduated at Cambridge University in Maths and Law. Highly successful businessman for a while, then a world traveller. Returning to London he sets up the lay movement known as “People Not Psychiatry” and establishes his own Growth Centre, “Community”.
In 1974 he becomes a disciple of the Indian teacher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho). He makes a name for himself as leader of intensive seminars in Poona and other Rajneesh centers. In 1982 he leaves this movement and soon sets up his own Energyfield known as The Wild Goose Company.
Michael Barnett becomes a spiritual teacher and companion for more than 4500 people. In his numerous talks he speaks about the challenges in daily life, the ego, love, relationships, meditation and spirituality. He refers to the wisdom of other spiritual teachers and also the Zen tradition, which he appreciates very much.
His way leads him and his community from Zurich to Italy at Lago Maggiore. This was followed by five more years in southwest France where a large community project was developed. In this community people from five continents were living and working together.
In 1997 he moves to Zurich and then on to Freiburg, Germany. Here OneLife is born - the name now taken for the worldwide and unique activities.
Apart from his creativity as teacher and author (around 40 books) he is also in private life a man with various facets: passionate family father, soccer fan, car enthusiast, reader of many books, wine connoisseur, and just one of us.
It is his simple presence, his authenticity and his living in the Here and Now, his humor and his clarity which his students appreciate.

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