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Zanko: The Gift of Being Touched

This Satsang took place in December 2010 in Germany.


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Santa Claus day, desires and orders; to recognize the purpose of the own life through consciousness; to live consciously and not sense needs through this; all is here – but the wheel of never ending desire keeps on turning because mind is hungry; the best present and the only possibility to satisfy the hunger for desire: conscious presence; not to be the puppets of our desires; to be free from the play of desires; the sweet slavery of desires; when life is perceived as incomplete an so many desires exist because of this; the ordered and purchased joy during receiving presents; true joy out of having no desire; the interpersonal stock exchange based on fulfillment of desire; the pain of being a puppet of the own desires; change through recognition – and the “slight” difference before and after knowing, which can hardly be recognized in the outside; not to follow old shoe patterns; to walk barefooted and even though look for the old shoes.


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Questions out of the thirst for competency and the desire to know something; when only the important questions remain; for a conscious being each day is Christmas, a permanent desire-less opening of grace itself which is possible for every human being; when we open our eyes without concept: all is and was always perfect here; highly ranked male tears and knowledge; the support of the master; the spontaneous present of being touched; the good sign when men cry because the soul has been touched; gratefulness for the deep trust.


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The luck to be open for grace; to open into existence through trust; Zanko’s gratefulness; when grace can be integrated into consciousness; nothing to do – opening is sufficient it happens on its own; just being here; the potential of human beings to be conscious; to cry of gratefulness; the fascination to experience what is really here; to be grateful for meeting each other; the presence of being in space – balsam for the soul.


Zanko: I Really Appreciate Inner Freedom

This interview with Zanko did Devasetu in December 2010. It is in German language with English subtitles.


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Teaching, experiences and results; consciousness, a rational integration with the world as a whole; grace, something incredibly big; more and more understanding grace; confrontation with incompetence of human beings; human beings cannot be perfect; longing and thirst for development; development, change particularly at this moment; to be frozen in identification; to warn oneself of oneself; human suffering from human power; mankind needs more and more conscious beings; consciousness and death; suffering and pain; different directions and their results; to have fun is not always the best; meditation; it is important to come into depth; all means are available; direct contact with a living master is unbeatable; an Ashram project in Thuringian Wood is under development; master and teacher.


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Children and their teachers; no chance to develop freely; educational problems world-wide; recognizing limitations and the own opportunities; meditation, our original state; no matter what you do, you can always meditate; the human being born as meditating being; the original competence, absolutely natural; to consciously step away from any identification; to consciously set priorities; thought and personality; to use words; spontaneity beyond thoughts – grace; to kinds of loneliness; escape or oneself; to find balance within oneself; questions and motives are already in space; no scheme, no specific direction; to release everything, an expression of inner freedom; I really appreciate inner freedom.



Zanko was born in 1954 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Through his enlightened great-grandmother he became aware of unconditional love and egoless already in his early childhood. At the age of seven, Zanko had first glimpses of his true nature. In 1982 the grace of Awakening revealed itself to him. He dissolved into the light of infinite consciousness and the fire of selfless love.


Since 2003 Zanko has lived in Germany, where he offers seminars.


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