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Premodaya: Just Trust Not Having Any Control Over Anything

This interview was done by Reinhold with Premodaya in October 2012 via Internet.


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Transmissions even on the internet; spiritual name changes go hand in hand with changes in the work; you do not have any control over anything; most people cannot see what they can gain when they give up; Osho’s anti-establishment mindset; uniqueness of the guru – disciple relationship; master as vehicle for the transmission of god; everything is the divine itself; the guru has no agenda for the relationship with the disciples other than to help them as far and as fast as they can go; the mission of making oneself available for people spiritually; giving up the income; psychological work turned into spiritual work automatically; order from god to make oneself available for people spiritually; surrendering as making oneself open for what can be given; surrendering and not running after bliss or exciting experiences; transformation processes tend to be similar for all people; not believing beliefs; certain thresholds have to be passed through: the non-significance of human beliefs, the truth does not belong to anyone – there is just the truth; grasping what ego really is, the willingness to surrender and giving up believing to be the final authority, the universe gives you the message from every direction; the nature of the process and resistance; the guru can help solving barriers; mind is a doubt factory; a trusting disciple is able to apply the guru’s clarifications immediately; the doubt trap; instant transmissions; miracles can happen in guru disciple relationships; prevent you from falling in your own traps; what you perceive as you is the perception of your ego; understanding what the ego is; being this moment’s experience; we are the universal; to be able to see the universal in everything; not being so serious and open to relax; announcement of a coming new online format; Osho’s presence in Europe and Germany now; humbling process caused by overwhelming gratitude to the divine for everything; everything is god given; a guru of little steps; the guru assisting the disciple to pass through the door of fear / pain; helping to cultivate more willingness; suffering is created by beliefs; painful liberation processes take usually two / three days maximum; going to god before you die; the illusion of believing that death is a liberating event; the liberating event is this moment here; the rarity of people moving towards god; those who persist have a good chance to succeed; if you go „all in“ the universe makes it easier; the importance of small steps; the only mistake is to do nothing; one appropriate measure if you succeeded with meditation; doing and talking are not the same; we cannot evaluate ourselves; no way for us of being subjective; stop believing what the mind is telling you about yourself; transformations during Satsangs encourage other people; make yourself available to help people spiritually; liberation is possible for every intact person; nobody ever knows about the results of interactions; no way of knowing anything; to be really open minded you have to drop everything that you ever thought is true.


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Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya is a spiritual master that tours the world giving Satsang. Bodhisattva is a Buddhist term for 'one who selflessly serves and spiritually awakens others.' Shree is the Hindu term of respect (literally, "sir"), and denotes one who is recognized as having the ability to truly help others spiritually. 


Swami is a Hindu title meaning 'one who has mastered himself.' Premodaya is a name, meaning 'the rise of love' in Sanskrit. He works directly with all who are ready and willing to take the next step in finding themselves, and offers the wise and loving guidance that can lead to the end of confusion and suffering, once and for all.

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