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Shubhraji: The laws of Speech

This speech was given by Shubhraji during the Yoga-Festival Berlin in June 2011.


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Speech, one of the most powerful instruments of expression; the voice of the hearts and our thoughts; our words are like sown seeds; to remember words, which we have said today already; how we influence humans around us; understanding how we use our speech; to be more in harmony with ourselves; words reflect who or what the person is like; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; speech can unite us with our true self; to be in harmony with the own deep true feeling beyond words; to speak the truth out of this connection of heart and mind



The four laws of speech which help us to economize our energy and the fifth law, where our speech should come from; speech which does not bring shock and injuries to the people; does not disturb other persons; to watch the tone; respect of elder people; to speak the truth and save energy, to speak the untrue and loose energy; it is about not hurting anybody; to speak truth in a sweet way; let us connect with ourselves and honor and love each other; when our feeling is friendly and sweet; when I am full with love, when I sense friendliness, sweetness I become friendly and sweet; benevolent for others and for ourselves, constructive criticism. 



Helping and benevolent speech to become the best; learning, through words to merge our hearts; to experience love and unity together; to create balance; how we use our energy; inspiration and connection, to use energy of our heart in the own life; our whole life can be changed; self-study, self-development; a mantra specifically for mother-godhood Devi; we are not separate; the same consciousness is in all of us; a homework to become conscious how one uses speech; you are divine; all reflects who you are; know who speaks through you.


Shubhraji: To Understand the Capricious Mind Better

This talk was given by Shubraji during the Yoga-Festival Berlin in June 2011.


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So many emotional states during the day; we are conscious of thoughts and feelings; to be master of our states; to be in an optimal enduring state of blessing; we are friends by nature; be what you are; to know your own spirit and heart; self mastership; Vedanta philosophy; through the messenger, the teacher; to set yourself free; to understand the own energies; the universe in the beginning and the three qualities; being, doing, inactivity; moods / states – vows which attach us; attachment, the three qualities pull us away from our nature; each of us is a mixture of these properties; Gunas – Tamas, Raias, Sattva.


Clarity, over-activity, ignorance; there is only one of these properties in action; to look inside, observe and realize in which state we are most of the time; these moods define us or break us apart; cleanness and egoism, the bad consciousness and reparation; to know and understand the moods gives energy to change your whole life; the key to beauty and truth; to balance the moods; to be truly in us, beyond tendencies; to surrender the attachments, the moods will change anyhow; Yoga, Vedanta is for true yogis.


To change ourselves to shift the energies of Tamas, to Rajas in Sattva; from inactivity to activity to openness; to move the spirit slowly to the next stages; discover, be curious, try it; the state of silence and peace is always possible; to be honest with yourself; to understand the three qualities of the inner state really; the change of energy; a practical exercise with true feeling and motivation; the brain and circuit of neurons; no affirmation; the region where the negative emotion sat; to fill with positive emotion


We have the power to change the complete energy of the geographical environment; to heals oneself and the planet with the power and quality of Sattya; you have the power to be in your center; even you moods cannot pull you out of it.



Shubhraji is a close disciple of renowned Vedantic Master H.H. Swami Chinmayananda and studied with him for twenty years from the age of thirteen. Originally from India, Shubhraji teaches Vedanta, the ancient, non-dual philosophy of India, which is universal in its appeal.
Using original Sanskrit texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, Shubhraji lectures on numerous topics. These include Spiritual Unfoldment, The Art of Relationships, Meditation in Daily Life, The Essence of Divine Love, On Creativity, The Power of Mantras and Sounds and explanations of the meaning, the accentuation and the power of specific Mantras, e.g. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Gayatri Mantra.
Shubhraji brings earthy, good-humored exposition to her teachings. Her students discover a deeper understanding of their nature, challenges they may face, and how to refocus their attitudes regarding life. Her talks are inspiring and uplifting; they aim to bring one to the true Self.
Shubhraji has interacted with diverse communities in the course of her spiritual work. She teaches in various centers throughout the U.S, Asia, and Europe. Each year, between April and July, she is present in Europe. She also offers weekend retreats and intensives which incorporate yoga asanas taught by other instructors. Shubhraji gives ongoing weekly talks in Woodstock, NY. She has lectured at Harvard Business School and St. John’s College in New Mexico, USA.
Shubhraji has dedicated her life to spiritual work.

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