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Narmada Devi: Tears of Bliss

This speech was given by Narmada during the 7. Yoga-Festival at Berlin in June 2011.


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Narmada’s book “Tears of Bliss”; meditation – celebration of yoga, spirit, wisdom, beauty and real nature; journey of life from the dark to happiness through yoga; darkness does not last; darkness and light as two parts of the one essence; take awareness from the outside to the inside where everything is complete; becoming spiritual means refined in our perception; higher levels of consciousness arising; yoga can only be perceived by your inner being, not by the senses; looking at the world in a different aspect; just become the witness and do not involve yourself; rest in yourself; stay in the world in the grace of a witness; seeing the world through the inner eye; seeing the world’s true nature; the role of “om” which contains everything; life not in the sense but in the awareness of the senses; open yourself like a lotus flower; receive the nectar of spirituality; just to feel good; this bliss and light spreads into the outer world; “Oooooommm”; complete harmony with what is; the manifestation of the light of consciousness; being knowledge, light and bliss; found an eternal solution in yoga; self-realization; everything goes in circles; the universe is a manifestation of light; if we would know god we would ask for the next god; the peace of your mind will never end; the one who knows god does not talk; words cannot describe what it is; the greatest mystics become silent.


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As soon as you speak limitation starts; inside is the real caretaker of yourself; awareness of the breath leads you to the truth; concentration on one point; god is everything; the true nature of all that is; duality is suffering and oneness is wisdom; with a purified mind we see the essence of what is; there is nothing else than god; the path of yoga; the whole secret of a mystic; for a saint all darkness has disappeared; being satisfied just by your own light inside; stay in the path of yoga; you will gain the world; enjoy to become a yogi everyday; can you hurt anybody if it is you own self? Folding the hands brings the duality together; no need for a prayer; the rest will come; breath is the simplest prayer you have always with you; if you are harmonized the whole world will change; the breath can be transferred into a mantra; know mystery life; purification of the senses, speech and thoughts is a very, very important way; your biggest treasure is just inside; liberate yourself and life goes to a higher level; feel the bliss of your own being; nothing can destroy the light inside you; breath inside and folding your hands will be enough practise; “ooooommm”; wishes of peace.


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Narmada Devi

Narmada Devi: At the age of 24 years Narmada Devi left Berlin. At that time she was one of Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm boulevard stages actress. With the hippie movement Narmada Devi went to India, where she fell in love with a young Indian yogi and stayed there. With him, she spent her whole life, the first 10 years on a sandbar in the river Ganges, where they both practiced the highest yoga practice. Then they established an ashram on the banks of the Ganges near Haridwar. Narmada’s man – she always referred to him as her guru, left a few years ago his body and reached Mahasamadhi. He was worshiped in North India as a great sage and enlightened saint. Narmada Devi is a radiant and loving appearance and she came back to Berlin 2011 for the first time after 45 years due to our request. She has celebrated a strong purifying fire ceremony and gave a lecture and conversation at the Yoga Festival. Narmadas presence at the Yoga Festival is a true gift and a wonderful program item. (Text: Stefan Datt)

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