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Interview with Florian Tathagata

The Expression of Sweet Ordinariness


This Interview was given in in Tiruvannamalai (India) in 2008. Florian and his life companion Julia (in the video beside him) travel around the world untiringly inviting seekers to recognize in their own experience who they really are. 


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Living inquiry; the actual reality, being awareness; the moment as a multisensual experience in the body; the capacity to play with the focus of attention and its quality; the fairytale about awakening; the seeking dynamic; the game of wanting and not wanting, the showing up of manifested patterns and how they can find peace; living awareness in daily life; experiencing life fully in the body; to let the awareness drop into the body; including the world as a manifestation of the beloved; the manifestation of patterns in the body as tension and how they loose their power; the dissolving of body patterns in awareness; how to deal with negative feelings in the body; no choosing of the body tension and therefore no responsibility for it; the narrow focus of what we call “personal” experience; the relaxing of the body by the widening of the focus of our attention; the expression of sweet ordinariness; the misusing of “We are nothing”; living in enquire with the body as a biofeedback; finding out how much attention is necessary every moment; being free when the attention is free; life is freedom and love


Silence – A Silent Retreat with Florian Tathagata


A short, professional film (length about ten minutes) about the presence of silence. The film was created during a silent retreat with Florian Tathagata on Mallorca in May 2007.


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Florian Tathagata

For about 7 years Florian Tathagata and his life companion Julia have travelled around the world untiringly inviting seekers to recognize in their own experience who they really are and to live as an embodiment of truth in everyday life. 
In his unmistakable manner he embraces the daily and simple life that he is sharing with a constantly increasing number of 'friends of truth', as he calls all those being interested. Again and again visitors of meetings tell of spontaneous awakening, of an all penetrating silence, of simple clarity and presence and of overflowing love and gratitude which they experience in Florian Tathagata‘s presence.
With both legs firmly rooted in normal everyday life and at the same time in the heart deeply connected with Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Jiddu Krishnamurti and his teacher and friend Isaac Shapiro, Florian Tathagata speaks and is silent, laughs and cries, is present with everyone who would love to savour the truth of awareness.