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Michael Roads: The Oneness of All Life

Michael Roads gave this talk during the 16. Rainbow Spirit Festival 2010 in Baden-Baden - with serval songs from „Nanne und Ankie“ from Holland. More Information about Nanne Kalma & Ankie van der Meer:

Live-Translation into German by Rolf Gutenberger:


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Introduction by Michael and joining in with the song „I look for the Sun“ by Nanne and Ankie.


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About the oneness of all life; the natural connection of primitive people with nature using the example of the Aborigines; we are consciousness; there is nothing else outside the Self; two realities: physical and metaphysical; about metaphysical travelling; we are energy; the story of  the eagle who thought he was a chicken; chaos is the engine that drives, order is the stability and structure of form; about the universal emotional language; destructure happens before re-structure; about our addiction to safety which makes us stagnant; our inner dynamic to grow using the example of caterpillar and butterfly; the dynamic of chaos and order in us; about depression and the illusion of separation; every thought effects our DNA; about humanity's cry for help – we have to answer our own call; the different possibilities to walk through and experience a forest; consciousness can withdraw and re-express; we look through the eye of the intellect with the eyes of yesterday; Nanne and Ankie, performance the song: „Universal Tree“.


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About our fear of being outstanding; about experts; about a piano-player who is one with her piano; focus our energy into our transformation; our life as a merry-go-round; the question „Who am I ?“; an inner explosion of love and light; Michael's experience of being able to look through the eyes of an eagle, an experience of connection and oneness; all experience is in the moment; about Michael's painful journey and his belief he could grow through pain and suffering; a sudden knowing: I can heal myself; how Michael let go of  everything; a confrontation with his younger self; when you let go of your identity there's nothing left but the truth; be all that you are; Nanne and Ankie, performance the songs: „You cannot change and remain the same“ and „I love you“.


Michael Roads

Born in England, Michael, and his late wife Treenie, both grew up in farming families, and continued farming after their marriage in 1958.

In 1964 they immigrated to Australia with their two children, farmed in Tasmania, the Island State of  Australia, and had two more children. Driven by a powerful desire for spiritual growth they left Tasmania in 1976 to travel around Australia. This was a time of challenge, inner growth and dynamic change.

As a result of Michael's experience and the popularity of his books, he began conducting retreats and seminars in 1990. His world tours have included Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, West Indies, U.S.A., Canada and Japan.


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