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Niina: From Animism to the Absolute

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From initiation to awakeness: Niina’s experience of the modification of consciousness during an initiation; about his search without result; his wish to talk about That without teaching; awakeness is a comprehension of who we really are; no supra-intelligence; where there is awakeness there is nothing; an awakened does not have all the answers; about participation in the world: consciousness is just a movement.


Niina: “In Gabon, like in many societies, there are rites of passage from the adolescence to the adult age. It is during my initiation to the bwiti by the iboga that I experienced the absolute for the first time. It depends on your maturity and not on an effort; however, at the end of this trip, all the elders told me that I would not be able to experience it again daily, except after my death. Inquisitive, I asked why not now? Because that is the way it is, here is the answer I got. Unsatisfied, I began to look for a way to live this experience daily, here is the beginning of my quest. My determination was so big that my consciousness has awakened after two years and a half. In time, I have understood that what happened might happen, simply. What really happened? A “no-event” because, in fact, we do not make any discovery, it is only about a better comprehension of our real nature, understanding that there is nothing on which the Being can rely, that the inside and the outside of this body do not give any content : “There is nothing”.
Since then, my life goes on; I am a coach in a club in Toulouse, aware that I am.
In the end, nothing is true or false, one only has to understand that the relative and the absolute alternate endlessly, this state of consciousness cannot be seen. In the same manner, as no one can see the wind, but only its appearances which are not the wind itself, it is the same for the awakening.”