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Ellie Roozdar: All There Is Is THIS

This interview with Ellie Roozdar was done by Reinhold im Dec. 2012 via Internet.


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Rumi poem as opening of the conversation; Ellie’s offering to help mature persons to self-realization; experience with meditation as pre-requisite; 


How to meditate; join self enquiry during the retreat; trusting the truth when the mind is ready; to know yourself is to be yourself; the universe is in you; knowing what is real; seeing the beauty of duality; recognition of „all there is is this“; mind becoming one with nothingness; nothing ever happens to what we are; no mission whatsoever; being ready to die and let go of the „you“; the path is not for many; many want to stay as seekers; the seeking process is all mental; you and the truth are not two; every thought and emotion are welcome; looking not as a person; there is only THIS and THIS is what I am and what everybody is; gurus who want to collect disciples; becoming free from talking to gurus; hearing the truth is not self-recognition; once you know the truth there is no practice; truth is not a state of constant joy; the thoughts of wanting to become someone or something dissolve; imagelessness; liberation of the mind and from the mind; once you recognize the truth: trust the truth; difficulty of mind trusting emptiness; sometimes mind dissolves in this emptiness; the me as a separate entity has to claim that I am nothing; mind has to jump into nothingness and at the same moment it is recognized that this nothingness contains everything; in the ultimate vision there is no point of reference; not talking about the truth to the „ordinary people“; truth is not knowable and cannot be talked about as it is not a thing; knowing how people feel on the path; coming to the end of the path – 99 per cent is not enough; knowing that you are nothing and at the same time seeing yourself as everything; strip everything; bring the attention to that which never comes and goes; you are still and not moving; investigating truth in one to one interactions can be helpful; talking about the truth is not the truth; Ellie does not want anything from you; send her an e-mail when you believe you are ready; no intention, agenda, motivation or desires – ready to die and fall into the truth; two day retreats with five pre-selected candidates in Long Island; readiness is the key; practice the meditation of being yourself with closed eyes; dropping beliefs; intimacy with everything; loving the play of duality and celebration; looking into what remains finally after everything is dropped; not taking it so seriously; doing the path on your own can be difficult – that is why Ellie makes herself available as she knows where one can become stuck; watch Ellies interviews at Buddha at the gas pump as complimentary videos.


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Ellie Roozdar

I hope by reading my path, you also get excited to go within and "discover" who you really are and also find the true inner joy that resides within you.

This is a discovery and not to become anyone or anything. Remember: Joy is already there, we just need to uncover it.

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