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Padma & Torsten: Relaxing into Space - Open Heart - Direct Experience

Videos with Padma & Torsten from Indien from 2013.


Torsten, Padma, Gaia and Gopal: Trauma Healing and Freedom

This talk with Padma & Torsten, Gaia and Gopal is from May 2018, questions from Devasetu from Jetzt-TV / Here-Now-TV. 

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Padma & Torsten:Drowning in a Deeper Wisdom

Satsang with Padma & Torsten from Rishikkesh 2016.

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Padma and Torsten: Handing the „Wave“, We Believe to Be, Willingly over to the Ocean

Satsang with Padma and Torsten from Rishikesh, India, March 2014.


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Inner motionlessness; the habit of thinking about us as a person in space and time keeps us caught in trance; the trance can fall away at any moment, as it is based on thoughts and thoughts appear and disappear; the idea of me and you can fall away and being remains, what we are anyway already; more and more persons get insights into effortless spontaneous being without I-thoughts trying to step in; time and space happen in Satsang also; “who or what experiences awareness?” is the vivid question of self experiencing and this question is open; who is aware of awareness?; there is nothing missing in this moment; untouchable awareness arises once the question “what  is it which is aware of itself?” dissolves; perceiving the resting in awareness which resonates with all appearances and in your body; exploring the limits of the bodies curiously; handing the “wave” over to the ocean; letting go of all defenses, checking what is really here; the willingness to stop and look what is really happening; when we are ready to be nothing then we realize that we are everything; about pride; grabbing for pride, feeling good with it and by this escaping the feeling of worthlessness can be an addiction; the nothing can infuse angst; the willingness not to hold on anything; no method, no knowing and no holding; guiding mind out of the dependency of methods; being does not require and method; being in resonance with what is here already; being in resonance with the heart energy; the identification of the enlightened with enlightenment is the final temptation; the willingness of experiencing nothing and everything; the bigger the readiness to lose everything the bigger the freedom which shows oneself.


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Interview with Padma

The Deepening of the Capacity of Being Here Now


This interview was done by Ralf Mazen in June 2008 in London.


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Nothing really given in Satsang, the offer to discover true peace, seeing through all the illusions, the benefit from therapy methods, no prerequisites for enlightenment, the roll of a guide, the search for happiness and love, crying every Sunday in the church for a year, the identity of being the sufferer, happiness and peace as a depending of the nothingness, moments of total acceptance in the life of everybody, the willingness to welcome everything with an open heart, the deepening of the capacity of being here


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The use of a teacher in form of a alive person, the joy in supporting people in discovering truth, no more interest in amusements, to stop trying to get anything from live, relaxing back into what is naturally there, finding out the truth of the situation and the courage to see that truth, the death of all our self images, the willingness to see who we really truly are


Videos of Padma in German Language

You can watch more videos of Padma in german language on the german site. Those videos are not translated in english.




Padma Wolff met her teachers from the lineage of the East-Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharishi, in particular: Isaac, Sri Poonjaji, Gangaji and Eli Jaxon-Bear, in the mid-nineties. Inspired by these encounters, she thoroughly investigated the controversial interface between psychotherapy and spirituality, as part of her studies in psychology. In particular through Eli Jaxon-Bear and the “Leela Therapy” he developed, she experienced how useful and potent the combination of psychotherapeutic and spiritual means can serve to support the discovery of our true Self – that has always been and will always be whole and intact, everything true healing could aim at. Accordingly Padma understands psychotherapy in the etymologically original and literal sense of the word as accompanying the soul back to its origin – and back into its original state.  


Padma is available for Leela-Therapy and Enneagram classes based on the work of Eli Jaxon-Bear and for Satsang, including Satsangs given together with her long-term partner Torsten Brügge. Meetings with Padma are characterized by her sincere openness and warmth, as well as by her lively and clear intellect. In her Satsang, including those meetings held together with Torsten, the intensive connection with Gangaji and Eli throughout many years is clearly felt.

In Europe, Padma’s voice is familiar to many, as she has interpreted all of Gangaji’s and Eli Jaxon-Bear’s events in German-speaking countries since 1997.


Padma and Torsten both have professional experience in psychological fields of activity. In their "private practice for meditation and self-inquiry" in Hamburg, Germany, in addition to Satsang, Retreats and Enneagram classes, they also offer supervision groups for people in the helping professions.

Padma also provides private counselling and coaching sessions by phone. Arrangements can be made by e-mail via:

Her German book on "Satsang and Psychotherapy" was published in 2007 by VDM Verlag Dr. Müller. 


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