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Naho Owada: There Is Just Life Happening

This interview was conducted by Andreas Hegewald alias ANdy with Naho Owada in January 2015. Camera: Andreas Hegewald; translation: Oreas Kotschi.


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About the Nonduality Talks of Naho; people believe that they are human beings with free will and that they have a free choice; apparent pain happens because of self-isolated-feeling; life is already complete, as it is, and nothing is missing; separation and life is happening in time and space, but only for human beings; people live their own dream; the person exists only in the dream; time and space appear only in the dream; no one has ever suffered, suffering happens to a person, but the person is an illusion; life appears as individuality; the illusion seems very real; life happens, there is no separation; in fact there is no personal experience, there is only what is happening; life is a paradox; everything happens as it happens, but for no one because the person is an illusion; cause and effect takes time and are part of the dream; when the ego falls away, the personal history comes to an end; love is not personal; when the person who needs something falls away; when there is no question left; when separation occurs, it feels as if something is missing; the story is not wrong, it simple appears; about Nonduality nothing can be said actually, Nonduality is beyond words; the dream feels very real to the person; life cannot be known; only that I want to convince others; about dealing with emotions.


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Naho Owada: Everything and Nothing – Only This

This interview with Naho took place in July 2014 in Belgium. As for cooling several fans were running in the room, the sound quality is unfortunately affected.


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About Nonduality, everything is just happening, everything and nothing; through identification with the body separation and underneath unhappy feelings are happening; people are looking for the end of separation; when the me falls away it is realized that everything is love; everything and nothing – only this; in this forms are appearing and disappearing, coming from nothing; everything is made of nothing; suffering because of the feeling of separation; no happiness to find in the story, in time and in space, in which the me lives; people are looking for the end of me; everything is happening by itself; the me cannot find happiness because happiness means the end of me; personal happiness is not to find because there is no me; life is happening by itself; without me there is only love and aliveness; the me does not have any power and control at all; from the story of Naho when there always has been the feeling that something was missing; books from Eckhart Tolle and Tony Parsons; Naho living in Paris; about her talks in Nonduality; it is so obvious, there is only what just appears, also the feelings and the thoughts, they belong to nobody; everything is happening but not to me; the world and life are perfect as they are, there is only love; when there is suffering happening it is also happening to nobody; about the opening of the heart; the difference between pain and suffering; about the differences what is happening in the human brain and in the brains of animals; everything is empty, there is nobody in the body, the end of separation; to call someone a “disciple” it is already a story; about intellectual understanding; love, not directed to objects, empty and full at the same time; the possibility to invite Naho to talks; nothingness cannot be put in words because there is no meaning; in understanding there is no answer; not possible to give any advise; everything is happening by itself; there are no doer in any action or decision; no me necessary for the happening of a decision; no believe that there is somebody in this body; life is just appearing; no me necessary for life to function.


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Naho Owada

Naho Owada from Tokio now living in Paris.

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