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Amrit: All the Peace of the World, Already Here

This Satsang with Amrit took place at the  Int. Satsang Festival Wien 2015.


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In English, so that the translator is busy; the challenge to talk about nothing; the end of faith, that something is missing, that something has to be get and that something would have to change; no one has to be perfect in order to ask a question in Satsang; Satsang is not a funeral, it can also be funny; none is prepared in Satsang; perceive what is now; everything - that exists in addition to the thoughts; let the thoughts simply be there and perceive what is beyond thought; the room next to the thoughts, with this to be; the infinity of space in which everything appears - to throw oneself totally in there; the attempt to describe the indescribable from direct experience; labels for the nameless; what we have been looking for throughout our whole lives; that, beyond the idea - it's peace ?; the writing on the white paper - the thoughts in the which they appear; all the peace of the world, already here; sit back and realize that there are not only thoughts; nothingness, that is everything - always already here; the story of the master, who wanted to take away his students the bags over their heads; no longer believe that something would have to change; merge into the mystery - without an understanding of it; sit back and enjoy; no questions and no answers; if peace is there, be with it, without asking for something else; take a look at nothingness with all its different flavors; be embraced by nothingness; eternity - only the thoughts are old; do not classify the Satsang teachers for enlightenment or judge them, better use the time for yourself; coming out of the student-master-history; it is not the person who makes the Satsang, it is the chair on which you sit in front during Satsang; reminding us that we are, beyond concepts. 


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Amrit comes from Denmark and has traveled the most time of his life. He currently lives in a mobile home. Where he is staying, there will a “meeting with friends” take place, as he calls it himself. The German language is not his native language, but Amrit talks with Danish-English accent so often he finds unconventional, but absolutely appropriate words, quite simple and crystal clear, to say what cannot be put into words. Humor and vivid gestures support his language. Since everything is a game, sometime he “plays” biker, sometimes the guru or the charmer, so that ALL is involved. Amrit: “You do not have to grab, nothing to take hold of. Enjoy being the miracle to know nothing, to relax.“

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Last Updated: July 23rd, 2015