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Paul Smit: Life at Play

This talk with Paul Smit took place in November 2014 in Vienna. The talk was organized by Paul Lukhan and took place in rooms of Dana Raimann. Thanks to Michi for filming and pre-processing of the video.



Paul Smit: We are Just Happening – There is No Control At All

This talk with Paul Smit took place in July 2014.


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Basics about Nonduality (Advaita) and awakening; no “I” there anyhow; the easiest way to explain it…; not two – everything is one; different names for that one: aliveness, one energy, consciousness, God, …; the universe, made from energy in the form of matter, plants, animals and humans, moved by nobody and with nobody in, but the humans think they have free will and they are doing things; the default network in the brain, which starts by the age of one and a half to create the feeling of self-awareness (ego); even when the self-awareness, the feeling of I, was not present like while hearing music, afterwards the ego claims that it was doing this, like by saying: “I was hearing music”;  in animals no self reflections like in human beings; the very small bla-bla-mind who is creating stories for everything that is just happening and who is thinking it is controlling the whole system; the I and the strategies around it, becoming dominant or pleasing; about the idea to have to control everything, and the frustration, fear, blaming and guilt out of this, and the suffering and stress out of this – and techniques to get rid of this like buying stuffs, drinking bear, eating chocolate, having a career, and when all of this doesn’t work anymore may the idea comes up: Let’s become spiritual and become a better version of myself; liberation with the help by Nonduality by seeing that the first idea of being a separate “me” is just an idea; when in awakening everything repressed comes up; Paul writing a book about Nonduality and love and relationship and about the idea of a “perfect relationship”; when free, liberated people come together and having a relationship it really becomes simple without manipulation; no more lies to please somebody; in separation love becomes conditional; the shift that there is nobody to blame because there is nobody inside; phases when people hear the first time about Nonduality / Advaita: confusion, Advaita love, “enlightened” behavior, phase of superiority, Advaita shuffle, environment like family, friends and colleges, old pains coming up; about the “Advaita police”, when the mind claims to know better about Advaita than other people; when just listening to people is a help for them; also in the partner there is nobody in, doing something or having a choice; we are just happening, there is no control at all; when we want to be good in something we practice it – but for enlightenment this doesn’t work, which seem to be mean; there is nobody in – not a popular message; no more preference anymore to not feel pain; for everyone it is happening in a different way; the irreversible process of awakening up – ones it is seen it is seen; so simple: just this!; also falling in love just happens; deep trust that live is carrying “us”; openness in companies to hear about Nonduality and about how a human being is functioning; often there is “only” awareness and no self-awareness in daily live; the question how Paul is rising his son; no way to rise a kid in an “enlightened” way; also a child can not choose what it does or wants; we are not our thoughts and not our body; the tendency to repress everything painful; not taking the problems of somebody else serious although not the problems of one’s clients; the capacity of human beings to look through the illusion of being a person. 


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Live-Chat and Talk with Lisa Cairns and Paul Smit

The recording of the Live-Talk with Lisa Cairns and Paul Smit from the 26th of Nov. 2014 you can watch here.


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Paul Smit: All About Nothing

All About Nothing is a Dutch film (with English subtitles) and invites you to let go of the daily rotating hamster wheel - with a completely different perspective on life. This centuries-old philosophy from India is called Nonduality and is among other things underpinned by Albert Einstein, Eckhart Tolle and Ramana Maharshi. If you're touched by this insight everything in your life can fundamentally change... While at the same time nothing needs to change. 

Thanks to Paul Smit for the permission to publish this movie!


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Paul Smit: Everything One – Everything Simply Happening

This interview and talk with Paul Smit took place in Belgium in July 2014, questions by Devasetu.


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Paul talks about Nonduality in the Netherlands mostly for companies; everything one – everything simply happening; the cosmic joke that we thing we are the doer of our actions; the suffering out of the illusion of a me and the idea of being a separate entity with a free will; about the free will concept; will can appear; waking up from the dream of the me – or not, this is just what is happening; about the concept ego, the I creator; no good or bad; no meaning in life; opening up the mind by humor; feelings without the projection of “my”; the story of “my” past – only a fantasy; pointing at “this is it, what happening now”; no new concepts but “killing” old concepts about being a person; Paul’s love for humor; awareness in with everything appears and disappears; about the magic trick in the head to create the illusion of a me; what is happening – no story afterwards; not a guru, just a guy who likes to talk about Nonduality; moments when we are disappearing in the happening; being in the flow; “the moment you think you are lost”; no technique at all; interesting for people in companies to hear there is no control; team playing; no idea of the future; everything is as it is, no need to use the word “perfect”; Paul, making jokes in the talks; Advaita pointing at “me” is only a thought; everything is enlightened itself; being into “This”; “kill the Buddha on the way”; the trust that life is carrying us or that we are life itself; enlightenment – life getting lighter, but not for someone; dropping away of many concepts – done by no one; pleasure and pain are coming and going, we cannot do anything about it; when the fear comes up to “stay in hell forever”; our true nature is freedom itself; when there is no trust in life then this is what is happening; about the law of cause and effect; life is too complex to understand it; time only taking place in our imagination; without resistance and identification feelings are great; life seen as a moving; when the trying to repress the upcoming pain falls away; about the “process of awakening”; no possibility to go back when the illusion of the “I” is seen through.


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The Advaita Cowboy - von Paul Smit

Paul Smit

Paul Smit started 2007 moving from comedy shows in theatres to corporate speaking.


In 2007 he also started writing books on nondualism. His book 'Enlightenment for lazy people' became a bestseller in 2012.


In 2013 Paul Smit, Robert van den Broek and Ismaël Lotz created the film 'All about nothing'.

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