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Pari: Interview Summer 2019 at Corfu

Interview with Pari about spirituality, Osho, Papaji and living in the world. Recorded in Corfu after the Hearts on Fire chanting seminar in the summer of 2019. Recorded by Tarek Boschko and his wife Eva, Interview by Anjali.

Satyaa & Pari at the One Spirit Festival 2016

These are excerpts from the Satyaa & Pari concert at the One Spirit Festival 2016 in Freudenstadt.

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Satyaa and Pari: Combining Ordinary and Spiritual Life

This interview with Satyaa and Pari took place in December 2013 in Munich. Questions by Devasetu.


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Living a normal day to day life; in flow with daily life and spiritual practices; love for truth as common ground of partnership; leaving each other the way they are; no demand for focusing on non-duality; seeing the daughter going through puberty; Papaji’s house is being preserved and becoming a pilgrimage house; the presence of Arunachala mountain feels like a guru; the master is the presence; Osho’s sharing of beautiful presence; the importance of asking authentic questions in Satsang; the experience of Osho deepened in Pari after having been with Papaji; indescribable experience of Osho; many get entangled too much in Osho’s words; the Oregon experience and its failure were great; Pari got kicked out by Sheela after telling his opinion; being responsible for the feelings and going for them; believe systems being higher than friendship hurt Pari; combining spiritual and ordinary life e.g. educating children; Osho’s “New Man” is aiming at freeing ourselves from all believe systems and trusting the breath; not even believing in the “New Man”; Osho needs to be misunderstood also; spending two months at Korfu as a family during summertime; being international rater than national; the undeniable experience of being home somewhere as program from early childhood; CD with healing mantras under preparation; CD with Kundalini Mantras released by Satyaa; Mantras enhance the opening of the heart; thousands of Mantras e.g for freeing our minds; Mantras for unlocking the distance from the source; concerts are Satsangs in a different format; Satyaa’s yoga sessions are very physical to be fitter; using Kundalini yoga Mantras with the yoga exercises.


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Interview with Satyaa: Giving up all Worries


This interview took place during the Deutschen Wellnesstage in February 2009 in Baden-Baden. The questions by Devasetu.


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The meaning of „Satyaa“ and the circumstances, how she got this name in Puna; about the “river” where she jumped in at her first time in India, when she met Osho - together with her mother, who felt the same call; the differences between life in India and in Switzerland; the big loss, when Osho died; about one special day in Switzerland, when three of her friends from different corners of the world told her something about Papajii; the other points, which led her to this enlightened master in Lucknow; about the sense, what a master means to Satyaa; how a master leads you to your own life; more about THAT, what is still going on, since Satyaa gave all her worries to her master; her development and the different feelings, when she stayed in Lucknow and sang for Papajii; the weighting of singing, dance and different forms of yoga in her life; the beauty, to make music with Pari; the natural way to mix up her spiritual life with being mother of a daughter; music as an instrument for transformation and Pari as a “store” for mantras; the different elements in the seminars of Pari and Satyaa and the different faces of life in Korfu and Munich.


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With music from the Rainbaw Spirit Festival 2008 in Baden-Baden. With thanks to Sunrise Film, the producer of this video.  


Satyaa and Pari live in Concert

The song "Hare Hare Om Namoh" from the DVD "Healing Fire of Mantra" and a short Interview (in German)


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Satyaa and Pari

Pari was born in a village in the Greek mountains. In his early twenties, Pari went to India, following a call from within to search for truth and God. After meeting various Saints and ashrams mainly in south India, he was led to Poona where he met Osho and took sannyas in december 1980. Renouncing the world doesn´t mean renouncing anything outside was one of Osho´s main teachings for him and enjoying and accepting the world as she is. Pari has a unique way of reminding people of the simplicity of their own inner nature which is always silent ,untouched by any trouble, desire or anxiety. This is a gift of love we are participating in, where everybody regardless of background ,culture, race is welcome to participate in. 

Since early childhood Satyaa was always singing and dancing, spending hours repeating songs she liked. Later she learned piano,classical and modern dance. Finished a musical high school and studied the visual arts (cinema, photography, painting...) in the university of Beaux Arts of Geneva. Loving her studies, still there was a feeling of something missing in her life and this deep longing inside led her to India where she met Osho and took sannyas in Poona in march 1989. By Osho´s grace she discovered a totally new way of life, a new way to dance and sing connected to love and meditation.

Satyaa and Pari met in the community around Papaji, who always stressed the meaning of Bhakti to thus recognize devotion as a direct way around God in us. Pari is holding weekly public satsangs at the Alexis Zorbas center in Corfu in german and english from may to october. Furthermore he is performing together with Satyaa, who has produced Cds with mantras and devotional songs. The rest of the year they are traveling together and giving mantra concerts at various yoga centers and festivals in Europe and the U.S.


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