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Muni: Our True Nature to Rest in Being

Interview with Muni from December 2017, questions by Devasetu, Ishtadeva and friends.

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Muni, a spiritual teacher; the meaning of spiritual; about beingness; getting to the state of being; acknowledging that there is being all the time; we are just being; the qualities of being; being – knowing that you are; being without any intention, the best meditation; the beginners phase to try to come to pure beingness; state of no identification; attention not somewhere else,then the attention is automatically resting in being; our true nature is to rest in being; being itself is teaching; a friend or a guru?; no Sangha, but a closeness to people nearby; being more present and more directed to the truth; the differences between a master and a therapist; asking the question: “Who I am?”, without expecting anything; confirming that we are already it and never not; the reason of unhappiness; letting go of the identification with the body; our body, the temple; no place where we are not – all the time; the idea of a soul; advaita, the reflection of truth – and saying what truth is; seeing what we truly are and expressing it through Advaita; overcoming the structure of the fear of death by recognizing what we are; grace – an aspect of our self, nothing coming from the outside but always there; from Muni’s story, the awakening; Muni in Lucknow with Papaji, who gave Muni his name; using the feelings in a good way, not identifying with them - and not with anything; trying to find the quality beyond by feeling the feelings; always being in a flow; about Muni’s Satsang and Retreats; the quality of silence, giving peace; single sessions in English via Skype or phone; Muni's Retreat at Tiruvanamalai in India; about the quality of Tiru to open up to silence; leaving the aspects of the personality behind; just being there, it is happening; learning to be present; seeing without any intension; the simplicity of truth; free or not free will; Muni never giving up and seeing through the patterns of people; seeing that nothing nourishing can come out of our structures to get attention from others; fun and peace in Satsang; fear of being dead when the structure (s) are going; about bodywork;

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His intense und consequent longing to know the truth led Muni to many teachers and masters. Essential influence on him had Osho (after his sammadhi ), Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Samarpan, H.W. L. Poonja ("PApaji") who gave him the name Muni ("Sage"), Prem Rawat, Michael Barnett, Gaia, Mata Amritananda May Ma and Raphael. Since 12 years Muni is giving public Satsangs himself, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and India which for many people are a source of inspiration, selfreflection, inner knowledge, simplicity , clarity, strength and inner grace - the self empowerment. Muni senses intuitively the real energetic purpose and background of the people's questions - seeing where they stand - and supports them to eliminate imaginations, projections, dependencies etc which prevent them from knowing - being their true nature. His deep and silent presence helps to recognize that regular remembrance, orientation and focussing on the SELF are absolutely necessary preliminaries to stabilize in one's own center, the HEART. He indicates to that which we are already now and can never become with which effort or non effort ever - pure undivided awareness. For Muni the practical way of orienting towards the self, heart, resting in being, living the truth, realizing it is essential - not collecting theoretical knowledge about Advaita, the truth.

Muni: "We have to live it - knowledge alone is worth nothing at all".


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