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Tony Samara: Overflowing Wealth for Everybody – Sharing out of this Consciousness with Each Other

This interview on money and wealth with Tony Samara was produced with Sabina in February 2011. Thanks to the Samara Foundation for the production of these videos.


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Money and the oneness of everything; the value of the money – only exists as we give it value and what is the reference point of society; the play with the money which bears the risk to become focus for everything; money as possibility, to refer practically to the material; the religious idea that poverty was spiritual; our situation regarding money as mirror of inner processes; the longing for money as protection for the ego; pressure to perform on young people to get a well paid job, superimposes the question what they would like to do creatively for society from the inside; depression and bad luck of rich humans; when sharing with each other has a higher value than to become richer, like in some primitive peoples; a world without money and because most people cannot imagine this; money and the sophisticated system behind it like granting credits as means of power to dominate people; limitation of creativity by our current system of finance; the example of the oil industry and our attachment to the familiar and known; when many people come to the point: ”It is enough, we do not want this any longer” – and then changes simply happen; in a conscious change, the choice, how things should change.


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So many topics in conjunction with money which ownership also comprises a way of being nurtured; belief systems related to money, like the idea to not have deserved to have enough money; the widely spread internal program that one has to suffer during making money; to enquire the personal conditionings related to money; the game of the ego of suffering instead valuing the present moment; when through creative ideas in a moment of change totally new perspectives open; fear out of imaginations; the tremendous potential of creativity; to follow our true dispositions and talents to live our true potential; the ego that prevents us from taking risks; to exit our conditionings and programs, what causes fear in most people; letting to of the idea that love has limits as a special challenge in relationships; the fascination of letting go obstacles to being authentic in a relationship.


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More than enough wealth for all – and to share with each other out of this consciousness; micro credits as example for the possibility what is possible through cooperation and trust; when abundance and the openness to share lead to even more abundance and love; the courage to change our points of reference; pioneers who initiate changes; the crazy and distorted value system of society, which manifests in the extremely different payment for work; to change the value system in us and in society; the importance of the first steps; the readiness of humans for fundamental changes, for which the technology is already existing, for example in the design of hospitals. 


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The first step: to change our value system, which causes fear in many people, like any change; the bigger picture of the total, in which there is nothing bad; confidence into intelligence of the humans an into the unknown space beyond our small pictures in the head; the desire for wise politicians, who listen to what the people really want; trust into the connectivity with everything and with the space in which all is; to trust every expression of love; to play with fear and break through cultural standards; to take risks and to consider life as adventure; to find (in the financial crisis) what is really important and to be not satisfied with less than realization of our dreams and to climb onto all trees that call us.


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Tony Samara: The Heart is the Way to Self Knowledge

Sabina did this interview with Tony Samara in January 2011 by phone. 


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Clarity and understanding on a deeper level; true transformation happens in this moment; to trust and be open; to see on a deeper level, what you do not do; to really live your dream; the games of mind; to become aware of the addiction to mind; real doing is much more complex; accumulation of behavior which does not support economy; the outside a reflection of the inside; to realize that what you are doing now is not your dream; to recognize what is valuable on a deeper level; to recognize what keeps us away from love; the point where consciousness begins; to find the aspects of love which are important for you; a dream is not a problem; the truth is that you can give and receive love; we were born with this state of love; aspects of socialization.



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We see, that something does not function; it is not sufficient to want and to believe; requirements and dualistic situations; the problem is the gate to transformation; welcoming the problem instead of pushing it away; believing on a deeper level is intention; beyond mind; the divine aspect of the heart; stronger than the problems of the mind; back to the essence, which you are; enough love and confidence to go beyond mind; children and learning to walk; the first steps into the unknown; the heart is the way to self knowledge.


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Part 3: Spirituality and humans with requirements; human beings who are honest in their daily life without ritual or spiritual acting; spirituality has many problems with love; primitive peoples and love in daily being; categorizations; what is their value? True doing; true actions; learning to recognize who we really are; why think about tomorrow if one can be really here now? Being present and to transcend time and space; group consciousness and reality; negative events and the hungry mind; we create what we believe; transformation, the present for love; developing consciousness in a beautiful way; manifesting the divine in the limited.



Tony Samara: Purity of Joy – from Being a Baby to Become an Adult and the Way Back

This Satsang took place during the “Naturheiltage” (“Days for Natural Healing”) in Oberhausen / Germany in July 2008. Translation by Maria Herschbach. 


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Nothing will be explained; Tony Samara brakes things down because they prevent us to see the big picture behind them; the basing point of pure joy which we had as a baby; the reference-points of concepts, ideas and programs, which we use as adults; experiences of waiting and discovering the mind, full of rubbish; Satori at the beach; celebrate everything, be here; love, joy, meeting with the universe; to feel the feeling of union with the joy, we were born with; a real smile; programmed sorts of smile; what does it mean to be alive


Meditation to remember the body to feel the aliveness, the expansive sensations and the coming back; the imaginations and concepts of God

Interview with Tony Samara: The Divine – Closer to us than our Own Blood

This interview took place in Oberhausen (Germany) during the congress "Die Naturheiltage" in July 2008. Tony was interviewed by Maitri. Maria Herschbach translated.  


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Tony Samara in Germany, growing awareness in parts of the world; some aspects of Tony’s history: Sufism, Zen and Shamanism, the question of the evolution of the Divine and the union of everything, the architecture of churches and mosques


How to know what is the truth, the Divine –closer to us than our own blood, the courage of being real, the question of letting go, the wonderful theatre of live, to step out off the world of suffering, to focus on what is real, positive thinking, trust


The two wings of wisdom and compassion, falling in love and the structures in relationships, synchronicity with a tree, falling in love with the essence, living in the moment without visions and wishes, vegetarianism, having lost the connection to nature, biological food, the connection between health and meditation, the live energy of the body as reference point, activation of the pineal gland, healing through sounds like singing


Satsang with Tony Samara: The Intention Just to Be

This Satsang took place during the "Die Naturheiltage" in Oberhausen / Germany in July 2008. Translation by Maria Herschbach.


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Meditation without any form or dogma, the continues experience of amazing moments, meditation as bridge to yourself, the difference between willpower and intension, the stress keeping up with all the expectations, the intension just to be, enjoying the moment, the active meditation shaking the body, a spiritual master in the age of four years, selfless service and sharing, an amulet as a symbol, the idea of "I want" in the western culture, the magic of sharing


Meditation with Tony Samara


Beingness and the attention, trying to meditate, the problem with New Age ideas, the farmers’ old meditation of peeking the olives, the small mystical shift to beingness


Tony Samara

Tony Samara, born 1965 in England, grown up in Egypt, lived for several years in a Zen Buddhist monastery and than ventured to the jungles of South America – to the Amazon and to the Andes – where he lived and studied among a community of Shamans. After many years he was initiated in the sacred healing ways of these ancient peoples, and left South America to teach and share this deep wisdom with the world. Tony Samara is now visited by people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life, seeking spiritual guidance or simply the experience of being in his presence. He is a mirror of what is possible, a reminder of the endless potential of being human.


The completely natural state of joy and wisdom experienced as the heart opens to life is the remarkable path he expounds. The path that is free for everyone to experience. Verbal dialogue is not the essence of his teachings, but he explains in a direct and simple way that everyone can understand, how each individual can practically integrate greater acceptance, peace and joy into their daily lives. Tony teaches with humour, humility and with infinite patience, empowering the individual with courage, trust and inner strength to continue on this journey back into wholeness, a path that leads towards real freedom.


Tony Samara: "Conscious evolution is ultimate freedom. Overcoming the fear of what lies ahead, by illuminating the spiritual dimension within our nature, is awakening to the splendour of our hearts. It is said that the mind clarifies matters and reveals truth, but, in fact, it creates confusion for the heart. True reality dwells in its natural center – the heart: the heart is the path to self-realization. The totally natural state of joy and wisdom experienced as the heart opens to the truth, is the remarkable state of being, free for all to experience."


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