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Jac O’Keeffe: Finishing Suffering by Training the Mind Being Content

This interview with Jac was done by Reinhold in April 2013 via Internet.


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The nature of suffering; causes for pain becoming bigger or less, role of identification and ownership for intensity of pain; relationship with pain; the recipe for suffering; the recipe for not suffering; role of desire; understanding of the transient nature of all things; suffering is optional and does not help at all; suffering and the ego are in bed together; training the mind being content; attention on being content; sorting out pain for the body not for “me”; contentment is a resting place for mind; mind can quite easily get used to it; what do you need “right now”? Pleasure and pain are not what you seek; pleasure is being desire-less; no need to get caught in anything; suffering is respected – why? Pain happens, but the suffering part? If suffering has to happen to get you somewhere – hey revisit this idea! Being there for persons in pain but suffering is not helpful; stopping the dance with suffering; the juice of the victim role; contentment shuts off the desire; a bundle of conditioning; the nature of evolution; changes related to awakening; illusionary nature of perception; unity consciousness mirroring itself; the essence of all; an echo of none; beyond language; what I am; no need to believe that anything is wrong; no need for suffering; a resting place for mind; just watching the breath without interference; it is that simple; wanting to get something out of the suffering; not burning energy in suffering mind games; not supporting any desire – whatsoever; going with flow and pure perception can happen; just a story; let mind hang out in being content and know you are none of it.


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Jac O’ Keeffe: Nothing to Say About Truth

Thanks to Andreas Geissler who did this interview with Jac O’ Keeffe in October 2012 in Vienna and who gave us the permission to publish it. Also many thanks to Constantin Cranz for the translation into German.


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Satsang with Jac because she is asked by people for it; nothing to teach, nothing to share – only to point to what we are not; nothing to say about truth;



dropping the wrong identity to be somebody; healing the ego by being with the feelings, which coming up again and again and in that starting to love oneself; relaxing the mind by healing the ego; the difference between a natural pull and a desire with identity – and the wisdom to distinguish between them; awareness heals itself – and at the same time somewhere it is doing the opposite; Jac’s access to Satsang to respond individually to everybody, so the everybody can response individually; the ability to invite Jac for Satsang; Retreats with Jac in silence outside the Satsangs, a great joy.


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Jac O'Keeffe: Enjoyment for No Reason and for No Person

This interview was done by Reinhold with Jac O'Keeffe summer 2012 via Internet.


Do you still believe you are a separate individual? Believing to be a separate individual for one second is too much; just ideas and it is fine to go in and out of believing ideas; the game of conditioning is pulling us in and out; you cannot know that you are lost; a capacity to enjoy everything – even the crappy stuff; a joy that is there all the time; conscious is what I am and all 8 billion people are; enjoyment for no reason and for no person; acceptance and rejections have fall away; what do you need right now in this split second? consciousness believing its own story believing „I am not myself“; consciousness successfully fooling itself; Jac interested in where science and non-duality meet; sound machine which can expand consciousness; healing work sometimes happens; it is all just sharing frequencies and moving vibrations around; no desire to control; no idea it should be other; being the whole not just the body; wellness in the body is not needed to enjoy; certain conditioning remains to keep the body „presentable“ and alive; but conditioning does not have a fertile ground anymore; concepts do not stick anymore; a shift in perception and the old perception burns out; states of suffering are not owned anymore – it takes a person to be suffering; it is not about denying suffering but about bringing things up; there must be a difference between thinking „the broken leg hurts“ and „my broken leg hurts“;


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Not being invested in anything anymore; what happens during Jac’s satsangs and silent residentials; silence between the satsangs is very useful; different ways of cracking believes for different personalities; common generic things to be worked on (i.e. how to maintain an ego); difficulties of satsang speakers who have not stopped all ego aspects in themselves yet; people have to find out what they need themselves; any kind of arrogance at is worth of investigating; consciousness unraveling itself goes on and on; being beyond everything is a “smelly” one; books and DVDs; prior to non-duality; new language is required and emerging; there is a movie being played; any believe including the believe in existence has to be blown up; the movie is being played and is going to be always played; believing happens and it has to imagine itself – in the movie; believing that anything is better than silence invariably will lead into suffering; silence is not boring; “silence is boring” can only be said in the movie; engagement in not doing the movie is necessary; do you still believe you are a separate individual?


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Jac O' Keeffe:

Jac O' Keeffe travels extensively, facilitating satsang. At these spiritual gatherings and in her writings she assists spiritual seekers of Truth by offering clear pointers to that which is prior to and beyond the mind. 


Jac has the ability to cut through habitual thought patterns of mind and expose the subtleties of belief systems that anchor the idea of a separate individual. 


This approach opens a door internally to enable one to hear her speaking of that which is beyond mind. Thus the inner resonance of what is known to be truth can take place and who you really are is revealed.