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Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji: Discourse and Q&A session in Switzerland while his Europe Tour 2023

A Discourse and Q&A session with Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji took place in the Raspille Meditation Center, Switzerland, Europe. The Discourse and the Q&A session is a very unique session and will be a treat for everyone, forever to come.
About Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji :
H. H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swami also known as Baba Swami is a Yogi who spent 16 years of his life in the Himalayas, absorbing divine 800-year-old wisdom from different revered Himalayan Gurus. Since 1994, he has been sharing this priceless wisdom of meditation with the world free of cost. 
About Gurutattva:
Gurutattva is a global platform working towards the betterment of every human being in all spheres of life. Led by a Himalayan Yogi, Gurutattva organizes several national and international events to share the 800-year-old divine wisdom of meditation with the world free of cost.  
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P. P. Swamiji Questions and Answers - 03-06-2019

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P. P. Swamiji Discourse - 02-06-2019

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Shivkrupanand Swami: With Meditation Living Happiness in the Interior in Peace

Interview with Shivkrupanand Swami (Swamiji), his answers are read by a disciple of him; August 2018, questions from Devasetu.


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Is it true that your main message to the people is to meditate? Yes, that’s what I brought back from the Himalayas but later people(sadhaks) added mantras and other things for improving their concentration (Chitta). - Is there a certain amount of daily meditation, as in the case of taking a certain amount of medicine, so is it possible to meditate too much or too little? 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday is enough and regularity is important. - You are instructing people to put the attention to the crown chakra. Is that helpful for all people and in every life situation? Yes, with your attention on the crown, your mind will be at peace and you’ll stay balanced and mentally stable. And then you can take a balanced decision which will bring you success. - Can you generally say what it means to live wisely? A balanced life is the best life. Accepting every situation in life and staying balanced is the best way to live the life. - Is the desire to live a happy life enough for a human being, or does it require another motivation to live a spiritual life? Searching for happiness outside is a myth. Happiness can only be experienced within you. We give time to people we love, we try to understand them. But we never try to find ourselves, we never give time to our Soul. The ultimate goal of our life is to find the answer to the question “Who Am I?” - How are inner peace in man and external peace in the world related? The world according to you means the entire Earth and the world according to me is My Personal Aura, that Aura can be 15 ft or 20 ft long. My that Aura is my personal world. We can bring peace in our this small personal world. And if every human being in the world meditates and create their own personal world, then maybe World Peace is possible. Otherwise, great people(God) like Jesus Christ or Buddha also couldn’t bring World Peace. - When you speak, do you know at the beginning of a sentence what you will say at the end of the sentence? No, I never know what am going to speak ahead. It just comes out automatically. - How do you see other people, as personalities, as individuals, as energies, as expressions of the one life or do you see yourself in them? I see his energy. I can see people’s chakras and channels and these things create their Aura (energy). - Many spiritually oriented people in Europe refer to the Indian mystics Osho Shree Rajneesh and Ramana Maharshi. What can you say about them? Swamiji explaining with an example: Suppose you are lost in a jungle and your thirsty then u would search for a river to drink water. You will go to the river bank nearest to you, you can only drink the water from your bank, even if u see the water running ahead or you can see the water coming from far off distance. You can’t drink the Water coming towards you from a far off place or water already ran past your bank you can only drink the water of your present, which is in front of you. The water is the same everywhere...#Mehr...# Similarly, those gurus were of the past, they had the same knowledge, same level of energy. But they are gurus of past, and I am the guru of present. - Your lectures, meditations and retreats are free. In your opinion, should spiritual instruction and advise always be offered free of charge? I got this knowledge for free so I am teaching it for free. My pure wish is that every human being should receive this knowledge and that’s why also I do it for free of cost, money shouldn’t be a reason for them for not being able to learn meditation. Secondly, it’s a gods gift, it’s natural. Just like sun gives sunlight for free nature offers us various things for free without expecting anything back, similarly, this gift is also from nature and I can’t charge it. - Are our lives and the world perfect the way they are now or does humanity have great potential for higher consciousness and peaceful coexistence without wars? I am teaching meditation in the society from past 22 years and I have seen people from different race, religions ,language, countries and casts coming together and meditating peacefully. So on the basis of my this experience I can say that meditation is the only way through which Humans can live in peace with one another. To what extent is serving other people or the Guru helpful for spiritual progress? If you serve people or Gurus expecting for spiritual progress then you will never progress spiritually. But if u serve people without any expectation not even expecting them to thank you, then it will help you spiritually. Example:- A nail lying on the road and you pick up the iron nail n throw it in the dustbin. You don’t know who might get hurt from that nail, you don’t throw nail to get praised by people. You just do it because you think no one should get hurt by that nail. This kind of act of kindness will help you grow spiritually.

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Shree Shivkrupanand Swami (also called Swamiji):

Shivkrupanand Swami has introduced a unique technique of meditation ‘Samarpan Dhyanyog’ (Samarpan Mediation) for all mankind. This technique has been practised by many yogis in the Himalayas for hundreds of years. Having pursued severe spiritual practices for many years and having fully merged his existence with Divine Universal Consciousness, His Holiness Swamiji descended to society from the Himalayan Mountains with a pure wish to help everyone connect with the Divine Universal Consciousness and experience it.

Since early childhood, Swamiji was curious about the existence and nature of Consciousness or God. Questioning the followers of various religions which he saw around him, he sought to know and find this knowledge.

This search continued throughout his early life, wherein three visions regularly came to him during meditation. One was of the Pashupatinath temple in Nepal, the second was of a tall fair-haired ascetic and the third was of a little temple set on a small hill. Swamiji lived a normal life, completed a Master’s degree in Business Studies and began to work as a Marketing Manager for a large company in Calcutta. Then one day, his work took him to the North of India where an unexpected bank strike interrupted his business activities. So he decided to fulfill his long held desire to visit Kathmandu. The following day after his arrival, he went to the Pashupatinath Temple. When he arrived there, an elderly man approached him, and surprisingly addressed him by his name! The man said that he had been sent to seek him by his Guru, and he had been waiting for him for the past three days.

Swamiji was simply amazed since he had only just decided to travel to Nepal on 'the spur of the moment'. However, he seemed to be drawn by an unseen force to follow this man to a small village in the mountains. On arriving at the village, he was made to sit on a large stone and wait. At sunset, a tall fair-haired ascetic came out of a nearby cave and approached him. To Swamiji’s utter amazement, this ascetic named Shivbaba, was, the same ascetic who used to visit him every day in meditation.

In his autobiography- The Samarpan Yog of the Himalayas, Swamiji describes His Guru,Shivbaba as a very tall and thin man, of a fair complexion and with piercing blue eyes that He could not look into for long. Taking Swamiji into the cave, Shivbaba vibrated some water and poured it into Swamiji's hands to drink. As soon as he drank the vibrated water Swamiji went into a deep meditative trance which lasted for three whole days. Finally, when He awoke his Guru told him that he had been waiting for him for 40 years, and that whilst in the trance Shivbaba had transferred all of His spiritual knowledge and powers to Him. Shivbaba was 96 years of age and said that having completed his mission of passing on his entire knowledge and powers to Swamiji he was now ready to leave his mortal body. After his Guru’s death, Swamiji returned home and continued the life of a householder, marrying and having children. Ten years later, another holy person, a Mahatma, came to His house and told Him that it was time for Him to begin His spiritual journey. Seeking the permission of Swamiji's wife, He then took Swamiji away to the Himalayas. For many years, Swamiji was transferred from one Guru to another to receive their spiritual knowledge and powers.

There in the Himalayas, Swamiji meditated with Gurus, Siddhas, Rishis, Munis, Kaiwalya Kumbhak Yogis, Buddhist monks and Saints, Jain Munis, and also with the Higher Gurus who exist there and who do not require the ordinary realms of verbal language and communicate through the language of vibrations through meditation. There in the Himalayas He found complete knowledge and enlightenment.

Having reached enlightenment and merging fully with the Universal Consciousness, yet remaining in the physical body, Swamiji chose not to isolate himself from society as many beings who reach that level do. Instead, he came back into society as 'a pipe', a channel, a means through which anyone who chooses to can experience and connect with the Universal Consciousness.

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