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Unmani: Nothing Less Than the Truth Will Do

This interview with Unmani was done by Reinhold in June 2013 via the Internet in English.


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Getting more into the detail with people; Unmani’s endless unraveling; sometimes terrible, sometimes blissful; the nature of life; ordinariness is the nature of life; searching as a nice hobby and addictive self obsession; it is much simpler than one can think; the recognition that tendencies do not belong to “me”; the body remembers certain ways of protecting oneself; not accepting them stabilizes the mechanisms; but because they are here, they are already accepted;  the tendency to think that I should accept; the pretence of accepting everything; the risk of escaping by believing to be beyond everything;  who you really are is always still and quiet; the believe of carrying a burden; being used by life as this expression; the unlimited can’t know itself; getting the joke of it; the exploration of how the body is buying into the story; the relaxation in not needing to fix any mechanisms; thoughts and mechanisms are not the boss but just tools in what you are; different motivations of different people who come to Unmani; the trap of trying to get rid of uncomfortable feelings; the deeper longing for truth; recognizing how unreliable thoughts are; exploring uncomfortable feelings by feeling them completely; no judgments about feelings in the retreats; healing through feeling; Unmani’s role is to reflect the emotions back; emotions and sensations never mean anything; even the story is just entertainment; no one in control or in charge; the lived experience of meaninglessness; more and more falling in love with the Unmani woman; no landing place anywhere; getting to the root of it all; there is no end of unraveling; the seeing that nothing what thought believes is real; the entertaining nature of thought; thought is only doing what it knows to do; playing with not following thoughts; emotions and sensations accompanying thoughts are believed to be proofs that the thoughts mean anything; addiction to the drama of emotion; to see that emotion does not mean anything can be seen as boring and dull; anything is felt but it does not mean anything; the nature of the belief in being a separate individual; how Unmani works with beliefs; the scariness of freedom; you cannot pretend to not have seen that it is a joke; it might or it might not mean that radical changes have to happen; effortless effort; people longing for truth; making friends with fear; fear of the fear; living courageously and risking being uncomfortable; being faced to the end of hope; ruthless compassion for brutal truth; nothing less than the truth will do; enquiries in what is true is beautiful in itself; no need to get to the other side of anything.


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Unmani: The Space beyond Beliefs

Unmani was interiewed by Reinhold via Internet in October 2011.


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Who I am is the only thing of importance, the rest appears in it; nothing is not a boring, depressing thing; are you willing to die? The space beyond beliefs; a recognition but not an understanding; seeing beliefs and concepts for what they are; longer retreats to explore what is real; seeing the reality of concepts; feelings do not mean anything to who you are; recognizing that feelings, beliefs, traumas do not mean anything for “me”; it does not matter if traumas are there or not; freedom that includes everything; death playing being life; the skin is not the boundary of you; there are no other people, it is all in you.


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Lots of laughing and playing during the retreats; exploring reality of beliefs and concepts; never-ending unravelling of what is true; uncomfortable experiences mean something about “me”; emotions and judgements are just happening; beliefs like “I should not be judging” are the troublemakers; freedom for any beliefs, thoughts judgements etc.; life itself seems to want to open; no restrictions, only beliefs in restrictions; continual loosing of every belief you have ever believed in; no need to have a limited identity; searching itself is the problem; endless creation is the nature of mind.


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Minds wants to do something by its nature; who you are is noticing the role of the person and what it does; the structure of the retreats; travelling around in the world, no base at all, no set route; dying to everything you think you know for the love that you are; love implies that everything is included unconditionally.


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Unmani: Who You are is Absolute Presence

This Satsang with Unmani took place at the 17. Rainbow Spirit Festival 2010 in Berlin.


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Being fine, even when the body freaks out of fear; fear does not mean anything; meaning is only a thought interpretation; discomfort is okay as it does not reach who we really are; pointing to who we are; meetings are direct pointers to that; sorting out misconception of ideas about this; only thoughts imagine a better future overseeing what is already here; who you are is absolute presence already; investigating what is true beyond thought; rediscovering the reality that is; in not caring if there is any flow or not there is actually more flow; mind labels experiences and refers them to “me”; “me” is just another thought; no one here to care; the pain is in chasing happiness; pain of discomfort can come and go; only thought would care.


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Physical sensations make the thoughts feel more real; just running old programs; the body learnt this behavior as a survival mechanism; no need to treat it; if there is nobody who cares if there is conditioning or not, there is loosening; body plays old programs; no point in trying to be authentic; everything that happens is absolute fake; seeing concepts and believes for what they are; laugh at all ideas about “me”; the feeling of “me”; the fear of going away; how to know right now if there is someone? Death right now; recognizing that there is no one here is the safest; who you are is the awareness and does not live a life; thought – by its nature – will always come up with a problem; who your are is noticing the thought about a problem; radically perfect including everything that thought labels imperfect; glimpses and experiences create more searching and thought “this is not good enough”; unconditional love does not exclude thought or mind; anything that appears is already loved unconditionally as it appears; life is playing a game pretending there is a problem; it does not mean anything; ordinary and disappointing for the mind.


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All we can do is laugh about how complicated we make it; all we have is this sensation, this feeling; forget it and forget all concepts; freshly recognizing now; never any reality to the ego; seeing that assumptions are just a joke; investigation into what is true; check out what is true if you do not believe in thought; it will never get any better than right now; the end of hoping that one day it will be better; this is it, there is no hope at all and there is no time; life plays a game, thoughts of the future are entertaining; this is all there is; images appearing in the presence who we really are.


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Recognizing – not just believing – that there is no separate identity; challenging everything you have ever believed in; what do we actually know beyond the concepts? Question the assumption of being a separate individual; what do you know to be true right now? Having no quality at all; Unmani’s story; practical thoughts; fear is a physical sensation only.

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Unmani: The Awakened State is your True Nature

This Satsang with Unmani took place at the 17. Rainbow Spirit Festival 2010 in November 2010 in Berlin. 


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Meeting in not knowing, the opposite of what mind wants; your true nature – not to know; all what is, is absolutely complete; mind will never be satisfied – that is its nature; the only relaxing to recognize, that this is the nature of the mind; mind imagines that there is somebody who lives a life; the idea that all experience is happening to “me” is the idea of mind; we take mind very serious; the perfect state that you imagine, which always is in the future; the perfect state is always here; mind can never understand this; it all simply happens, each perception, without story, which mind creates; start trusting in what is beyond mind.


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There is nobody living a life; we do not know how to live in that way; without believing anything, what thought proposes, you really do not know anything; awaken from the dream of thought; the idea of a perfect experience; who is desiring? Who wants to be awakened? The “I” is just a concept, does not have reality; mental concepts and questioning the assumptions; it is not about understanding anything; not being limited to being “me” who lives in my body; thought cannot get out of this; we are so used to believe in mind.



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Experiences of contraction and expansion come and go like waves in the ocean; that is the nature of live; what you really are perceives this all at any moment; the idea of thought, that one should always be happy; the idea, that happy experiences are important for me; any experience, no matter which, is meaningless; mind creates the illusion of an identity; mind must not stop thinking; when you know that in reality there is no identity, them mind can talk about everything; perceive all that happens – that is what you are; loose everything and look what cannot be lost.




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Fear and the story about fear; no limits, no identity, absolute vulnerability; mind thinks there is something wrong; but it is reality; you are this reality already, even if mind does not want it.


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Unmani: Living in Not Knowing without a Separate Identity

In this interview Unmani is answering questions asked by Devasetu in August 2010 in Cologne. Thanks to Sitara for the translation.


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No satsang teacher; no knowledge of anything; I comprises all experiences, the end of chasing particular experiences; the whole spectrum of experiences is what was ever looked for; thought separates; who I really am does not care and is always in peace; thought is useless to understand what I really am; all is in the hand of life, existence, consciousness; it does not matter which word we use; thought cannot know how it works; the beauty and the mystery cannot be captured by thought; Unmani means not knowing; never discovered anything spiritual; always known not to be separate from life; search for a separate identity; could not find an I; the believe something is wrong; could not find the perfect I; no end of the search to be expected; interpretation of Osho’s word that one should be spiritual; letter to Dolano in suicidal situations; readiness to die; a terrible but precious month with Dolano; no need to have a separate identity; no need to know; feeling other human beings as not separate; often surprised that humans insist in being separate; there is only one energy and thought believes there are separate humans; joint pointing to what we are.


Who we are is already in order; the believe to have to look for something is the problem; relaxing into what is known beyond thought already; life wants to open and relax; in the face of not knowing the problems disappear and relaxation comes; an absolute mystery; not linked to any tradition; each person she meets is her master; no pupils more friends; retreats with dialogs and lots of fun; retreats are intensive and participants experience more depth in exploring the nature of life; no methods, uncovering of misunderstandings and old believes on what humans believe to be; silence and laughing; retreats are not about experiencing peace but about recognizing who you are; like an awakening from a dream; explore together what cannot be touched by uncomfortable feelings; experience together that life itself cannot be touched by uncomfortable feelings; no rules in the retreats; much laughing towards the end; dissolving intellectual limitations; each person is unique; the mystery is that we do not know and that we do not have to know why things are the way they are; emptiness is what I am, this has no quality; the background of all things,


Life itself as only identity that exists; animals seem to remind us who simple life is; thought produces complications; suffering is not real; there is no one who is suffering; pain happens without reason and without meaning, suffering seems to strengthen when people believe that they are the ones who suffer; in recognizing that there is no separate identity, the belief that it is my suffering is seen as joke; mind wants to know but can never know; the imagination that calamities can happen without reason is depressing for mind; but life comprises all that happens; “Who am I?” should be asked once only; the question points to that there is no answer to it; when this is seen thought can relax; it is then better to forget this question; mind is a useful tool with unlimited capabilities; mostly thought is considered as the master; thought is a tool but does not have any control and there is no reference point; no need to stop or control thought; recognize that thought cannot touch what I am; see that mind is not mind; there is only this thought now, only one thought that arises now; the dream consists of most people believing that the thoughts must be true; the not questioned assumption consists of believing that we are someone separate, someone who suffers; investigating such assumptions during the retreat; what I really am does not require and effort and does not have any problems; problems arise with the believe to be separate from life; in the effort to reconnect with life we oversee what already is; no effort required.



Unmani offers spontaneous and direct non-dual teachings, mainly in the UK but also Europe, USA and Australia.  She holds regular Satsang gatherings (which she calls Meeting in Not-Knowing) as well as retreats.  She has a very unique style of intimate dialogues in these gatherings.

Meeting in Not-Knowing with Unmani is a chance to ask questions, have a dialogue in clarity or sit in silence. Life itself is not only expressed in words.


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