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Information on live-webcasts and Video-On-Demand with John de Ruiter:

John de Ruiter in Bad Meinberg, Germany

Visit WebsiteClick here for the retreat with John de Ruiter in Bad Meinberg, October, 23 - 27 2019.

John de Ruiter: What is Love?

John de Ruiter: What Happens After You Die?

John de Ruiter: Comprehending Time and Destiny

John de Ruiter: Awakening to Unseen Reality

John de Ruiter: Your Hopes and Dreams Are Really a Prison

John de Ruiter: Spiritual Awakening and the Opening of Your Energy Centres

John de Ruiter: Spiritual Healing without Meditation and Techniques

John de Ruiter: Facing Who You Really Are At the Threshold of Death

John de Ruiter: Fear of Death & Having No Dislikes

John de Ruiter: How to Bring Your Spiritual Awakening Into Everyday Life

John de Ruiter: The Matrix Philosophy, Spiritual Awakening in Everyday Life and Work

John de Ruiter: The Unlimited Reach of Your Human Sexuality

John de Ruiter: Open Mic Gathering April 2016

Live recording of an Open Mic Gathering with John de Ruiter from Netanya Retreat in Israel on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

John de Ruiter: Interview with Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld from interviews John de Ruiter in New York. John covers topics such as sexuality and parenting.

John de Ruiter: About "Who Am I"

In this video clip from the Tiruvannamalai live meetings and live streams with John de Ruiter, the questioner asks about Sri Ramana Maharshi’s process of self inquiry, asking ‘Who am I?’ and the connection to John’s teaching.

John de Ruiter: Interview 2015

In this interview from 2015 John de Ruiter speaks about the basics of his teaching. What is awareness? How to open your heart and transcend your self? John de Ruiter explains how an open heart and relaxed awareness, the elements of his meetings, open deeper levels of consciousness.

Qu. 1: How to Open Your Heart and Move into Deeper Levels of Awareness?


Qu. 2: The Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind are the Self while the Heart is Self Transcendence.


Qu. 3: Awareness Naturally Relaxes.


Qu. 4: The Way to Enter Your Being is by Opening Your Heart.


Qu. 5: Why Don’t We Remain In The Level Of The Being?


Qu. 6: Integrating The Self In This Life.


Qu. 7: Finding Meaning in Life from Day to Day.


Qu. 8: What Is Happening In Your Meetings, John?


Qu. 9: What Is Meditation? Are John’s Meetings a Form of Meditation?


Qu. 10: How Does John’s Teaching Apply To Sick People or Health?


Qu. 11: John de Ruiter’s Teaching In A Nutshell.


John de Ruiter: Conveying Deeper Sexuality

John de Ruiter: The Warmth of Integrating the Self

An informal gathering with John de Ruiter in Osho Leala, Gillingham, UK.

John de Ruiter: Realizing the Value of Your Own Evolution As Awareness

A meeting with John de Ruiter in Copenhagen.

A day with John de Ruiter at the Yehiam Retreat, Israel

John de Ruiter: Meeting excerpt Tiruvannamalai, India, 2014

John de Ruiter: Next Video from Freiburg June 2013

In this meeting from June 2013 John answers to the question if and how we could unite our heart and spirit with job and career.

John de Ruiter: Seminar Freiburg 2013

John de Ruiter about consciousness and reality. Video from an seminar in Freiburg (Germany) 2013.

Interview from Israel

Interview with John de Ruiter by Rabia, at the Neve Shalom - Wahat Al Sallam (Oasis of Peace) Retreat Center in Israel.

John de Ruiter: Excerpt from Cologne Jan 2013

Recorded Live Webcast with John de Ruiter

Here you can watch a recorded live-webcast with John from Dec 2012 from Israel.

"What is Important to Focus on in Meetings?" A John de Ruiter Interview

Part 1 of an interview with John de Ruiter by Patrick Kicken of NonDualiteit.



Watch the video Interview Part 2 ("How Does One Properly Deal with the Ego?")


Watch the video Interview Part 3 ("What is the Message?")


Watch the video Interview Part 4 ("How Does One Move Into The Light?")


John de Ruiter

John de Ruiter practises and recommends inner quiet and integrity on all profound and surface levels of life. Known to be an accessible philosopher-teacher, John de Ruiter speaks from the heart, weighing his words, directing them to the point for each questioner and for his audience, in that moment, with effect to open up an awareness to what is real, that once awoken remains awake.

John de Ruiter:“True peace is when you allow the moment to honestly be what it is, then you’re home. Going home is just simply responding to any moment where there is a newness of opportunity, in which there is a tiny tiny little pull to just surrender to what you know is true. And what is really wonderful is that within each moment, it’s your choice.”


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