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You can watch Live-Chats from Lena in German on here.

Live Chat with Lena Sept 2015

 English translation of Lena's live chat from Sept. 2015.

Lena: How Criystal Children Heal

Lena Giger, Crystal Child from Switzerland, speaking in a Livestream video recording on the topic "How Criystal Children Heal" on the occasion of the 1st Congress for Holistic Spiritual Healing in Munich organized by Jeet-TV from 15th / 16th May 2010. Language: English translation.

Watch the video

Lena Giger: The New Age and 2015

The New Age begins to bloom. Lena talks in this live-chat from 22nd of January 2015 what we can expect from the New Age and how we can deal with the changes in 2015 without having stress.

Lena's world - Trailer

Lena: Healing of the collective heart

Lena: Living in the heart

In English with korean subtitles from January 2010.

Lena: Interview with Here-Now-TV

Interview (only in German) with Lena Giger with Here-Now-TV on June 2011 on the Rainbow Spirit Festival in Germany.


Lena is one of the first crystalchildren, a sucessfull author and an empathic coach. With her warm heart and her clear words she can explain how you can get rid of running thoughts, how to deal with your emotions, how to fullfill your dreams and just having a smile in your face every day.

She was guest on over 23 TV shows, her youtube videos have over half a million views and were even shown on national TV SRF. Her two books *Wir Kristallkinder* and *Für dich & dein Herz* reached thousands of people and helped them to understand themselves better. Many people are amazed by the way of how free and happy Lena is living so a mouvy was made about her and her lifestyle named *Lenas world*


Lena is so happy with her life and so fullfilled with following her heart that she wants to show it to everyone. Discover the way you can live also free from societies expactions and living the life you dream of with just following your heart by visit her website.



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