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Gema Diaz: Appreciating Every Moment of Life

This interview with the Spanish Yoga teacher Gema Diaz led Devasetu in October 2016 on La Gomera.


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Happy to help people by teaching Yoga; appreciating every moment; really feeling that life is a present; connecting with life; following the path of Yoga; the philosophy of Yoga; the Yoga path is a long path; when you are teaching Yoga you are learning it in another way; Pranayama; the effects when you practise Yoga for a longer time; Gema’s favourite time for Yoga is in the morning; sometimes starting in the dark – the sun is coming – sunrise; Yoga is everything; other forms of movement, for example dancing; you have to be balanced in life; eating less meat and less fish; giving thanks to the cow, to the chicken you are eating; Gema’s wish to the universe to have an easy and simple life; follow what your heart is saying; ten days in silence in Cambodia; Vipassana meditation; Gema’s two passions – Yoga and travelling; for two weeks teaching on La Gomera – a super nice experience; I am more what I really am; big changes in Gema’s life; enjoying the path; life is more than what we see.

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Gema Diaz:

Gema Díaz has worked for more than 10 years as an IT engineer in multinational companies with high responsability in her profile. She filled her free time by helping others, associations for children, Africa projects and environment but about all the projects she found out that there was something more that she could do for the others and that there was something missing in her life.

The Yoga path came into her life more than 10 years ago, as she was looking for an answer to some existential questions in her actual life and  she also wanted to feel better in the physical perspective.

The Yoga path showed her a new life style and nowadays the hobby has converted into a passion and the passion into a life philosophy.

Therefore she has united her two passions: Yoga and travelling. For some time she was learning and teaching Yoga while travelling in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Nowadays she lives in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria teaching group and private Yoga classes and she devides her time between Spain and Guatemala with her life partner Marcelo, a Reiki master and a therapist dedicated to Shiatsu massage and Tai Chi.

Both of them are working together to create a new place where they can put all their knowledge together to help and assist other people, giving them love and light.

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