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Mada Dalian: The Power of Consciousness

This interview was done by Reinhold with Mada Dalian from Vancouver in August 2012 via Internet.


Enlightenment and healing into consciousness are the same; nobody can become conscious for you; learning to surrender and accept; much fun to do this internal work; people don’t understand what they are missing when they do not go inside;

Transforming patterns we are still struggling with; self version of Dalian Method; awakening is the same for all people – similar to other feelings or experiences; transforming patterns from previous lifetimes; collective and cosmic unconscious; new souls being born every moment; previous lifetimes are part of the unknown; seeing previous lifes in the unconscious to recognize the patterns; past lifes as animals bring gifts and qualities; pain generated by the education system; the fundamental purpose of experiences is to become conscious; repressed thoughts, emotions and beliefs make the body sick; transforming the blocks heals; fighting mirrors instead of learning about ourselves; Elephanta Cave and trinity; destroyer – creator – witnessing presence in the middle; conscious action does not create karma; becoming aware of ancestral patterns; being open for experiences of other people and learn from it; unexpressed thoughts remain in the energy field of the body; accumulated not expressed thoughts stay in the body and create illness; taking responsibility for oneself is mandatory for survival of humanity; incorporating meditation and awareness of death into the education system; the whole education system is against the individual; there is no funding for schools e.g. with meditations; new technologies like internet help with self exploration and introducing new methods; the beauty of our age; global connectedness; Mada’s vision after Osho’s death; everything is beautiful; silence is the place to rejuvenate; there is so much work to be done to pass this on; jokes; hurdles when publishing Mada’s book in German language.


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Mada Dalian: Healing and Transformation

This interview was done by Reinhold with Mada Dalian from Vancouver in August 2012 via Internet.



Dalian Method: An efficient method for healing and transformation through identifying and releasing embodied thought forms and patterns; consciousness is in each person and has transformative power, scientifically exploring what is happening inside us; understanding the function of the mind; fear of death prevents enlightenment and people wanting to do the work; developing the method over the last 20 years;





Mada’s enlightenment experience; the foundation of everything is joy of creation; leading people into enlightenment experiences; many levels of understanding; no end – the journey is the goal; transcending fear of death which is embodied; physical fear of death brings us to another level of experience; the instinct of survival is another door to cross to cosmic consciousness; beyond enlightenment; supporting small practical experiences to start expanding consciousness; the entertaining nature of this work; example of how Dalian Method works; past lifetimes and their implications; effects of repressed emotions from past lives; no / yes meditation as another tool; discovering that you are free; opening the third eye; grounding is very important in order to open the third eye and the crown chakra; being conditioned to approval from outside; Mada would come to Germany to introduce DM method; online courses option for releasing blocking believes; 21 day intensives with dynamic meditations early in the mornings; no yes meditations; funny experience with dynamic meditation in Stanley Park.


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Eliza Mada Dalian:

Eliza Mada Dalian, affectionately known as Mada, is a modern day mystic, internationally acclaimed master healer, and spiritual teacher. She is like a human x-ray machine who, with razor sharp accuracy is able to see through the layers of people's unconscious, read the repressed thoughts, emotions, and belief patterns in the body that cause their pain, fears, and suffering, and help transform what's unconscious in the person into consciousness. Combining this unique gift with her experience of enlightenment at age 33, and her deep wisdom and compassion for human suffering, Mada devised a light-speed healing system known as the Dalian Method (DM) for health and consciousness. This groundbreaking self-healing system helps to quickly identify and permanently erase the self-sabotaging imprints from the body's cellular memory and transform pain and ailments into health and self-empowered consciousness. Spiritually, the Dalian Method spontaneously assists the individual in awakening their inner intelligence and discovering their true nature, creativity, and life purpose.


Mada is the best-selling author of the multi award-winning book In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness and the creator of several meditation techniques. With absolute clarity and practical insights about how each individual can transform their pain and suffering into consciousness Mada sets the bar for a new type of education in healing and personal transformation. She travels internationally offering private sessions, self-healing seminars, retreats, and teacher trainings with the self-healing Dalian Method and Osho Active Meditations. Twice a year she also offers an 8 Week Online Course to help people detoxify their body and transform what's blocking their life force from healing and awakening into consciousness.

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