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Marta Soraya: Key to Peace

This video was given to us by Martha to be published on our web site. Thank you for that.



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Insights in meditation; struggeling with power structures and the detection of the impulse; helplessness towards a higher power; surrender; ongoing pain; giving away one`s power to another person; still wanting something; feeling constricted; acting like a child; recognizing helplessness as one´s own projection; stepping out of the story and letting go of the world is key to peace; we are in the world but not of the world; the role of the fool in tarot cards; longing for change in the world, but the world is changing when we change and don´t wan´t to change the world; devine perfection is in imperfection; fear of not being loved; discover ones heart; the spiritual heart; recharging of the solar plexus; the futility to struggle for acknowledgement of those who do not know; in Maya only neurosis are interacting; wanting is a form of violence; awareness and mindfulness; more important than what you do is the intention with which you do it; to surrender to the helplessness in the story; ego is a vicious dog; freedom through getting out of the story; the world automatically pulls us into the story; manipulation and compulsion; learning to be nobody; not having to join compulsively.



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Marta Soraya: Darshan at a Distance (January 2012)

For years now Marta offers European wide Darshan at a distance.
At a given moment people of many countries tune in on Marta to connect with her and receive her energy. Marta offers this video for meditation to those people who would like to more intimately unite with her. It is the first part of one of the many three-part darshans at a distance.

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Welcome: Marta welcomes in several languages participants from various regions. Today facebook allows a transnational connection even beyond European borders.


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Christ energy: In this section Marta channels the Christ energy. When viewing this video the Christ energy is activated within the viewer/meditator.


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Kyrie Eleison: This section shows Marta during a transmission of energy, that reinforces the flow of Prana energy within the human system. Self-healing energies are being activated and you clearly feel a higher level of energy.


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Marta Soraya: We are Not the Personal Doers

Thanks to Marta for providing this video for publishing.


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Pure being, nothing to be aimed for and has to be changed; no concept how things should be; watching unfolding; becoming active, the force that drives us; when mind tells us something and when we become conceptual; the more we get conscious, the more we can observe or act, but it does not matter; we can only act playfully if we do not have a target; observing how nature functions, how it combines all strings; it is a play, a creation, not good for anything; mind is the only one who looks for meaning; mind dissolved into the beauty of being, after having surrendered control.

Marta Soraya

Being with Marta:


"The 'I' can never become enlightened, on the contary; it disappears at the moment of enlightenment, devastated by the deep inner understanding that 'I' do not exist. That nobody exists, and therefore there is nobody that could awaken.”                          


 - Marta -


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