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Arjuna: The Forever Existing Inner Flame

Event with Arjuna Ardagh. In  the second and third part of the video he "works" in his distinctive way with two participants.


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Limiting the truth with our words, Words like an antidot to the ideas and the concepts, silence in your heart, the flame forever existing inner flame, meeting in appreciation of this flame, Arjuna as a kerosine-wallah for the flame in the heart, the invitation to live the freedom from within yourself, the blessing of the living Buddha


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The pattern: "I am not good enough", relax into being, dissolution of the identities and resisance, melt yourself into yourself, the full experience of the main pattern: "I am not good enough", the question: "Who experiences this?" our nature to create always again difficult situations, the pursuit of consciousness for dangerous experiences, recurring experiences


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The gift of silence again, the unchangeable awareness beyond the thoughts and silent or noisy experiences, the mistress in ourselves, let go the memories and be here at this moment, the real inner beloved beyond all experience, just to be here, to understand nothing and nothing to achieve, patience, always enlightened awareness, the perfect presence



Arjuna Ardagh, born 1957 in London, was educated at King's School Canterbury, and later at Cambridge University in England, where he earned a Master’s degree in literature. Since the age of 14 he has had a passionate interest in spiritual awakening, and began to practice meditation and yoga. After graduating from Cambridge, he devoted himself more fully to the call he felt inside him, and studied with a number of prominent spiritual teachers.


In 1991, after returning to India for prolonged meditation, Arjuna met HWL Poonja. With his help, the author went through a radical shift of perspective. Rather than attaining anything of what he had dreamed of, he had the profound realization that he had been seeking for what he already was, and always had been. He realized that it was in the abandonment of seeking and wanting that the heart found its fulfillment.


Arjuna has also developed the Living Essence Training, which prepares people to be facilitators of this shift in consciousness with others, and to cultivate translucence. He and his staff have trained more than 450 practitioners in the U.S. and Europe. He speaks at many international conferences, and has appeared on TV, on the radio and in print media.


Arjuna lives in Nevada City with his wife Chameli and his two sons.