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Prashantam: Life without Fear

This workshop with Prashantam take place as part of the 21. Rainbow Spirit Festival  in November 2013.


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The only freedom; the nature of fear; existential experience; fear is collective; fear of madness – being out of the mind; fear of dying; not to count anymore; fear of losing control (fear of orgasm); the choice of not giving power to the fear programs; conscious vs. pathological madness; existential experience of fear in stages; laughter; a joke.


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Prashantam: Being Excited with the New of This Moment

This interview with Prashantam was done by Sabina at the 21. Rainbow Spirit Festival at Munich in December 2013.


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Prashantam means inner peace, inner silence, I received this name from Osho; Zen monk in Japan, my name was kio kio, meaning empty empty or inner peace, so I received the same name by two different masters; 

student of medicine, traveling, meeting with aborigines in Australia, healers on the Philippines, shamans in South America, doctors in Tibet; what I learned is who I am today; when I left Portugal in 1968 I was 17 and Portugal was still a dictatorship with war in Africa going on, I arrived in Paris as a refugee, I escaped Portugal so I didn`t need to go to the army; I was on my own and I had to make it, finding work and so on; I feel it is the master who calls the disciple rather than the disciple choosing a master; I had nowhere to go back to, so the world became my home; I made my way as I went along; Gurdjieffs book „ Meetings with remarkable men“; at age 26 I arrived in Puna; Osho didn`t give me the answers, he guided me to find the answer within myself; I am not yet finished with seeking, I am still excited with the new of this moment; „you are with me until you go back on the road again“ and I stayed for 25 years; Osho helped me to stay focused, focused on the search to the answer of the question „who am I“; Meditation and meditation techniques; working in Russia, China, South America, Osho is all over the place; the more I am master of myself, the more Osho is my master; workshop at the Rainbow Spirit Festival Munich; fear exists only when you project that you will die, or, that you will go crazy, or, that you will lose control; losing control is very much associated with orgasm; liberating the uniqueness in all of us; uniqueness, totality; 100% ego, oneness, love; it is fear you are using to be not total; ODHA school: Osho Divine Healing Arts School in Italy near Florence: legally established to train for holistic therapist, a 3-year training (2 weeks of training each year) recognized by EU law; training starts with the body because it is our anchor; it always brings you in the here- now; then: mind and believe system, what is real, what isn´t; emotions and heart; center of your being, your sexuality; we offer training for holistic therapist, counselor and also training for people who don´t need a diploma.


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Prashantam: Here Now, This is Our Buddha, Our Zorba

This interview with Prashantam was done by Devasetu during the 20. Rainbow Spirit Festival  in May 2013.


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Osho more present in Prashantam’s heart and spirit than ever before; speaking about Osho in present tense, because all he said is more alive than ever before; Osho, a channel of consciousness and understanding, which arises as gratefulness to him; Prashantam’s recognition of not having been as awake and alive as now when Osho was in the body;

not seeing Osho in a nostalgic way; seeing Osho in all humans as he is a channel of understanding; Osho quote after having changed his name to “Osho”: “Osho is not a name but a tune, like wind in the trees and the waves on the beach”; total freedom, when the master is a tune – that is the master’s love; all on the same path, on the search for truth and happiness, no one at the front or left behind; no other enlightenment than here now; Osho’s last meditation method Mystic Rose; a step further than the spiritual path; it is not about enlightenment, not about tomorrow, only about now, there is nothing else; support by Zen: “There is no way, keep on going- there is no door, keep on knocking ...”;  the key is gratefulness for everything; Osho for Prashantam a channel of consciousness of existence, never a person; the gift of meditation, a quality, always here – and meditation as methods which can guide us back to the quality of meditation; Osho’s methods of meditation just appropriate for the present time to experience the stop, the halt, non identification; using the physical energy in the dynamic part of the meditation to come to stop and observing; it is not about an achievement in active meditations but they are an invitation to totality; no answer to the question: “who am I?”; no more waiting for the answer; here now this is our Buddha, our Zorba; to find one’s own understanding; Prashantam’s encouragement to keep on searching, even though there is no searcher and nothing to be searched for; the starting of Prashantam’s work with humans immediately after his initiation by Osho; Osho said everything already; Prashantam’s intention to bring humans closer to Osho not to him; Prashantam’s effect as mirror which guides us to Osho and to ourselves; about Prashantam’s school in Italy which arose out of gratefulness to Osho; Osho’s approach to start with the body, that is why it is Prashantam’s school for body work; “Divine Healing”, body work according to Osho, inspired by Chinese medicine – meditation and body contact; Shiatsu the mother of all body contact methods; acquiring the right to touch humans through Shiatsu, which opens all possibilities of working with humans; education of Prashantam’s school is officially recognized all over Europe; starting with the body via the mind, the feelings, to the heart and to sexuality; daily meditation as central point of all Prahsantam seminars; mediation as source of unlimited wisdom; being in the quality of meditation continuously, independent of meditation methods; the great innocence of Russian and Chinese searchers; development of a chaotic outward world in China and in Russia, and a dedication for life quality and conscious living at the same time; truth is not limited to certain persons; gratefulness and appreciation for all teachers and masters who are helpful for mankind; everybody has the potential to be a healer and a lover; surrender how life happens through us; being at the starting point of Osho’s work time and again; description of total love: Osho is a tune; Prashantam’s place, Il Nostro P.O.S.T.O, “For Osho all of us are Osho”; learned from Osho not to be attached to the past; letting go of everything and opening for more consciousness, available for everybody.

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Dr. J.M. Pereira de Matos, Prashantam, is born in Portugal in 1949. He studied medicine in Paris, continuing his studies in several countries and meeting with extraordinary men in different parts of Asia and the Orient. 


In 1974 he attends the master class in Tokyo School of Japanese Shiatsu, T. Namikoshi and practices the meditations of Zen Buddhism,  living as a monk under the supervision of the Master Koku Nishimura, Grand Master of the current Tani - Ha the Bodhidharma lineage. In 1976 he meets the enlightened Master Osho and decides to live, meditate and work in his ashram in Pune, India. Nel 1982 he graduates at the Heartwood School of Massage in California and in 1986 he returned to India where Osho chose him as the director of the Institute of Shiatsu the "Academy of Healing Arts" of Pune. For over thirtyfive years he is leading groups on meditation and spiritual growth, bringing his understanding and his experience in Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, South America and many European countries including Italy. He lived with Aborigines in Australia, the Philippines, Shamans in Brazil, the Andes and Tibetan doctors in Sikkim. In 2000 he became a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association - B.C.M.A. His work in Italy has developed significantly and In 2001 he created the Scuola Osho Divine Healing Arts O.D.H.A. Still today Prashantam is leading groups in many parts of the world but Il Nostro P.O.S.T.O. headquarter of Scuola O.D.H.A. represents the realisation of his dream. Here Scuola O.D.H.A. found it's perfect home and together with Hotel La Selva, he found a perfect place as holistic centre that takes care of the human being in its wholeness.

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