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Life as it is... - Short Film Tribute to Rick Linchitz

Produced and Directed by Zaya&Maurizio Benazzo and Caroline Harrison. A short documentary capturing the intimacy, openness and deep wisdom of Rick Linchitz and his wife Rita as they go through the final weeks of a 14 year journey with lung cancer. Battling, surrendering, awakening, deep humility and pure love... "Life as it is...".

"It is all an expression of love. It is just pure love that comes out in very strange ways. And when it is only seen in a limited way, there seems to be a lot of cruelty or misery. But, when it is seen clearly in its totality it is pure love." ~ Rick Linchitz                                                       Watch the video via YouTube        


Rick Linchitz: The Whole World of Appearances within the Eternal Presence

This Satsang with Rick took place during the 18th Rainbow Spirit Festival in Munich in June 2011. The translating was done by Peter Makena


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All there is; nothing other than all there is, outside all there is; all ideas are included and that is what you are; nothing is missing, nothing can be gained, no-one who gains anything; despite this simplicity the world seems to be very complicated; the thought that I am a separate individual; the whole world of appearances in within the eternal presence; time and thoughts; ideas and sensations within the eternal presence; it does not change anything with respect to the appearances; the believe in the individual is the beginning of the problems, which never end; plenty of suffering out of the idea, that the individual exists; beyond this activity is a deep acceptance of what is; when one perceives that the past is only a thought; pain and suffering happen, but for no-one; simple grace, deep compassion become joy.


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Thoughts, combinations and the knowing that it happens to no-one; this moment, joy, breathing and the value of just being alive; this moment and thoughts do not have an existence independent of what is; total acceptance of all that is; life continues; a story that is build out of the past; life happens with or without the story; the story of Rick, the dissolution of the definition of Rick and the moment of total surrender; when an illusion disappears is there a change or is there none? Fear, the believe in reality and speculation about the future without reality; memories, past and the world become complicated; the simplicity in this moment is the only reality.


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The investment in results does no longer exist; peaceful efforts; a desire, to reduce suffering; love and connectedness expressing; the mystery how life flows, an expression of love; life is perfect, no more questions; the clear seeing of oneness and a deeper acceptance; the idea that it should be different; unity is and the misunderstanding that it happens to an individual; no individual that could be enlightened somehow; unity is here.


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Feelings and thoughts arise and the believe that they happen to me; it simply happens; deep acceptance and peace; no-one treating feelings and thoughts; no prescription, a description; the believe of being and individual is the strongest believe; humans, encounter; love and unity; there is no reason to change anybody.


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Rick Linchitz: The “Locked Door” was Never There

The questions were asked to Rick Linchitz by Reinhold in October 2011.


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“Whys” do not seem to have any meaning; speaking about “all there is” when asked; “No you no me – just the loving awareness in which all arises”; the questions are part of the so called wisdom; the appearance of individuals; the falling away of the belief in being individuals; all believes and concepts fall away; there was never an individual; all concepts are simply beliefs; with this knowing nothing changes, life just goes on; the “importance” of “the shift” faded away; beautiful experiences on the path; the “shift” was mostly a relief; the “me” never existed; just sitting for a couple of years; nothing to do; periods of panic and bliss created by “I am all alone”; evening out into peace; real bliss requires real lows; peace, joy, celebration and gratitude coming from nowhere; love as the sense of wanting to embrace everything; when you are out of the way there is no resistance; love includes everything.


Threatening the believe of being an individual is excruciating for mind; the complex experience of the world arises in simplicity; everything is seeking, missing something; compassion is complete love and acceptance; treating cancer through more natural methods supported by energy type of work; relaxing, meditating or yoga seem to be good for the immune system; spiritual topics normally do not come up; loving the patients believed to have positive impact on health; getting the necessary done without desperation; no fear of death; no judgments; this is what is; suffering goes away; Satsangs are organized every two months by a friend; no idea why Rick left the chair and started being a doctor again; everything has to be exactly the way it is; desperation seems to be part of many shifts; the recognition that the locked door was not there; pain is created by thoughts something should be different than it was; handling “mystical experiences”; the torture of trying to get back “mystical experiences”.


Always open do Satsangs but it has to be organized; family’s reaction to the shift; being perceived to be more real; no particular need to get anyone interested in this; partners can shine on the structures and thus be Gurus; Rick calls his wife a Buddha; no need to say anything; fundamental joy is universal and this is known; knowing drives the seeking; science and non-duality conference.


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Rick Linchitz: Life, a Stream of Love

This Satsang with Rick took place during the 18th Rainbow Spirit Festival in Munich in June 2011.


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Smiling, laughing, the only constant is gratefulness and celebration; there is no other than unity; thoughts and ideas arise and the imagination of “I”, life which expresses itself; the believe in the existence of a separate individual; the feeling of deficiency posts itself between you and reality; when the one who makes an appearance has disappeared; seeing does not come out of somebody but you recognize what you really want; this is what you are, what we are.


Pain arises and the believe they happen to an individual; when we want to have life other than it is, we can wait for a long time; life, a stream of love which cannot be stopped; the shift, the remembering of the disappearance of an illusion; recognizing rather than insight; there is only one eternal presence; Rick’s story; what can be less extraordinary than non-existence; life is at it is; the believe in the existence of an individual is precious for most humans.


Judgements, thoughts, feelings appear all the time – this is no longer important; life takes care of itself; nobody can change this; things flow, no time in which it happens; experiences are memories; life is lived in this moment; that which remains stable; one cannot describe it; shift and relationship; the love which we are; concepts and intuition; what appears in mind is past already; spontaneous thoughts, which arise; the natural way, it is as it is


All questions come from the conviction that a separate individual exists; that which is here is all there is; the acceptance of the mystery; a new book comes out; the word love; no word, no speaking that can describe it; searching continues, it is not experienced as a problem; life is simply lived; care is part of life; the problem arises with the idea that there is something separate from unity; no separation between meditation and life; in the heart of the hurricane; pain and suffering and the human mind; memory of the preciousness of life, just living; all problems arise from the believe in a separate self; no concept of a perfect life.


Rick Linchitz: Consciousness is All There Is

This Satsang with Rick has been recorded at the Rainbow Spirit Festival 2009 in Baden-Baden. Thanks a lot to the organizer of the festival for the permission of filming.


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The story of the Rick character; the illusion to control life; cancer diagnosis and need to become enlightened; the harder Rick tried, the worse it got; everything that defined the Rick character began disappearing; “Consciousness is ALL THERE IS”; no room left for things being separate from consciousness; the thought that I am an individual arises in ALL THERE IS; no independent reality; the sense of something missing; no past and no future; despite this clarity the story goes on; the fact there is no longer a belief in an independent reality does not change anything; stories of awakening vary; the need of change seems to arise with the idea of the individual; you cannot do anything because you do not exist; you cannot even wait to disappear; nothing has ever happened; time is a concept; always the eternal now; no one to judge; this is it; utter perfection; loving embrace of what is;


Seeing through the story does not require change; perfectly ordinary life; “Why?” and “How?” questions arise in the story only; when the story is seen through questions dry up; no special feelings; just the absence of the belief in the individual; life goes on completely ordinarily; the ALL THERE IS never changes; birth and death are ideas in the ALL THERE IS; pain occurs but to no-one; no way to know why cancer stopped; stories can be about everything; life simply is; no-one gets enlightened; you already are what you seek; the one who seeks the answer is the one who cannot find it; success or lack of success are just happening; neither destiny nor fee will, no need for clarity of thoughts; the game of life; no right or wrong; your own history is meaningless;


One energy, no separation; absolute and utter engagement in life; no-one to resist life; you are life; loving embrace of life; love of everything; YOU ARE THAT; ease of being; misperceptions related to believe in being an individual; search for enlightenment as attempt to avoid life; falling into a bottomless pit; utter safety; challenging the beliefs in the story; separation in religions; the dark night of the soul; so called “spiritual experiences”; no need for experiences; pain and anger associated with seeking; softening of desperation; less tension about life; no experience is belonged to anyone; these are all appearances in “WHAT IS”


Rick Linchitz: No You and no I, no Inside and no Outside

This Satsang with Rick has been recorded at the Rainbow Spirit Festival 2009 in Baden-Baden. Thanks a lot to the organizer of the festival for the permission of filming.


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Everything arises within All There Is, nothing outside of This; about the idea that there are individuals and the belief that they can effect All There Is; the seeking and the suffering arising out of this confusion; this message is a real threat to the precious belief in individuals who are in charge of their destiny; about the sense of lack associated with this belief through which all the seeking for completeness arises; in the realization „You are That“ all fears disappear; there is nothing outside of All There Is, just This in the eternal present; about the simplicity of life and the mind's need of complications; nothing to do and no one to do it; awakening as the realization that there never was an individual -  the seeking stops; pain as an aspect of All There Is, happening to no one; about the common misconception in this kind of meeting – in fact no one prescribing anything, just a description of What Is, no instructions.

About the dilemma of life and the deep knowing that questions never will be answered; enlightenment is a concept, nothing to get or to become; the image of the fish swimming in the ocean and searching for water; nothing left to do but to laugh; no more questions without the belief in the individual; about the idea that Rick has something which others haven't; the wisdom is Here; life is torture and amusement; daily life is This and takes care of itself; just a description of what Is, useless for anything; the possibility to still talk about interesting things in the story; motivation and history are a part of the story; seeing This does not prevent from participating in the story; the story goes on and is naturally unfolding; about what happens after death; This never dies; the limited individual can never understand the unlimited; about the concepts of reincarnation and karma; life is This with all the thoughts and the seeking.

Rick Linchitz: Nobody there for Awakening

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Rick – the character in the play, nobody there for awakening, presence without subjects, the why-questions from the mind, perfect stillness, the knowing of the beyond, the embracing of the perfection, the concept of individuality, the perfection of everything and anti aging, no self-definition, no sense in Satsang, our birthright of awakening, the unchangeable purity


Consciousness playing with itself, no more believe in the story, nobody left to enjoy the awakening, evolution as part of the story, the infinite unlimited awareness, the attempt to make the story better, the fiction of having a choice, the fantasies how enlightenment will be, the story of Joe falling endless

Only being – no subject and no object, suffering out of believe, experiences – but nobody to experience, the duality of passion and boredom, the search for reasons, enjoying the ride, in the internal presence, the mystery of individuality, to see through the story and being lost in it anyway, the something more beyond the story, consciousness beyond body and mind

Hedonisms, the concept of individual responsibility and associated suffering, real humbleness, the trick of the mind of feeling bored, beyond the story: no time, the Rick character as a father, absolutely nothing to do – even not not-doing, the attraction to keep the I in the story

Rick Linchitz: The Loving Awareness in which All Occurs

Satsang with Rick Linchitz at the Rainbow Spirit Festival in Baden-Baden in May 2008.


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Physician in the US, spiritual teacher in Baden- Baden; „Ricks Story“ with breakdown and despair and his meeting with Nadeen; the peace after the dissolving of “Rick” as a person; the mind, words, past, remembrance; the inner dialog; looking through the play; the “no-mind-idea” as a concept, suffering through the believe of judgement and comparison; Rick’s recovering from cancer in relation to his awakening

The awareness one can not enter; ups and downs within the story; longing that disappears without an individual; having fun while looking through the story; compassion, pain and the knowledge behind them; the only apparently influence of the individual in the story; the wheel of life; the awareness in which all occurs; longing as the essence and the drawn home of the individual; “Rick’s” adjustment with “Joe who falls and falls….”; the why question and the trust that dries up all questions; the apparently choice in the story and in time; the simplicity of awareness


Apparent struggle und suffering after seeing through; the apparently individual and the knowledge of this nobody, who knows nothing; the experiences of individuals within the story; peace in the presence beyond the story; jealousy of the character “Rick”; God and awareness; knowledge and peace behind the story; the missing answer to the question about suffering; the mind that asks and searches and the role of Buddha in the now; enlightenment as realization; the concepts of the mind about love and the absolute and unconditional love


The question for samples of enlightenment; the mysterium of experiencing enlightenment of searchers as well as of non- searchers; acceptance that arises when the individual vanishes; the fear of the individual, society and the world of appearance; proximity to a master - yes or no; not having a choice is easy; the key is seeing through; no choice and nothing to prevent; the loving presence in which all occurs; no technique and nobody who could use it; sickness within the story and every moments grace; the question about Nadeen and his silence


Rick Linchitz: The Simplicity of Life

The simplicity of life without conception of a separate individual


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Everybody totally surrendered to the wisdom in the midst of the world of phenomena, the individual a mere idea and illusion, indescribable knowledge as synonym for I-am and pure consciousness, no identification with the body and the person, beyond the story of the present moment in the present moment no cause and effect, past and future as parts of the story, feelings that are not happening to somebody, no advices but descriptions of what is, resonance in the unseparated consciousness in apparently separate individuals, in the knowledge of the eternal presence, peace beyond the knowing of the mind, even the impulses as part of the story, Satsang in no tradition and without teachers and disciples as separate in individuals, wisdom arising form what we are


Illness and health as aspects of the story, beyond the story: consciousness, from the mind the unanswerable questions: "Why?", the mind existing only as part of the story without independent reality, the end of the questions without answers; health not by medicines, but nutrition and movement, stress management and spirituality, the hunter- and gatherer-diet, vegetarianism as a concept from ethical motives, allergies to dairy products and cereals, extra weight around the waist as a result of cereal-consumption and as risk for health, control and decisions in daily life, the simplicity of life unbearable by the mind, the concept of "living one's life", the transition to the eternal presence

The perfection and beauty of the world of phenomena, the ocean with all its waves, the permanent struggle of the mind towards "improvements" and "security", the unintended consequences of noble intentions, the knowing of the mind about the truth behind the phenomena, seeing through the story no hindrance to help, Rick's new book "Every Moment is Grace", the perfection of every distorted only by the filtering mind


You can buy this interview in DVD-quality at  Blissvideo (see cover on the right: It Is Perfect, The Way it is)

Rick Linchitz

Rick (Dr. Richard Linchitz), who lives and practices in New York, is a renowned physician, especially in the field of the alternative pain- and cancer therapy. Once feeling utterly helpless with his own health-problem he met Satyam Nadeen and his vision of life collapsed. After his awakening he started giving satsang together with Satyam Nadeen, and since Nadeen has gone silent, Rick answers the questions. "I don’t have anything to say", he explains, "but if a question is asked, the answer appears. Medical questions get medical answers, and spiritual questions get spiritual answers."


In his new book "Every Moment is Grace" published in Germany by J. Kamphausen Verlag under the German title: "Jeder Augenblick ist Gnade", Rick answers the questions of satsang-participants in Baden-Baden. Also the interview with Rick on the video clips was done during the Rainbow Spirit Festival 2007 in Baden-Baden.