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Tony Parsons: There is No I and Nothing Ever Happens

Interview with Tony Parsons July 2019, Questions by Devasetu from Jetzt-TV / Here-Now-TV.


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Q: What ist the essence of what you are saying in your talks to the people who are coming to you?

A: The essence of the open secret communication is that it attemps to illuminate the nature of nonduality…

Q: What you understand by nonduality?

A: Nonduality is only a term, which points to that, which can‘t be known, which points to the everything and the nothing…

Q: And the people are only forms? …

A: … Many people in the world are sure or believe that they are real and that is a great dilemma. There is nothing that is real, everything is only an appearance.

Q: And this illusion has fallen away in your system?

A: Yes, only aparently, because it was never real, there wasn‘t a real something to fall away…

Q: This has happened at once or by and by?

A: It‘s timeless…it doesn‘t happen in time. ...

Q: Was there some cause?

A: No, there is no doesn‘t really happen, so it doesn‘t need a cause. …

Q: To be in your presence…

A: I don‘t have any precence, I don‘t have anything, there is no one …

Q: Can you give something to the people?

A: There is no I, there is nothing to give … there is only everything …

Q: In your talks... you are a kind of destroyer?

A: Absolutely. … I‘m known as a terminator. …

Q: If we talk about something it is always a story?

A: Yes. …

Q: What can you say to the sentence „Nothing ever happens.“

A: Absolutely. …

Q: This fullness has the character of love?

A: This fullness … is unconditional love … – and much more.

Tony Parsons: Zero & One - A film about nonduality

Tony Parsons: This is Compassion

This interview was done by Teresa Arrieta in 2014 at Vienna.


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The Open Secret communication points to the possibility of there being a radically different perception of reality. It investigates the nature of various spiritual traditions whilst also exposing the myths that surround the mystery to which they aspire.

It also reveals the way in which seeking for fulfilment can only reinforce the sense of continuously reaching out for something that has never been lost.

The dynamic of this communication is essentially energetic, and this can nullify the mind's need for ideas and answers and dissipate the contracted sense of the self and its fear of unconditional freedom.

The Open Secret is not new . . . and also it is. Its fundamental essence and content is to be found in the apparent history of seeking originating in Advaita Vedanta, Non-dualism, a particular Zen Buddhism and Christian mysticism. These subjects are explored in more liberally-minded schools and are certainly part of the University curriculum. This message also embraces recent discoveries of quantum physicists, neuroscientists and biologists.

Apparently . . .


Tony Parsons: Wonderfully Gloriously Meaningless

This interview with Tony Parsons did Sabina in April 2013.


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The open secret; the illusion of me can collapse but then there is nothing that knows that; the me is a finite entity trying to find the infinite; I was trying to achieve enlightenment but then the I that was searching died; this is not now, this is timeless; the seeker doesn`t want to die, he wants to continue, he is looking for a formula; there is no formula, there is only living; this message is always available to those who are open to it; all there is, is energy and it has no director; this is a response out of nothing; expose the myth that there is a me; there is a shift in the world from authority to anarchy; when the me collapses also the idea collapses that there is good or bad; wonderfully, gloriously meaningless; knowing is a concept; self inquiry is a completely dualistic operation which goes on emphasizing the sense of knowing, but that which is can`t be known; what is does not need to know itself to be what is; you don`t have a life to do anything with, there is only life.


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Tony Parsons: The Wonder of Being

From the DVD: "The Wonder of Being -An afternoon with Tony Parsons"


Thanks to TAO Cinemathek GmbH.


Running Time of the Original DVD: 2:03 hrs.


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All what is happening and no doer and no owner of it, the idea of an individual, the sense of being a part of the whole, liberation: the celebration of aliveness of no one, explosion into boundlessness, no need to be understood and no possibility to cooperate, to feel the aliveness and energy in the body, nobody there – only aliveness

Tony Parsons

Already soon after he had left the unconscious oneness of his childhood, Tony Parsons started to look for what was missing in his life. He turned to Christian faith and after that to the most diverse modern therapy forms, combined with eastern meditation. All its efforts however encouraged rather his feeling of a separate, imperfect identity, until the secret of the presentness was opened for him. Overwhelmed of a love and understanding beyond all our conceptions, he overs since then the insight that the goal is exactly there, where ever we are in that moment.

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