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Maitreya Ishwara interviewed by Siddhi

The Certainty of Enlightenment


This interview took place in 2005 in Baden-Baden.


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The empty enlightened mind, enlightenment – the climax of evolution, the certainty and easiness of enlightenment, God as the creating power intelligence and all what is, jealousy, the teaching of life, the happening of Satsang, the identification with the mind, the merging of the individual soul with the universal consciousness of God, general advice: growing in acceptance, the opening of the heart to love, the importance of a teacher, words -only a pale reflection of reality, sharing in silence heart to heart, the recognition of an enlightened human being


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Everyday life’s problems, going with the flow of what happens or watching and doing nothing, complications out of involvement, no control over what we call our life, God’s divine hypnosis of a free will, thinking in a way that produces less suffering, natural integrity, the perfection in everything, the certainty of enlightenment, the expansion of the nervous system, sharing the experience, jealousy – just an energy, the laws of karma and balance 

Interview with Maitreya

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Happiness, consciousness, benediction, technique and methods, the question: "Who am I?", satsang, confusion because of different teachers, partnership, freedom in accepting the moment, black clothes, demarcation between masters, enlightenment, oneness of spiritual traditions, advaita, predestination, devotion, suffering, feelings, compassion

Maitreya Ishwara

Maitreya Ishwara, born in England in 1949, emigrated at the age of 15 with his parents to New Zealand, where he dropped out of school one year later and lived as a rock musician. Maitreya experimented with drugs, petty crimes and found during the isolation in a prison-cell the way to his inner being, to the happiness of aloneness. He felt drawn to go to India where he reached after an adventurous journey. Asia seemed strangely familiar to him, especially Tibet, and meditating in the Himalayas Maitreya felt the oneness with everything. Later he got attracted to the mystic Osho in Pune, in whose community he lived intensely until 1990.


After long periods of meditation with several awakened beings Maitreya realized himself as part of the universal consciousness and since 1998 many people have enjoyed being in his presence.


A meditation centre, busy with visitors, arose in New Zealand and Maitreya's book "Unity: The Dawn of Conscious Civilization" is a comprehensive guide for seekers. Maitreya lives for certain periods in Germany, where a beautiful meditation centre developed around him in Adenau.



2006 edition
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